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VARIA Polish Language Center
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VARIA Polish Language Center
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Editor's review

Do you remember how you learned your own language? Probably not. It just stuck, simply because you were surrounded by your mother tongue. Something similar happens to students at Varia Polish Language Center, a school specializing only in teaching Polish to foreigners.
Embraced by live language during Polish-only classes, at Varia you will be able to pick up Polish faster than you thought. In your journey through Polish, accompanied by experienced and enthusiastic teachers, you will be provided with both high quality lessons, and a friendly, ice-breaking atmosphere.
Regardless of your age, level and availability, Varia offers you a variety of course options, from two-week intensive courses to two-semester programs.
The school has been awarded with the 2012, 2014 and 2016 Places Award in the category "Service".

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Francisco from Mexico Reply Jun 27th, 2017

hello i need learn polish on line

Vishal Yadav from India Reply Jun 1st, 2017

I want to learn Polish Language.

Naveed Muhammad from Pakistan Reply Apr 30th, 2017

I want to learn polish languages Can you guide me about admission Courses.

Clara from Spain Reply Mar 3rd, 2017

A very cool place to learn Polish!! Great teachers and atmosphere.

Heliana Grudzien from Brazil Reply Mar 2nd, 2017

Wspaniala szkole. Przyjazne i ciepla atmosfera.Polecam jej i pozdrawiam wszystkich!!

Cristo from Spain Reply Feb 28th, 2017

The best place to learn polish!

Livia from Brazil Reply Feb 28th, 2017

Awesome school, methodology, teachers, and atmosphere! No matter which format you prefer, long/short/individual/group courses or extra activities, it's all worth it!

Margarita from Russia Reply Feb 28th, 2017

Great place, the best teachers, friendly atmosphere :)

Artem and Kristina Rudenko from Ukraine Reply Feb 28th, 2017

I think it says a lot about the place when as you switch to another semester you don't hesitate even for a second to ponder other options. We didn't think that language can actually be savored, bite by bite (even though, I agree, some bites, such as Polish grammar liczne wyjątki can be actually hard, but then, thanks to Varia mild persistence, organizational skills and choice of teachers, all of a sudden you find yourself loosening up and actually talking it, and here comes the whipped cream! To top it up, you get to do it with fellow students who come from all parts of the world and each has his/her own story to tell (tylko po polsku :-). Varia - polecamy!

Kira from Russia Reply Feb 28th, 2017

Najlepsze kursy jezykowe w jednym z najpiekniejszych polskich miast! Cudowni nauczyciele, mili studenci, ciekawe zajecia, przyjemna atmosfera - wszystko aby nauczyc sie polskiego.:-)

Yuliya from Germany Reply Feb 28th, 2017

I enjoy the time here and recommend this school to everyone :)

Nadezhda Lazareva from Russia Reply Feb 28th, 2017

Jestem bardzo szczęśliwa, że uczę się polskiego w Varii, a nie w jakiś innej szkole. Polecam bardzo, bo tutaj pracują najlepsi profesjonaliści, którzy mogą nauczyć każdego

Вікторія from Ukraine Reply Feb 27th, 2017

Szkoła bardzo dobra! Zawsze chce sie tam wrócić!

Rafael Starzynski from Brazil Reply Feb 27th, 2017

Bardzo Polecam! The best school in Krakow, I studied 2 years at Varia which were amazing, there are very great teachers and proper infrastructure to study =)

Erika Rita Nikházy from Hungary Reply Feb 27th, 2017

I was there 3 times. They are very kind and helpful and knowledge, what can you get there really useful! :)

Diego from Spain Reply Feb 25th, 2017

The best way to learn Polish! In only a few months my level of Polish improved a lot!

Kateryna from Ukraine Reply Feb 25th, 2017


Dan Schilken from Sweden Reply Feb 25th, 2017

I had a great time, the course opened upp my Polish language understanding to the next level. The VARIA Group was wonderfull and Krakow a very beautifull city. I will come back! / best regards from sweden.

Nancy from United States Reply Feb 25th, 2017

When I decided to attend Varia for two weeks with my family, I didn't know what to expect. I had taken language classes in the past with varied results. Wow! I was totally impressed with the excellence at Varia! Everyone else has already said it in the other comments but I must also add that the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They took every effort to help us with the Polish language, with getting around Krakow, and anything else we needed. We felt so warmly welcomed!! The staff creates an atmosphere where it's easy and fun to learn. The teachers are so excellent at keeping the class moving forward at a good pace but also making everyone feels comfortable. It is a real skill to be able to move fast enough to keep interest but not so fast that everyone is lost. The Varia teachers were so amazing at keeping each class interesting and fun and we learned so so much!! I have attended university classes for language in the U.S. and this was by far the best class that I have ever taken. I plan on going back to Varia again and next time I hope to stay longer and take more classes!!

Cristo from Spain Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Excellent team! Fantastic methodology, very professional!

Tetiana from Ukraine Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Bardzo dziękuję za wszystko! Było fantastycznie, doskonale.

Marina from Greece Reply Feb 24th, 2017

I am having a Polish course on Skype with a wonderful and very qualified teacher. I never imagined it is possible to learn a language this way, but Varia has a great teaching method and makes it possible.

Nikola Reply Feb 24th, 2017

I had such a wonderful time with Varia. They are very professional, experienced and excited about their teaching. Learning there was fun !!! And Krakow is beautiful! Definitely recommended!

Paul from Switzerland Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Excellent language school!

Karim Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Po prostu w tej szkole czuję się jak w domu. Chodzę tam z chęcią . Bardo miła, ciepła atmosfera. Moim zdaniem, najlepsza szkoła w Krakowie. Pozdrawiam wszystkich.

Śnieżana from Ukraine Reply Feb 24th, 2017

At this school you can meet really very lovely and amazing people! Friendly atmosphere during the lessons and teachers' enthusiasm make a positive input on studying process.

Ahmed Alalawi from Poland Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Varia has been the best Polish School that I have ever visited, Super Lovely teachers, wonderful/helpful staff at the reception, nice activities and cosy atmosphere, po prostu genialnie :)

Enkhjargal from Mongolia Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Great school

Felipe from Brazil Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Amazing school to foreigners! I'm in the second semester of study of Polish Language there, because I'm missionary here in Poland and I need the language to evangelize, and I love the course, the style of teaching, the teachers, the place.

Ivan from Ukraine Reply Feb 24th, 2017

It's a beautiful place to study polish, i was studing in Varia in September 2016, my polish skils growed up, i was very satisfied. I recommend Varia.

Anna from Switzerland Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Great school! Good teachers! I loved in Summer 2016 at the school and the lady where I lived was lovely! I've learned a lot and I'm still taking skype lessons with a great teacher from Varia! And... Varia ist in a wonderful building in a very beautiful neighborhood in Crakow. Many greetings to all of you and the people who were with me at the school in summer! Anna

Gabriela from Germany Reply Aug 18th, 2016

Just amazing! I met great people. The teachers are nice and authentic, the classes were relaxing and we were talking a lot in Polish. I would do this again any time. The accommodation was okay and not far from school nor Krakow's night life. I had a good time

Hanna from Germany Reply Jul 12th, 2016

Thank you for amazing four weeks in Kraków! I had a really good time with nice people from all over the world. I would really like to come back next year, if i have the time. The teachers and stuff created an amazing atmosphere, where i felt so welcome and cared. It's really the best way to learn or improve your polnish. Dzienkuje i pozdrowienia :*

Ahmed from Saudi Arabia Reply Jun 24th, 2016

wspaniałe ludzie (Gosia, Kasia i Nati) i nauczyciele (Ela, Ola i Bartek) i miła atmosfera. wonderful teachers and staff and nice atmosphere :) I will come again next year...

Irina from Ukraine Reply Jun 8th, 2016

Dobra szkoła. Przyjazna atmosfera, dużo mówienia praktyki języka polskiego, kreatywność. Dzięki wspaniałym instruktorom Bartek i Karolina

Rasťo from Czech Republic Reply May 8th, 2016

Bardzo fajna szkoła! Nauczycielki uczą bardzo ciekawym i dobrym sposóbem :-)

Irina Kurtina from Russia Reply Feb 4th, 2016

Świetna szkoła! Bardzo rekomienduję wszystkim kto chce szybko nauczyć się języka polskiego!

Sebastian from Argentina Reply Jan 28th, 2016

The best place to study polish and meeting some awesome people. I highly recommend it. El mejor lugar para estudiar polaco y conocer gente increíble. Lo recomiendo!!

Giora Kaplinski from Israel Reply Jan 28th, 2016

Excellent teachers! Excellent atmosphere! Wonderful town!

Devautour from France Reply Jan 26th, 2016

I appreciate to learn Polish language at this school. I recommend this school towards French people who, as me, would like to learn Polish !

Cristina from Italy Reply Jan 23rd, 2016

Excellent intensive summer course! Great teachers (mine were Ola and Bartek) and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend it!

Michael Azgour from United States Reply Jan 21st, 2016

Karolina was well-prepared and patient. She created a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to learn.

Centrum Polsko-Ukraińskie from Ukraine Reply Jan 21st, 2016

Cool place to learn how to be in Poland! Zarąbiste miejsce żeby się nauczyć być w Polsce!

Sergejs from Latvia Reply Jan 21st, 2016

Wonderful place to learn Polish.

Andre from Germany Reply Jan 21st, 2016

i've been there twice and it was incredible. i can only recommend this school! pozdrawiam. a.

Dmitry from Russia Reply Jan 21st, 2016

Very good ;)

Irina from Ukraine Reply Jan 21st, 2016

Отличные курсы. Спасибо команде преподователей. Успехов.

Mykola from Ukraine Reply Jan 20th, 2016

Najlepsza szkola. Przyjemni nauczyciele, mila atmosfera. Trochę drogi, lecz te kursy tego kosztują

Raffaele from Italy Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Very good school and very good teacher!!!!

Raffaele from Italy Jan 19th, 2016

......Good teacher!!!!

Leonard from Albania Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Bardzo fajna szkoła

Raffaele from Italy Jan 19th, 2016

You're right my friend!!

Nikházy Rita Erika from Hungary Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Najlepsza szkola do nauki języka polskiego!!! Czuję się, jak w domu. Fantastyczni nauczycielki, lektorzy, pracownicy :)

Erika from Switzerland Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Very good school and teachers. I had a great time in Kraków

Oksana from Ukraine Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Simply the best place to learn Polish

Stuart from United Kingdom Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Great team it Varia !!

Ievgeniia from Ukraine Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Great school with good teachers and warm atmosphere!)) Dziękuję za wszystko!

Julia from Ukraine Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Great school and great teachers! lovelovelove!

Inna from Ukraine Reply Jan 19th, 2016

It is a great place to learn polish.

Zanetta from Ukraine Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Świetna szkoła. Dobrzy nauczycieli i mila atmosfera. Lubię Was)

Max from Poland Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Cool place for learn Polish :)

Olha from Ukraine Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Głosuję chętnie i z radością! Bardzo pożyteczne kursy. Dziękuje za otrzymane wiedze. Bartek, Karolina, Magda, Ella, dziękyję !

Tamara from Ukraine Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Люблю вас!! Спасибо за прекрасные курсы!! Lubię waszą szkołę

Cat from France Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Great team and school!

Vitaliy from Ukraine Reply Jan 18th, 2016

It is very good language school.

Nicolas from France Reply Sep 2nd, 2015

It was just amazing. Bartek and Carolina are amazing. Dziękuję za wszystko ! Varia ! Varia ! Varia !

Geoffrey from France Reply Sep 2nd, 2015

I thank you Bartek and Karolina, two wonderful teachers ;) The school was great. I am sure it was the best Polish school in Krakow.

Alina Markevych from Ukraine Reply Jul 21st, 2015

Very friendly atmosphere, nice teachers and good knowledges. I would like to stay more time here! Love you! You are the best!

Johannes Mertens from Germany Reply Jun 23rd, 2015

Varia is a very good school with professional teachers, a good atmosphere and nice people, who are very helpful in every way. Kraków is a very interesting and beautiful city, the best background for learning Polish.

Herman Huizinga from Netherlands Reply Jun 3rd, 2015

Good school, All nice people, Ola, Magda (2x) good admosphere, polish is not so easy, but the teachers are so nice and put all their energy in their job. Very usefull course and I will come back for more! Thanks for the good service!! BRAVO

Yuliya from Russia Reply May 8th, 2015

Great course, really professional and polite tutors. Dziękuję bardzo!

Nadezhda from Russia Reply Jan 30th, 2015

Dziękuję bardzo! Bardzo mądre lektorzy (Karolina i Bartek). Fajna Szkoła! :)

Alex from Germany Reply Jan 27th, 2015

eBest way to start off your Polish adventure!!!

Timo de Vos from Germany Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

It was the best school time for me.

Jackey from Canada Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

The best time I've had in Krakow. The teachers are very helpful and friendly inside and outside of the classroom. They also helped me find accommodation in the centre of the city very quickly.

Fabienne from Germany Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

The course was an excellent preparation for my stay in Poland and we had such a great time during classes and discovering Kraków! Thanks to all the teachers for making it happen ! ;)

Andrei Z from Russia Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Awesome language school with excellent stuff and good prices for the courses!

Valérie Carrier from Canada Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Really an amazing educational institution!

Sofia from Russia Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Warm, friendly, homely atmosphere, best staff and teachers

Rob from United States Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Great people, great time!

Viktoriya from Germany Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

I had my very best private lessons in this school!

Andrea Roznovsky from United States Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

The teachers are great and try to make your time unforgettable. I miss it a lot :(

Jurek from Poland Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

The best place to learn polish language, get new friends and have fun in Kraków!!!

Irina from Russia Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Great place!

ida from Russia Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Best place to learn polish. Wonderful teachers!

Aki from Japan Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Best staffs, best teachers, best classes, best deals, best location, everything they have is just best. No exaggeration intended. From bottom of my heart, Varia is the best place for foreigners to learn Polish language IN THE WORLD.

Ievgen from Ukraine Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

The best language school in Poland! And the greatest teachers team!

stefano from Italy Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

the best place to learn polish.

Fabian from Germany Jan 28th, 2015

You are so right! The teacher and the lessons are fantastic! And the students are great, also! You get new friends from many countries very fast and can spend g areat time together! It was an unforgettable time and I'll miss it!

Kevin from France Reply Jan 21st, 2015

The best place to learn Polish. The team of teachers and assistants is great, always helpful. Attractive way of teaching

Dr. Thomas Schaefer from Germany Reply Nov 8th, 2014

Kilka miesący już są miniony od końca mojego kursu w tym szkołe, ale jeszcze chętnie przypominam moje pobyt tam. W ogóle nie przypadam na pochlebstwo, ale jednak jeszcze leży mi na serce bardzo dokładnie wyrażić jak następuje: kiedy myślę o tym szkołe kojarzę to zawsze z nastrójem jasnym. To nie jest żadnej przesady: każda(!) z tych kobiet tam - czy to w administracji lub u nauczycielkach - usmiechająca, każdego dnia i każdej godzine i to bez wyjąktku! Nigdy tam widziałem inny twarzy! Nigdy tam trafiłem innego nastroju! Każda z tych kobiet zawsze przyjemna, stałe pomocna! To w zasadzie w naszym codziennośćą jest tak rzadko, więc im więcej jest warto podkreslić. I nauczycielki szczególnie - jak one starały się rozszerzać nasze zasób slów w kierunkie potrzebnie, dały one nam nowe slowa, który można stosować. Każda(!) moich trzy nauchycielek miała różny tryb postępowania i mi dała wartościowe wparcie na swoim obszarze. Bardzo trzeba uznawać ich niezwykłe zaangażowanie! Tylko jest jeden poważna niekorzyść związane do Krakowy: miasto jest tak idealnie, że potem będzie trudno znależć inne pięknie miasta w Polsce! Trzeba być przygotowany do tego.

Marjana from Ukraine Reply Oct 3rd, 2014

Droga Varia, Przepiękny, świetny, wspaniały. Jeszcze dużo synonimόw można wymienić żeby opisać moji wrażenia od Varii i Krakόwa. Poziom studij jest bardzo wysoki. Zawsze kiedy coś pytałam nauczycieka chętnie opowiadała. Teraz już leksze po polsku pisać oraz rozmawiać. Na zajęciach zawsze było ciekawie. Oprόcz tego, Krakόw i okolice są bardzo malowniczi. Więc, studiowanie poskiego w pojednanju z wycieczkami to bardzo pięknie spędzanie urlopu.

Russia Reply Jul 29th, 2014

Andrey from Russia Jul 29th, 2014

I really like different languages. Unfortunately, I do not know many of them. The Polish language is great and it sounds mysteriously and proud. This winter I took a decision to learn Polish. I'm very happy that I've found the Varia Polish Language Center. This is a perfect place to kick your brain so that it really works in Polish mode. I would like to say many thanks to Varia staff for work they are doing. They successfully apply individual approach to students with different needs. I highly recommend Varia Center in beautiful Kraków to anyone who wants to enjoy and learn/improve amazing Polish language, diverse Polish culture and nice city

Dominique from France Reply Jun 10th, 2014

voilà la fin des cours avec VARIA et ses "petites mains"et particulièrement MAGDA en ce début juin. j'ai beaucoup appris de la langue polonaise mais pas assez pour bien m'exprimer... aussi je reprendrais les cours à la prochaine session. MERCI pour votre patience et vos bons soins. DZIEKUJE

Varia Polish Language Center from Poland Jun 10th, 2014

Merci beaucoup Dominique! :) Of course you are invited to the next semester :)

Varia Polish Language Center from Poland Reply Jun 4th, 2014

Dear Zara! Thank you for turning to our school, we are happy that you want to study with us. :) Please find an answer to your questions on your e-mail address. Cheers from Krakow!

Guest Reply May 6th, 2014

I want to learn polish languge course from basic level. I am from Pakistan June session want to joine. may I apply?

Varia Polish Language Center from Poland May 6th, 2014

Hello! It's great that you want to join our Polish courses. We offer 2-week summer intensive courses in June. Please contact us via our office e-mail: We hope to hear from you soon. :) Pozdrowienia

Stanley from New Zealand Reply Apr 17th, 2014

Varia was excellent, the teachers are very engaging and enthusiastic so each lesson is something to look forward to. The vocabulary is generally the most important things you need to know on first arriving to a country rather than words that are not crucial at the beginning. Apart from complex ideas everything was explained in Polish from the beginning, so there was consistent listening and comprehension practise throughout the lesson. Even after just one month the language is starting to sound more familiar, thanks very much guys, awesome course.

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