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Escape to Paradise Michael: Love this club. Was there last weekend and was realy good. More then 30 escort boys. Nice and hot stuff and perfect performance. And realy hot live sex show. I will be back soon as possible...:) 360° Lounge Bar Saltanat : Nicely decorated place, good service a great venue to go for a date :) BeerGeek Guest: My kind of place ! U Sudu Luxxxx: 10/10 for the local ambiance 0/10 for the pot, perhaps have I a cop face :( U Sudu shaggy: my brother and i spent all our time in here on the lash that we coming to prague again to try to see the place.We loved this pub and all bar staff are friendly and Bohemian U Sudu Weedsmoker: Came here after being directed by a gorgeous hooters girl. Wanted weed...Found weed...Smoked weed...left the place! When you approach the place, it looks like a tiny, narrow coffee shop until you walk further down the narrow pass and find a door to the right which leads down this medieval cave full with wonders known as graffiti. All in all, good experience and would definitely do it again and recommend. Cross Club Yahiako: Best club in Prague. Good people, good music. But it is in bad neighbourhood... Atmosphere Peter K: AWESOME PLACE, first day we went there was no place to sit. it was packed!!! so we come back next day got a table next to some beautiful czech girls, it was awesome, Beer and food is DELICIOUS i got SOS it was recommended to me by very nice waiter. staff is very friendly and smiling all the time. Thank you everyone there I'm defensively coming back there on my next visit to Prague. U Sudu Some-Ting-Wong: This place is dope! Not! If you want to hang out in a place that smells of urine, has a pit bull mascot, multiple other locals bring their dogs, twenty broken foosball tables, the worst smelling skunk weeds in Europe, low lighting, heroin junkies shooting up in the bathrooms and dark corners, fleas, dreadlocks, the smell of mold, over priced drinks and hidden cameras recording your activities....then this is your place! Nasty staff who are distrusting of foreigners....stay away. Karlovy Lazne Elen: Hrozne misto, samy fetaci, na toaletu uz radse vubec nechodte,pavucina,

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