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Prague Gay Pub Crawl Mike: Hi pub crawl staff. I don't have a Tripadvisor profile so just wanna thank you at least here. It was the best night in Czech Rep., maybe in all Europe :) I would do it again straight away !!! Great service, great people, amazing places. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Jansen: The guide was absolutely amazing, welcoming and sweet. I did some tours in Prague and around and the guides were OK but with this crawl it is as if you go out with a friend of yours you have known for years. Cannot recommend enough:) Prague Gay Pub Crawl Martin: I had some doubts. Will this really be worth the fee? Why not just go out on my own? Well. It turned out to be a very fun night. Great and friendly guide. Great group members. Fast access to all bars and clubs. And much more drinks than I expected. Had a blast. Will do it again for sure! Prague Gay Pub Crawl Sinthi: An excellent night, enough drinks, nice places (some of them hidden gems, I would say) and cool people. This tour was the best I did in Prague. Going to Vienna now. Do you know if there is something similar? Darling Cabaret John: The best cabaret I have ever been! Prague Gay Pub Crawl David: Hi We have enjoyed the pub crawl last night so much. We are going back in December and definitely book with you again. Thanx. David Prague Gay Pub Crawl Stephan: The coolest thing to the in Prague in the evening. The guide is really the greatest asset! Prague Gay Pub Crawl Phill: Very well organized. Perfect introduction to gay night life in Prague with a guide who is second to none. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Carlos: Fue una noche estupenda. Gracias. Prague Gay Pub Crawl Prague Gay Pub Crawl: Hello Rob. It has never happened to us that we would receive such a great review in advance :) Thank you! We are looking forward to take care of you in August and I hope your expectations will be fulfilled.

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