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Prague Gay Pub Crawl Michael: Hello Keep doing good job mates. We had a great time. The only issue I was thinking about was the price it is more expensive that other pub crawls. On the other side you will get quite a lot for you money. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Jonas: Hi Thanks for great night! You guys doing a good job. All the best. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Prague Gay Pub Crawl: Hi Marco I'm sorry that you hadn't found much information about our Gay Pub Crawl. We are independent guides and our project is at the beginning. We believe that happy travelers like you are our best asset so thank you for finding time to write your experience! In addition we will revise the route in terms of distance as you mentioned. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Prague Gay Pub Crawl: Hi Ian Thank you for your review! I'm really glad that you enjoyed our tour with the others. Hope to see you in Prague again in very near future. Cheers ;) David Prague Gay Pub Crawl Marco: I didn't find any reviews about this crawl so me and my friend were hesitating whether to go for it or not. Don't know why there is no more promotion(?) In the end it was a fun night and we truly enjoyed it! The only drawback was a long distance between two of the bar we visited cover by tram. I think customers should know it in advance!!! Prague Gay Pub Crawl Ian: I took part in the Friday gay pub crawl and it was pretty awesome experience. Our guide David showed us couple of bars in most popular gay areas of the city which names I don't remember :D Anyway, there were about 14 of us and the guide who made sure everyone had a good time. As the time (and booze) was flowing we became more relaxed and ended up dancing in a club till about 4 am! Great way how to enjoy local night life, especially if you're travelling alone ;) U Sudu kandy: very unfriendly stuff, when barmen approached our table he was hurrying us to order, telling that he dont have time to wait :o ... .. when asked for weed we where rejected right away...dark and smelly place. Escape to Paradise Michael: Love this club. Was there last weekend and was realy good. More then 30 escort boys. Nice and hot stuff and perfect performance. And realy hot live sex show. I will be back soon as possible...:) 360° Lounge Bar Saltanat : Nicely decorated place, good service a great venue to go for a date :) BeerGeek Guest: My kind of place !

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