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Night Club VIP
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At first glance, Night Club VIP looks like a typical modern upscale nightclub, complete with sleek cubic furniture and clean sterile walls. But then you notice the ubiquitous metal poles and the girls enter and you realize this is a very different kind of nightclub. VIP can be booked for all kinds of special events, including business outings, stag dos, birthdays, etc. The professional and experienced dancers will guarantee a new meaning of relaxation and satisfaction. The club is open daily from 9 pm till 4 am., phone number: +48 (12) 4237621 (after 9 pm).

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MD from United Kingdom Reply Oct 18th, 2017

I hope people read these reviews before going to Krakow, I wasn't that fortunate before heading there on a stag do. I too was drugged and had both my bank cards cleared. Having read up on it, I'm 100% sure they use devil's breath. AVOID AT ALL COST or have as much of your money scammed from you as they can!

ffs Reply Oct 5th, 2017

don't go there. They will take all your money.

SYLB from Denmark Reply Sep 27th, 2017


chuan from Spain Reply Sep 22nd, 2017

Don't go to this club !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will think that you pay in ZL with credit card , but you will be pay in EUR or different currency.

Justice from United Kingdom Reply Sep 7th, 2017

Worst place on the planet. Full of liars and scumbags who drug you to steal your money. Hopefully they finally get what's coming to them. Unfortunately they have the law in the palm of their hand but this is one dangerous cesspit. STAY AWAY!!! (Unless your plan is to burn it down). Horrific in humane treatment by staff inside. You will wake up on the street, alone and robbed.

Bjorn from Sweden Reply Aug 29th, 2017

They drug and steal (5K euros)... NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE.

Niks from Netherlands Reply Aug 12th, 2017

Ze hebben mij daar berooft voor 2000 euro weg zegooien wat in de shotjes als je van je geld afwild moet je daar zijn

Juha from Finland Reply Aug 6th, 2017

If we would have read these comments beforehand would never have entered the place. It is a steal, first it was 19 PLN for a beer and shot - but shot has some chemical in it to make you completely drunk, then if you go to a private it will cost 1000 PLN for 5 minutes. It seems We got easy according to comments but the idea that you were ripped off makes me angry for sure. Do not visit this establishment!!

Ollie from Ireland Reply Jul 31st, 2017

Do not go the the VIP Strip Bar beside the Bull bar in Krakow, I was robbed 500e last Saturday night, bought 3 drinks, had one dance, was given a free cherry flovoured Shot, cant remember leaving the place, very scary experience, also stole my new leather belt, bastards,

Spartaco from Italy Reply Jul 18th, 2017

They try to make you drink alcohol and consume money! Girls Not Available. Little boy stuff to the first experience. Better this site you save as well

aninim from Italy Reply Jul 18th, 2017

No Good!!

Nils from Germany Reply Jun 12th, 2017

VARNING!!! Dengerus place

JAG from Denmark Reply Jun 12th, 2017


Supnugga from United Kingdom Reply Jun 2nd, 2017

I like how all the positive comments are in the same broken Russian, your still alive arnt you gremlin...

delboy Reply Jun 2nd, 2017

When they take you in the room that smells of vagina, they slope off and get the cherry vodka, its your free shot that you get with the titties obviously this is where they are drugging people! It didnt work on me though. As a regular drug user i was off my face on MCAT and goose next time i go to krakow, I will go in the Kluub for more free drugs and vagina

Phil from United Kingdom Sep 15th, 2017

Legend. Not all hero's wear capes

FRAUD Reply Jun 1st, 2017

Hopefully you read this before rather than after a visit!!! I was drugged and they committed significant fraud stealing money from my accounts. They were even taking money from the ATM outside in one card whilst paying with another card inside. Took a day or so to really understand what happened to me and it's absolutely frightening. The Polish police didn't want to know, either did the police on my return as it's outside their jurisdiction. If fraud occurred from a UK based account. Report the fraud to Finally if you read this and your friends are heading to Krakow make sure you make them aware.

Nick from United Kingdom Reply May 28th, 2017

The best place !!!!!!

Jordan from Germany Reply May 24th, 2017

You can do Here whatever you want if you are nice , pay enough and meet lovable girl

Andrew from Belgium Reply May 24th, 2017

Nice music , beautiful girls , Everything awesome !

John from Australia Reply May 24th, 2017

Great club , hot girls and very nice atmosphere

Muggins from United Kingdom Reply May 22nd, 2017

Went in sober, no cards but £400 cash, had free shots and next thing I know I'm waking up in my hotel room the following morning. Felt so rough it was 2pm before I could get up. Wallet empty but sounds like I'm lucky from some of the other comments

Ray Jay from United States Reply May 18th, 2017

Left my underpants in klub please can I have them back also the money you robbed you gang of robbing whores, only enter this place if you can handle the danger

Leroy from American Samoa Reply May 18th, 2017

That fat little ginger wrestler been at the comments again, has she moved up to working the door yet? Gash stinks in there but I love being abused so my type of place! Apart from the fat little ginger white scum cunt prick, thanks le-Roy

Bon Jovi from Bangladesh Reply May 18th, 2017

stole my monies

Jerome from Afghanistan Reply May 18th, 2017

I see the staff at VIP have been busy bumping their ratings up again! DO NOT PAY BY CARD YOU SILLY FUCKERS cant wait to return to da kluuub, im going to piss all over that little gremlin

Ata from United Arab Emirates Reply May 11th, 2017

Does anybody knows Julia in this club ( blondy girl)?????? Its so vital for me Please email me or let me know Tanx

Dave from United Kingdom Reply Apr 26th, 2017

X , you re The best ice creamer ! Love you ! I hope we meet some dat again

John from United States Reply Apr 26th, 2017

Very good sex club !!

M from United Kingdom Reply Apr 26th, 2017

Hot girls ! If you have got money you can do what you want on private rooms

Y from Italy Reply Apr 26th, 2017

I recommended this club !!

Liam from Philippines Reply Apr 26th, 2017

Very nice private rooms , i dont know every girl do this on rooms but i have got very open girl , she take me big pleasure

Peter from Netherlands Reply Apr 26th, 2017

I been there last Night and it s very good place , beautiful girls , profesional in The private rooms ;)

Fabio from France Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

I was there yesterday and it was ok! I sat with a Y nice girl! No rob! I saw the price of cash machine and everything was good. I'll come back when i'll back to poland for a few mounths to this girl!!! I spend 800€ but it was worth it!!!!

James from United Kingdom Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

Great place to have fun and get horny . I think it's safety to pay card there because you must give your signature in every bill , and on your bank they are not Strip club , just restaurant . Veeery gooood place and gorgeous girls

John from Germany Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

Beautiful girls , if you have got money it s good place to have pleasure :)

Arthur from France Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

Nice girls , I have got very good time im this place . Managers want drinks for girls, its like a itp . In The private rooms you can have got big pleasure

Joshua from Australia Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

Good place to get horny , a lot of beautiful giels :) I spend money , but I have got very good time with gorgeous girls. I never forgot this

Ronny from Germany Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

I spent a really large amount of money in this place with full of joy thanks to the girls and the rapturous I hope in the summer:)

Brayan from United Kingdom Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

Private dances are the foundation of a good nightclub They have as many as five stars

Nick Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

One of the best places I have ever been to in Poland. A lot of beautiful dancers interested in doing amazing stunts just under the ceiling and want to come back !!! I recommend and I will someday come back !!!!!!

Borat from France Reply Apr 3rd, 2017

A shit hole in the category of shit place. Fucking wankers and ass holes, don't go there they will rob you

Franc from Canada Reply Mar 26th, 2017

Total scam organised crime. They are protected by police and protected by the city

Guest from United Kingdom Reply Mar 26th, 2017

My husband and friends went here. Robbed of £700 and his friend £400

Dylan from United Kingdom Reply Mar 21st, 2017

Went here on the last night of a stag do, went in and began speaking to a dancer..she told me she was studying engineering and we exchanged small talk for a while. I went for a dance, ended up having 3 or 4 costing roughly 500 in total. I had easily 10 free shots and then left. These places aren't that bad as long your sensible. I will re-visit on my next trip just to make sure

Steffan from Luxembourg Reply Mar 9th, 2017


Sean from Ireland Reply Mar 9th, 2017

Was in here 2 nights ago paid for one round of drinks and had 5 transactions taken from my credit card totalling €2500 They obviously have cloned my card! Thankfully my credit card company are aware of this individual club and let's just say their place and that terrible ginger beast will be getting something special coming her way.

Mike from Canada May 16th, 2017

I would pay to watch a group of guys go in there with cancelled credit cards and just troll them when they try their credit card scam..LOL..

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Mar 7th, 2017

Fucking cunt of a women spiked me robbed me and turfed me out at 9am long runs the box you shower of CUNTS cash cards and jacket and belt robbed

Peter from Slovakia Reply Mar 2nd, 2017

Really bad place with! It's something like a criminal organization. You pay to stay with a girl, you talk with her in a clear way: money for sex. She answered ok, you pay and then it started a fiction: the girl simply dances and doesn't do anything else. When you try to say something, she answer: "wait, you'll see". But she goes on dancing and when you start to be angry, she put her finger on a trigger and another girl comes in the room. They dance together, they touch each other, but not at you. And when you are really angry, it comes a woman to tell you not to be angry. And then... your time is finished: they robbed your money and cheated you. Please, don't go in this place. They are thieves and criminal!!!

D. from United Kingdom Reply Jan 30th, 2017

Luckily I was with a small group and we were not as drunk as most of the other customers. Thought I was getting a nice amount of private time for 150 zloty, but she gave me a two minute (1 song) very shitty lapdance that at most gave me a reverse boner. Directly after that one of the bosses came in asking if I wanted to get another one song lapdance for the same amount (and you can pay with card!). Being pretty sober and not excited I refused, but I can see that if you're massively drunk or enormously horny (or spiked), you're screwed (in your bank account). The girl saw that I had a clear mind and wasn't aroused and understood why I didn't took the bait. She still wanted to let me buy her a 180 zloty drink (one of the cheapest ones), but after I didn't fell for that either she began talking Polish to a colleague, and stating that I had to be virgin, and that I should leave. I regret the amount that I spent in there, and it's apparently not even a percent of the amount some other reviewers lost in there. Dont go

Guest from Australia Reply Jan 26th, 2017

if you go here you deserve to be robbed

Guest from Australia Reply Jan 26th, 2017

BE CAREFUL! Almost all of the 5 star reviews here are from the STAFF of this club. They do this so that you don't just see the 500 people telling you to STAY AWAY FROM THIS CLUB. It makes it look like maybe some people just drank too much and are complaining but for normal people its a good club but this IS NOT TRUE. THIS IS A BAD PLACE RUN BY BAD PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FUCK YOU OVER, DRUG YOU, STEAL YOUR CASH, SAY YOU'RE TOO DRUNK, HAND YOU OVER TO POLICE, AND LAUGH ABOUT IT AFTERWARDS. Be smart. Go somewhere else or just find a girl who is actually attracted to you and doesn't think you're a massive loser and is pretending to like you cause its her job and she wants more cash from you. These girls are laughing at you too. They are also treated very badly and are psychologically damaged.

Guest from United Kingdom Jan 25th, 2017

Scam!!!!!! Bastards!! This I clearly someone who works there!!!! Absolute scum! Stay away!!!

Jon from Spain Reply Jan 24th, 2017


Guest from Spain Reply Jan 24th, 2017

Good service! No frauds, I definitely come back to this place, do not go there if you don't want to have a good time with your money. YOLO AND don't go there if you don't have money to spend time with pretty girls

Guest Reply Jan 20th, 2017

Warning!!! They will drug you, they will scam your card and try to take thousands out of your bank and clean out your pockets. The cunt outside with the umbrella will entice you in with false promises but it's all just a con. BE WARNED!!

Guest from United Kingdom Reply Jan 18th, 2017

Robbing B*****!!!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS SHIT HOLE!!!!!! This place has just robbing £12,000 from a friends account, after clearing it out they even tried taking a further £4,000 7 times. The person that has written the posts "guest Poland" clearly the owner, is a lying cheat and is out to rob innocent men that work hard for there money. U WILL GET CAUGHT AND WHEN U DO I HOPE U GET WHAT U DESERVE

Lian from Italy Reply Jan 2nd, 2017

Yes, they are thieves. They robbed me 6000 Zloty. Probably I have been drug, it is the only way I can explain this. I have only one shot remember, I was in the private room with the girl, some empty glasses on a table and the bitch giving me the Vpay

Screwed up from Poland Reply Dec 30th, 2016

I still can't believe my eyes and I am aware that the first one guilty here it's me. I was offered to go for a beer and I went out without more than 10.000 zlotys less in my bank account. The waitress puts a lot of pressure to you to pay for the drink or the private dance of the girl. I remember I accepted to pay until the first private dance (so, around 1.600 zlotys). But after this I can't remember what I was doing. I knew I was paying, but I couldn't have enough consciousness or discertive opinion to refuse paying anytime. I would never pay so much money, even if I am so much drunk. C'mon I am not a 50 year old screwed up man who went to spend his time and get a lap dance, I am much more younger and I am not rich... how could they even did this to me? Drugging a 20 year old young man who is alone and spending the weekend in Krakow? They have everything recorded (even in the private room I remember I asked if it was a camera and the girl said it was the alarm for the fire). They have your ID (I remember the girl wrote my personal ID number in a paper) and they have your signature. You are screwed up and everything is perfectly planned with all the roles perfectly managed to get your money. I don't know other cases, but in mine, they even tried to charge me almost 5.000 zlotys in one transaction. Luckily, the bank didn't accept it... I just feel so angry (also with myself, I repeat), that I don't even know what to do... I don't trust the police here and it seems that the majority of people suffered the same situation. I think that the drug they spiked is the one called "escolopamina" otherwise known as "hioscina" or "burundanga". Now it's too late for a blood analysis, but PLEASE if someone reads this post the day after, go to do a blood analysis to a doctor and report them to the police! This cannot end up without any consequences, c'mon, we must do something!

Dean from United Kingdom Reply Dec 15th, 2016

They tell you that your pin didn't work and to reenter it then they take out hundreds of pounds more that they should, a thieving dirty scamming klub, why can't anything be done to this klub vip

Avoid from United Kingdom Reply Dec 11th, 2016

As stated, these guys rip you off and empty your bank account. Do not go. As for these posts suggesting we can see the tapes - please explain how so? I would be very interested to see. Unfortunately the police weren't interested when contacting them once back home. What a shame they have to make a living this way. Horrible.

Jk from United Kingdom Reply Oct 28th, 2016

FRAUD - If I could give this place zero stars I would. They swarm around you like a fly around shit then get you to order a drink. The first round will cost you a few hundred gbp (1300z) to see if the bank account will allow it luckily by bank blocked the second transaction which was for thousands!!!! Absolute scum. Avoid. Girls average anyway.

HB from United Kingdom Nov 15th, 2016

Did you report what happened to the police or your bank? Was anything done in terms of compensation from your bank? I may have fallen into the same trap...

Mike from Canada May 16th, 2017

Well good that I'm a cheap bastard and was outraged that anyone would ask 150zl for one damn drink! In Poland! Where everything's supposed to be three or four times cheaper!! I visited this club but resisted their pressure. Quite chilling reading stories of credit card theft and even worse stories about getting drugged. I for sure dodged a bullet, and won't return.

Carlos from Switzerland Reply Oct 22nd, 2016

É vergonhoso, as faixas vão oferecer bebidas e levam um gajo para um sitio onde já estamos dotados e drogados e roubam tido o dinheiro. Verem um multibanco para eles é a palavra de ouro. Fechar lhe a porta era pouco para o que eles fazem! Devíamos denunciar......

O from United Kingdom Reply Oct 11th, 2016

I was scammed for £400. They tried to take a further £1100 after I left, it's time we boycotted this hole and get it closed down

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Oct 11th, 2016

This place is s total scam. As soon as you enter every stripper in the place swarms you asking for drinks. Then this fat little bitch walks around with a cc machine demanding you pay with a card. I got rinsed for 3000plz for literally 20 minutes of nothing. DO NOT GO TO THIS CLUB. There are much better ones in the town. Robbing bastards.

John from United Kingdom Reply Oct 5th, 2016

DONT GO... They'll steal your money! Don't take credit cards as somehow they managed to take money from my account. I don't remember much about it. they spiked my drink.. must have, as I can barely remember what happened.

Annoyed uk Reply Oct 4th, 2016

Scumbags and rip off merchants. Don't visit or go with cash only. Never ever card

Emil from Sweden Reply Sep 26th, 2016

I liked this place. I was drunk when i got there and i had ALOT of more drinks while staying. I sat in a sofa all night long, chatting with a girl "named Julia. Sure, the drinks was expensive for but they were still cheaper than i Sweden :D They did try to overcharge me, they did try to sell me drinks I didint order, But you know what?? IF YOU CANT DRINK AND STILL USE YOUR EYES AND YOUR HEAD, YOU SHOULD STAY SOBER!! I dont blame them. Its a fucking stripclub!! I will go there again on my next buissnestrip to Krakow. And i will again have my eyes and ears open not to get robbed. But if they do succeed, i will get pissed. But mostly on my self...

Francois from Belgium Reply Aug 24th, 2016

It's a very nice place, I can recomend for all foreingers. Of course it's not so cheap but you should know that it's not regular club, so it's normal the girls will be asking you for buy her A drink, because it's like a tip for Her, Her dancing and company. I enjoyed private Dance, and Plus is that for all of the guests they're making shows on the main rooms, Boa show!!! Brilliant. If you are scared of strip club, just take a Cash.

Sean from United Kingdom Reply Aug 24th, 2016

Amazing place, sexy girls. U should defo check this place ;)

Dman from Belgium Reply Aug 15th, 2016

Stupid shit club!! Rip off, they trap you in going inside, then they force you to pay drinks.. You yourself will drink for free and get loaded or drugged!! Then I apparently used a credit card, that was emptied out in 3 times.. I myself don't remember paying more then ones!!! I hope they rot in hell, those ugly-ass scammers!!!

Bazini from United Kingdom Reply Jul 24th, 2016

Great club, amazing looking girls. Reasonable rates. Do not take your credits card. Only take cash. Loved it. Will visit again.

Guest from United Kingdom Reply Jul 7th, 2016

absolute rip off fraudsters - this place will steal your money. i would personally avoid like the plague.

phil from United Kingdom Reply Jul 5th, 2016

Unlike other bars,, the vip Kluub dive on you as soon as you walk in, one stripper per man, if you are unfortunate like me you will end up with one of the dodgy looking ones with no tatties. After 30 minutes the fat little trollop running the gaff comes over demanding drinks for all the girls at 300-600 zloty a piece, if you refuse they bring it anyway, if you refuse to pay for it the bouncer will punch you in the head like they did to my mate jean. If not the fat trollop it will be the other wench who looks like chyna the wrestler (god rest her soul). They will also empty your bank if you pay by card so dont be stupid enough to hand it over even if they demand it (which they will), best off leaving your card at the hotel. After a private dance in a room that smells of musty vagina, chyna will come in and demand that you pay for more time with the stripper before accusing you of being on drugs. at one point in the night it goes mental, someone shouts GROUP PARTY, half the strippers start rolling around on the floor and the rest climb on all the blokes, you are better off leaving after that as they turn into zloty vampires You can tell when things are starting to turn a bit nasty in the klub which is when you should leave, if you dont you will get a slap from the door staff. so....despite the punched friend, the credit card fraud,the aggressive trollop and chyna we always returned to the klub because we like the danger. We will be back in krakow in a few months and we will return to the kluub #lovedaklub

James from United Kingdom Reply Jul 4th, 2016

The girls and door staff were very welcoming and enjoyed my time, the short fat ginger meatball that they had forcing money from people was a whole other kettle of fish, if I for any reason come across her in the UK where she isn't wandering around like a little Hitler I would punch her head clean off. Charged me over 400 sterling on my card for one bottle of vodka, not really concerned about the money the little scruff can have it, she then proceeded to call me a "F*cking English idiot" for not buying every girl in the place a beer. She is sour I would be if I was such an ugly little gremlin, thanks ginge but I won't be back, you ruined my evening. #lovedaklub

Manclad from United Kingdom Reply Jun 27th, 2016

Great girls but was stupid enough to pay on my debit card, haven't had the money out of my account but I'm dreading getting scammed! Anyone had any experience?

mark from United Kingdom Reply Jun 11th, 2016

to be brutal honest I think with the right management this place could actually achieve something ,,,, it has everything it needs ... great ladies, a good location but somewhere along the way it has gone wrong ??

mark from United Kingdom Reply Jun 11th, 2016

to be brutal honest I think with the right management this place could actually achieve something ,,,, it has everything it needs ... great ladies, a good location but somewhere along the way it has gone wrong ??

OneOldMan from Russia Reply Jun 10th, 2016

Ginga (as I rememeber her name) is exelent - smart, beautiful, good in communication. Masha (hostres) did her business very strong. My congratulations! Be ready to spend a lot of money... No credit card froud - just do not go duft :-)))))

mark from United Kingdom Reply Jun 6th, 2016

can not comment on CC issue but would say that I can not fault the standard of the ladies, They were very attractive, attentive and sophisticated, My lady was studying psychology. M

Kurt from Germany Reply Jun 3rd, 2016

Go there and you will get ripped off. Credit card fraud!!!!!!

mark from United Kingdom Reply Jun 2nd, 2016

Hi went on Sat and found the bar staff to be aggressive. Not really the place to chill and with the price of a bottle of Dom £1400 and the other drinks similarly priced thought it was a rip off. Go there to see great girls but be prepared to pay heavily for the privilege.

Henrik from Sweden Reply May 19th, 2016

STOLE MY MONEY !!!!! Credit card fraud!! Stay away! Local police won't help. I even had a friend from Poland with me to make the police report, they simply don't care or maybe they are paid off.

Guest from United Kingdom Reply May 16th, 2016

This place is criminal. I went there with my friends on a stag do recently. I didn't get a dance and I'm so thankful that I didn't. My friend's credit card was charged over £6500 for an hour or two of dances. I understand that courting strippers is expensive and I don't know exactly what happened but seriously, how can it be that much. At best it is exploitative of idiotic drunks and at worst a seriously dodgy place. I would personally avoid it.

Herbert from Germany Reply May 11th, 2016

Only 3 words: mafia, scam, dangerous This "club" is run by mafia and police dep!

Peter from Switzerland Reply May 11th, 2016

@ Guest from Poland You definitively know you're wrong! This club is bullshit! And these days I got the money back from my credit card organization! Why? Imagine... Because "your" cameras showed the fraud....

Karl from Netherlands Reply May 9th, 2016

This place is a real scam. They start with small and agreed prices, but once you become less cautious they write off big amounts of money. Even had multiple transactions in one minute as 'machine was not working'. It turned out they emptied my account until the credit limit. You get drinks unsollicited, which they do not drink themselves. This is not a stand alone case. They make deliberate use of the fact that customers become less vigilant during the night. And then to blame it on the clients being drunk is truly condemnable.

Find another place! from Sweden Reply Apr 30th, 2016

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE! Like many others, they tried to scam me. I was supposed to pay 480zl for a dance and they tried to get me to sign of on 4800zl. Luckily I saw this in time and confronted the club manager. She changed the amount to the correct one and I din´t think any more about it. Just an honest mistake I figured. Now when I read all the other comments I realize that this was not the case. They indeed tried to rip me off. So I warn you guys and girls, do not go to this place! There are many other better legit places.

Guest from Poland Reply Mar 22nd, 2016

I'm gonna repeat myself because not everybody will read my long comment. If any of clients who "think" they got robbed or drugged wish to see tapes from they wild night in the strip club you're welcome. Every minut and every second is recording and many of guys like you think that if they spend so much money they for sure got robbed. No. It's impossible. With cameras everywhere it's impossible to do any of things you write about in here. Our club is checking like others by police and there's no drugs allowed in our club. And story's about stealing pin code? Every time when customer putting pin on terminal waitress and dancer need to turn head to not see the pin. Everything is recording :) Dancers are not allowed to touch customers credit card. Everything is recording :) With every transaction customer need to see price on terminal. Everything is recording :) So please guys don't embarrassed yourself. You came to the club, drink too much and spend money on pretty girls. If any of you didn't want to have fun would leave. So stop putting blame on club because your wife wanna know why you spend so much money in Poland...

wife from United Kingdom Apr 29th, 2016

So my husband pay 600 zlotty for 30 mins dance with naked stripper where is he allowed to touch and does stripper take man's clothes off?

Guest from Poland Reply Mar 21st, 2016

All of you guys are fucking idiots. No you're not got robbed, not got drugged or anything. 90 % of strip club client's drinking a lot in the club. Most of you guys telling us how pretty we are, how much you wanna fuck us and many if them want to marry us :) So don't be surprised that you spend so much money when I'm taking one of you to private room and you telling me that you gonna buy me anything just to stay with me. So no. We're not thieves. You guys just can admit that you spend so much money just to watch girl dancing. Sorry but it's not our fault. Our job is dancing and being company for clients. And you know what? All club have monitoring. So if any of you wants to see how he begged dancer to stay with him you're welcome. We have all tapes from any day. And on this you can see how you guys by yourself put pin and pay to spend time with dancer. We respect are clients and many times when customer is to drunk we making sure that he will go back safe to hotel. We calling taxi. We helping you guys to dress up. But of course after we never hear from you thank you for a good night but that we're thieves. So next time think twice before you gonna accuse somebody when you're wrong. Any questions?

krakow lover from United States Apr 29th, 2016

I had dance in private room. Girl told me no fuck but got to touch her pussy and she wank my cock through boxers. Does all dancers do this?

Michael from United Kingdom Reply Mar 8th, 2016

Was robbed and possibly drugged in this place as I didn't remember actually being there until I checked my online banking

Disapointed from Germany Reply Mar 5th, 2016

Too expensive for what they propose, girls simply wants to take your money and they are even not so so pretty.

Dapper from United Kingdom Reply Feb 22nd, 2016

Girls are very friendly but be prepared to spend a lot. Definitely got drugged.

D from Poland Reply Feb 13th, 2016

Don't go here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shame from France Feb 16th, 2016

What happned to you? Also got druged and they stole your money? It was 10000 euros for me

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