Slovak Museums on the Rise

A recent survey announced last Sunday some interesting statistics about the cultural sector of museums in Slovakia. It seems that interest in visiting museums in this country has been steadily on the rise with 2007 hosting 4.2 million visitors in its exhibitions earning a total income of over 4.68 million Euro. Both these figures are record breaking for Slovakia.

The most popular museum in 2007 was Bojnice Castle in the Trencin region, about 130 km away from Bratislava. Last year this fairytale castle was visited by 192 344 people. In second place came Orava Castle in the Zilina region (about 200 km away from Bratislava) with the Cerveny Kamen manor house in the Trencin region near Bojnice coming in at third place.

As the only urban museum in the top twenty, the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava is also slowly growing in popularity.

These recent statistics seem to point towards Slovakian museums, and in particular its historical buildings, as steadily growing in popularity for local as well as international visitors.


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