Gay Guide to Riga

Gay rights in Riga have a long way to go before the country catches up with its Western European counterparts, so don't pack your bags expecting anything as raucous as the gay scene in Barcelona or Berlin. Though Riga itself is not as deeply Catholic as Vilnius, another Baltic city, it is nevertheless a relatively conservative place politically, and public officials (and of course church officials) have been known to openly speak out against homosexuality and homosexual organizations.

Riga tried to organize its first pride event in 2005, but government and church leaders and even several important public figures denounced the event and homosexuality in general, and the parade went off with more protesters than participants, with eggs, tomatoes, and even faeces being thrown and reports of violence being common. In 2006, the parade was unlawfully banned by the government under the pretext that it would threaten the peace of the country. Even after the ban, a conference was organized by the gay rights group Mozaika instead, but the participants were again faced with protesters throwing faeces and holy water at the participants. Perhaps the greatest sign of change is the fact that this year's Riga Pride Parade was the first one to go off successfully - if you count success as the lack of violence and throwing of faeces. Today, the gay rights groups are better organized and have the support of European officials and participants, and the potential for change and understanding is higher than ever.


Above: The 2007 Riga Pride parade, the first successful gay pride march in Riga

Riga's gay and gay-friendly venues:

Bars and Clubs

A. Kalnina iela 4
The first and biggest gay club in Riga, XXL features a loud and colourful dance floor, labyrinth, darkroom, and even private video cabins.

Matisa 60/62
Purvs, "The Swamp", is a gay-friendly club popular with straight clients as well.

Accommodation and Tours:

Centrum Gay Hotel:
A. Kalnina iela 4
+371 28861634
Centrum is the only gay hotel in Riga, and is conveniently located next to XXL club and Riga's only gay sauna. The hotel is friendly and discreet with luxurious rooms and includes all the amenities of a high class hotel.

Pink Baltics features several options for gay tours:

Other Services

A. Kalnina iela 4
Varaviksne is the first gay sauna in Latvia. It's open daily from 3 pm until 2 am weekdays, and until 7 am Fridays and Saturdays. The sauna has its own bar, and features steam and dry saunas, a jacuzzi, cruising area, cabins and video rooms, and showers. Entrance is 7 Ls for under 25, 10 for over, and the entrance fee includes a towel, and even condom and lubricant.

Latvian GLBT Organizations and Websites:

Mozaika, the main GLBT alliance of Latvia, and organizer of the "March for Equality":
Latvian Gay Portal:
Pink Baltics, the first gay travel company for the Baltics:
ILGA Europe, the European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association:

If you know of other particularly gay-friendly places in Riga, please let us know; and feel free to post your comments about gay Riga on this page below. We encourage different viewpoints and want to hear your thoughts about the gay cause in Riga and Latvia (though we won't tolerate abusive or hateful comments). For more information about pro-gay organisations and events in Latvia, visit We've included a few Lativa-specific GLBT websites above, though a few are only in Latvian. We hope they'll be a helpful resource; if you know of any other helpful websites, let us know as well!

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Dens from Latvia Reply Jun 28th, 2017

XXL Club, Purvs and sauna Varaviksne are all closed. At the moment there are only 2 gay club in Riga: the newest one is TOP Club, that oficially calls themselfes Gay Club (, and Golden - as gay friendly club

Sergei from Mexico Reply Jun 24th, 2017

Hi Im from Mexico Would like to meet any locals to go out for a coffee or a beer Im 59 yrs old on the medical field, contact me

Sweden from Sweden Reply May 5th, 2016

Empty place with old dudes.

Aden from France Reply Apr 24th, 2016

the xxl terrible and not safe place. If u want to be agressed and descriminated by local criminal russians u are welcome to XXL. When i was last time the local criminal guys entered each dark room and laughed at gay guys. The security didnt react, so avoid visiting this depressive place

RAVI from 0 Reply Jan 20th, 2016

i am coming to riga in feb, stay there for two years, i am 23 looking for a good gay friend, i am stright, any one for good friend ship contact me

Christina from Canada Reply Dec 6th, 2015

I'm thinking about coming to Riga with my gay son for a few days next year. I hope he will feel safe there and enjoy Golden. He'd like to make some English-speaking friends. Where could he meet them?

Clive Taylor from United Kingdom Reply Sep 19th, 2015

I'm a regular visitor to Riga and had a great holiday in Latvia just recently with friends. Visited XXL on Friday night, 5 euros to get in, hardly anyone in, maybe 20 people tops, old fashioned place, hasn't changed since I first went 13 years ago, drinks expensive, vodka and coke 10 euros! Not at all friendly. Went to Golden bar on Thursday night, free to get in, very friendly and not expensive but only five or six people in, then went again on Saturday night and they charged 10 euros just to get in! We decided to go elsewhere for drinks and went into the old town in the bars around the cathedral, had a great time, great music, very chilled and cheap. The gay scene really needs to sort itself out, its such a rip off, not good music and very old fashioned and I'm by no means young. If I thought it was expensive then how do young Latvians afford to go? Latvia and Riga great for a holiday but I wont be going on the gay scene again, its a complete let down!

Jeferson Martinez Bustria from Norway Reply Jun 23rd, 2015

hi everyone :) ill be coming to visit in riga latvia on july 8, 2015. im 25 years old. asian guy but im living in oslo norway. id really love to meet new people. just right a message on my email see you guys.

Richard from United Kingdom Reply Feb 7th, 2015

I live in UK and I'm coming fi Riga, my Latvian friends are helping me to learn to ski in the mountains. I'm hoping I might find a gay ski instructor and maybe make friends while I'm there... If you can help or give any advance I like to hear from you.. Thanks Richard you can email me

Louis from France Reply Jan 2nd, 2015

Mature (50) Gay-fun in Riga in 2015 ! Connect first meeting for a drink. Absolute discretion guaranteed, formal dress code suit (and tie), classic manager looks. Feel free to connect before visiting by email:

Javier from Mexico Reply Jan 19th, 2014

Mexicans visiting Riga on Friday 24 January 2014 , I want to meet some hot boys. :D

arny! from Latvia Reply Dec 21st, 2013

hy all, who will wisit Latvia in december? you can write me on email im guy 22y... lets do somthing fun ;)

Toro from Turkey Reply Aug 2nd, 2013

33 years old Turkish top guy visiting Riga in the week time from 12 to 15 th of August, anyone who wants to hang around?

kees from Netherlands Aug 7th, 2013

will be in the same period in Riga.. also looking for hot fun... etc.. profile on

Jay from Colombia Aug 12th, 2013

I am also in Riga for one night only!!! I will be on Grindr or Scruff TONIGHT!

Jonas B from Norway Reply Jul 24th, 2012

Anyone else visiting Riga this weekend (27-29 july)?

abnce from France Reply Jun 29th, 2012

went to the sauna today, it's durty expenseve (12ls and in internet was suppose to be 7 untill 20h....) steamroom didn't work, waste of time and money

Manue from Spain Reply May 31st, 2012

I'm going to Latvia (Letonia in Spanish) next week. You said Golden is the most interesting place, would yo give the address please? Gracias

Moreno from Brazil Reply Mar 13th, 2012

I need an invitation code for conect in the, but i haven't mobile from Latvia. How can i get this code? Thanks!

Mike from United Kingdom Reply Aug 1st, 2011

Went to Golden on my first night and it was amazing! Friendly staff and even more friendly men! Drinks prices are very reasonable and music is brilliant. Went to XXL the second night. It was OK. Drink prices were more expensive than Golden and the men there seemed on the hunt for a 'man for the night' constantly. Overall, brilliant!!!

Jim from United Kingdom Reply Jun 28th, 2011

Sorry guys, if you think Riga is a catholic city, we can't believe anything you tell us. One can only assume you have never been there.

from Estonia Reply Apr 7th, 2011

I'm 25 years old and was thinking about going to the sauna Varaviksne and club XXL on april 7th in the evening. Is there anything going on?

Sebastien Boucher from Canada Reply Apr 6th, 2011

I was thinking about going to the sauna Varaviksne on June 7th in the evening. Am I going to have fun?

max from Italy Reply Apr 5th, 2011

I'll be in latvia from 3rd to 7 june

sani from United Kingdom Reply Mar 30th, 2011

can any body tell me what can I do for 2 days in Riga, i ll be on 06.06 and 07 of June there and it is during the week, any suggestion?

Sebastien Boucher from Canada Reply Mar 28th, 2011

I'll be in Riga in June 6th and 7th. Any suggestions as I'll be in town on a Monday and Tuesday night? I'm a young and nice Canadian.

Andreas J from United States Reply Nov 1st, 2010

Purvs doesnt exist anymore (thanks god for that)and Golden is litle more popular than XXL at the moment. But XXL is bigger and they have lowered the price on drinks now, so for guys XXL is better than Golden. When I visit Riga I start at Golden and somewhere between 1 and 2 0`clock I go to XXL.

silly and wolf from Germany Reply Oct 10th, 2010

y..we are for 4 weeks (starting) from 16.10.2010 in Riga, aged 44 and 42 and we looking for some swinger fun (cpl straight and cpl bi)..perhaps s.o can give us some advice..we living in a hotel..and looking forward

Kriss from Latvia Reply Feb 11th, 2010

I m living in Riga! Best here is Golden bar (It is like club) ;)Not xxl!

albert from Saudi Arabia Jul 28th, 2014

me and my group were in riga just a week ago (15-19 july) and we were looking for gay venues and found none. though Latvian boys are hot specially the ones driving this tricycle tourist vehicle all around the old town for tourist joyride. I've talked with some one named chris or is it kriss? is that you? if you are, then I love to meet you again next time I come there.

Martin from Canada Reply Feb 7th, 2010

This is a nice website perhaps you could remove the first comment on here as it is very unfriendly?

mica from United Kingdom Reply Oct 16th, 2009

hi i m going to riga with my best latvian friend and i m lil bit scared about the population s reaction first for being openly gay and also having a mixed race color(black-arabian) so i m sorry for being straight forward to my point but i seriously need some advice on my problem,thx in advance

Pelle from Sweden Reply Sep 8th, 2009

I am not from Riga, but I know there is a place called Golden bar. It is a mixed place, but mostly gay. Never been ther, though.

alex from United Kingdom Reply Jul 16th, 2008

hey its a great page but i was sure there is more places to go it only xxl and purvs????as im bringin 12 english friends with me in the middle of august gotta show them the gay scene in capital please some1 get back to me:)cheers alex

Alexander from United States Reply Mar 13th, 2008

You should correct your comment about Riga not being as Catholic as Vilnius. 80% of Latvians are Lutherans and 20% are Catholic from the southeast of the country where they are known as Latigals. The Slavic population is Orthodox. This says nothing about acutal church attendance which is quite low.

Sam from India Reply Jan 16th, 2008

am going to visit latvia. any idea of good gay places to visit?

Erik from Latvia Reply Nov 21st, 2007

Hi thanks so much for this page its very helpful! Please add more clubs if there are any!