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Prague Gay Pub Crawl Diano: hi crawlers. I did gay crawl in amsterdam and london before and both of them are kinda "formal". I had much more fun in prague. no rude security at the entrance, no showing your ID at the bar all the time and no long list of precautions what you should or shouldn't do. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Mike: I took part in one tour about two weeks ago. I enjoyed myself even though there were just eight of us (I had expected a huge group). Anyway, I met some local guys in the clubs we went and all in all it was a pleasant night. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Prague Gay Pub Crawl: Hi Sandy. Absolutely, the guys enjoy our winter tours with relax in sauna or steam as you did;) Let us know when you're back. Cheers. David Prague Gay Pub Crawl Sander: Hi a great way how to spend a night. The sauna/steam thing is hoooot. Good that you have added it to the tour officially. Give you a shout when I'm back in town ;) Sandy Prague Gay Pub Crawl Richard: I attended Christmas special this Friday and had an exceptional time. There was a show in a club we visited during the tour and even though I think it was a little bit "average" the group of people made is somehow special. Thank you :) Prague Gay Pub Crawl carol: Excellent night out :D Met so many interesting people. It is especially great way of socializing if you come to Prague just for 2 or 3 days. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Miren: The morning was cruel... so never more :D But had a lot of fun Prague Gay Pub Crawl Henrik: A way better than "an ordinary" pub crawl that is offered in every big city. That was such a pleasant evening and night with very nice people (might by just lucky, don't know). Anyway, thumb up :D Prague Gay Pub Crawl Pepe: A really wild party! Will repeat it when in Prague again :D Prague Gay Pub Crawl Jonas: Other European capitals definitely lack something similar. Good introduction to Prague's gay scene

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