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Editor's review

Prozak has become a bit of a cult joint for music aficionados, and a great, original place to dance and party. Cutting-edge musicians of all types are invited from around the world to rip it up in this basement club, which has now developed a loyal, passionate following. You'll have to ring the bell at the unprepossessing door, any time after 4 pm, and wait to be admitted. There's a small cover charge for live music concerts, and a loyalty members card scheme if you plan to visit more often. Great antidote to the standard disco fare, this club has plenty of attitude. Love it or loathe it.

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Kacper from Poland Reply Jan 17th, 2017

The best bookings

Aaron from Israel Reply Jan 12th, 2017

Amazing techno bookings

Rachel from Israel Reply Jan 11th, 2017

Undeground floor is my favourite one!

Aksana from Belarus Reply Jul 27th, 2016

Music is great there!

Aga from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

the best!!!

Guest from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

!!! the best

Wiadro from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

Cool place!

Krk from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2016


MJ23 Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

Great place to party and more!

Mokobe from Senegal Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

Good girls great music

Enrique from Colombia Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

Great place, i was rolling balls there

lois from United States Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

nice one

olgazm from Poland Reply Feb 2nd, 2016

love this place!

griselda from Poland Reply Feb 1st, 2016

the best place in cracow

Andy from United Kingdom Reply Feb 1st, 2016

Top notch!

Bb from Poland Reply Feb 1st, 2016

Best club !

andre from United Kingdom Reply Jan 30th, 2016

good vibe

Peter from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

Best music place in Krakow

VC15 from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

Best music club in Kraków!

Luke from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

Great club with decent music.

andrzej from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

the best!

b from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016


Bartek from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

Awesome place !

Nils from France Reply May 21st, 2015

I had booked on a list for a free entrance. The guy at the entrance was very unpleasant and of course could not find me on the list... He just wanted us to pay 20 zl my girlfriend and I.... I will never come back to this place.

john from United States Reply Jul 9th, 2014

As a person who went to almost every club in Berlin including Berghain, Prozak is about 2 stars.. In complete honesty, the house floor was completely empty on any given week days, the hip hop floor had no one actually dancing hard. Otherwise go to krakow clubs during weekends. Also if you get kicked out from inside, no problem you can go straight back in. The bouncers have no idea what's happening, they are just big men hired to look scary :/, A SHAME. Unless you want to have a chill smoke time and chat with friends go to Prozak, otherwise look for tram parties on weekends. Locals are great but some of them are not so great, in personal experience I found Prozak to be to 1 to 2 stars. Also let's be honest I've been clubbing in f*king Berlin and Barca

luca from Poland Reply Feb 19th, 2014

my fav club in Krk, best foreign DJs!

Laura Reply Feb 19th, 2014

Obviously the best artist booking, awesome music and - of course - great and unforgettable atmosphere which makes you feel at home. Big up on Prozak!

patvondynamic from Poland Reply Feb 19th, 2014

Cracow best electronic music & bookings!

meg from Poland Reply Feb 19th, 2014

best club in Cracow with electronic music. One of top in Poland! great people and atmosphere. 10/10 the best afterparties with techno music

viatribe from United Kingdom Reply Dec 27th, 2013

Once the undisputed King of Krakow's nightlife, Prozak has lost much of its majesty in recent times. Now under new management, the club's fantastic layout and some sensational DJ sets still lift Prozak above the standard Krakow club fare, even if conversations invariable start with: "Man, I used to love this place in the good old days…"

Mark B from United Kingdom Reply May 14th, 2012

I was in Krakow at the weekend and Prozak was closed. After making a few enqueries it appears it is closed for good. Shame, it was ok and better than Frantic IMO

Arja from United States Reply Apr 27th, 2012

Willing to talk via facebook/email with decent people who need infromation which is a bit more objective.

Ivan from Hungary Reply Mar 15th, 2012

The best club in Krakow with good music and friendly atmosphere - nice Polish girls. As I know, it is closed for refurbishment.

Pimka from Slovak Republic Reply Feb 17th, 2011

I like this pub, it was very night there...

Daniel from United Kingdom Reply Feb 3rd, 2011

This club is great, I have been to it a number of time and each time I've really enjoyed it. The local people who frequent this place generally seem like the most open minded and cool bunch in Krakow. I'm really sorry to hear what happened to my fellow countryman Matt in Prozak, that stinks. I have always found the bouncers fine; although I've had problems with bouncers in other bars and clubs in Krakow; unfortunately there seems to be a thing with Polish bouncers and carrying on like dick heads, just be wary and careful and keep your wits about you as bouncers and local lads are looking for trouble with foreigners.

james m from United Kingdom Reply Dec 19th, 2010

Prazok is a good place to finish the night off. i would stay away from the place on a saturday because its dead. but if you want the best night you'll have in krakow head to prazak at around 11 on a friday night, the basements open and it's packed but breathable... one of the best nights i've ever had.

Vus from United Kingdom Reply Nov 11th, 2010

Had a good evening or two in there on a mates birthday.... unfortunately I pulled some young thing and finally managed to get rid of her - four years later!! Watch out for the locals they are looking for someone to pay them out all the time. Club was good, but I believe it is steadily going down (7) and the whole experience has left me with a nasty feeling (1)

Lolo from United Kingdom Reply Jul 28th, 2010

@Sean: why do you think that africans want the ugly girls , thats stereotypical view . whas ugly to you is another mans flower . why dont you keep your opinions to yurself and stop your narrow minded analysis.Most people go out to pull and get pulled in krakow .

Sean from United Kingdom Reply Jul 18th, 2010

when i visited this place it was full of wanna-be-cool guys from africa and latin america trying to pick up some easy polish girl. most of them ended up with nothing or an ugly girl. i will never come back to this place.

LB from United Kingdom Reply Jul 8th, 2010

Having just returned earlier this week on a 6 dude Stag do, Prozac was the first club we went to and it lived up to all the good reviews, Place was fairly quiet early on (we arrived about 9pm) but it soon got busy, We had a brilliant time in there so much so at least to of our party returned the next night (albei the saturday was quieter) I found krakow to be a decent place to visit if you are wanting good beer at good prices, One evening we hooked up with some locals of a similar age, who allowed us to join there company and we had a good night again, Would go back in a flash and certainly back to Prozak.

Some guy from Poland Reply Feb 17th, 2010

I don't know if it's just me but since Matt posted his terrible exp. with the bouncer, place got a lot quieter and empty lol Oh, The power of the internet. No more "Face selecta". Can't really feel sorry for what they deserved for hiring a bouncer like that.

Marcos from Spain Reply Dec 10th, 2009

Come to southern Spain to have fun with people from all over the world. Everybody is welcome! Forget these bouncers in Poland who behave like animals! i agree with David they should go live in the jungle!

David from United States Reply Dec 10th, 2009

Been to the club many times...never really liked it. Maybe I went on the wrong nights, but it was always the weekend. Don't see what the big fuss is about really. As for the bouncers...well, what can you expect from animals like that? I am not saying all Polish people are animals, but some men I have seen behave horribly...very violent. With all the good looking women, you would think that they would be a lot happier? I know I would...and I certainly would not be trying to fight people when I could be talking to beautiful women. These animals should go live in the jungle like monkeys!

sympathize w/ matt from New Caledonia Reply Nov 9th, 2009

Luckily i've never experienced anything like that in krakow, but i do hear you. I've been in bialowieza once and there you dont want to run into the local youth. If you are drunk and returning home, you are likely to run into some youngster who have nothing to live for and are looking for a fight. I was beaten up quite severely, and was unable to walk for months since they were jumping on my ankle several times while i was laying on the ground. krakow remains to be one of my favourite cities in europe, but my view of poland is altered forever after my exp. in the country-site. they ppl over there advised me not to go to the police since they would not hear my story, as i'm a foreigner and was drunk myself. I heard similar stories from many young people who have been there. If anyone plans to go there, let it be a lesson to everyone to return home early and sober.

Agrre with Matt from United States Reply Oct 16th, 2009

this place sucks big dick on the door, couldn't scare boiled shite.....but obviously knocked the nuts outta Matt come & see me, the irish boys will kick d'heed out of him

Jacek from Switzerland Reply Aug 14th, 2009

The funniest dancing people I've ever seen, great!

Gaz from United States Reply Jul 27th, 2009

Had a blinding night here with lads. Not much success with the local talent, but we didn't get bashed up by ther bouncer eitjher. Did we have a hangover?Yes

Moryc from Poland Reply Jul 15th, 2009

Did you call for cops, Matt? I hope so...

Matt from United Kingdom Reply Jul 10th, 2009

Went to this club at start of April with 2 friends. After my friends were allowed entry, the lady said that I had drunk too much to come in which was fair enough. When it became clear I wasn't going to be allowed in I went over to the door to wait for my friends to join me. Out of nowhere, a huge shaven headed bouncer hit me so hard in the chest that it felt like I had been hit with a bar. As I lay on the floor, he hit me repeatedly in the head and didn't stop until I was covered in blood. For the next 2 weeks my head hurt and I had to go for X-rays. It took 2 months before the pain in my chest had gone. I can honestly say that I wasn't aggressive in any way at all, vocally or physically.Even after he attacked me, it took me so much by surprise I still didn't react.One of my other friends turned up to see the state that I was in.He spoke with the manager who said the bouncer's name was Matthew.We tried to ask people to call the police but when some blokes in uniform turned up they listened, didn't say anything, started laughing then got back in their car. As my friends started taking photos of their car they were then sprayed in the face with CS gas. We decided it was then a good time to leave.I have been to many nightclubs and bars around the world in the past 10 years and never had anything remotely like this. Maybe I was just unlucky. Apparently, the bouncer said that I was about to charge the door which is crazy.From the many reviews that I have seen, this would seem to be an unusual experience and I know many people who have had a good time in Krakow but it is the only time in my life that I have been the victim of a completely unprovoked attack and it ranks alongside the worst nights of my life. It cetainly soured my view of Poland and I won't be returning.Posted in case this man still works there.

Tourist Avantourist from Ukraine Reply Jul 9th, 2009

I love Prozak. It's really nice club with nice atmosphere. Parting till the morning.

wtf from United States Reply May 31st, 2009

Now I know why Prozak its called the best club in Cracow:)...good level of ppl...will be back:) Thanks 4 the best music in Cracow

ted from United Kingdom Reply Apr 9th, 2009

i can't remember how many vodka burns i had but you have to try them, they are the best, definately going back

supa from United Kingdom Reply Mar 16th, 2009

The best music here is on Mondays - nice underground stuff courtesy of DJ Meehow!

just me from United States Reply Mar 15th, 2009

....still luv prozak;)

James from United Kingdom Reply Mar 13th, 2009

Went there on a Friday night. No sign of stag dos or groups of lads, only locals. Played some nice proper dance, on a very impressive stomach shaking sound system. Pretty decent venue.

DD from China Reply Mar 11th, 2009

Hey "just me", are you in Krakow? Will you go to prozak again?

just me from United States Reply Mar 11th, 2009

well.....i do not

DD from China Reply Mar 9th, 2009

Hey "just me", do you know him?

just me from United States Reply Mar 8th, 2009

DD.....come on u never ever gonna find him!!! btw what is so special about him that u r trying 2 find him???? none of guys deserve 4it!!!

DD from China Reply Mar 8th, 2009

I met a interesting guy on 6th of March, named Simon(?)from UK, 26 years old, a very interesting guy.My email

Agyness from United Kingdom Reply Mar 7th, 2009

I luv Prozak especially the MANAGER:* very N.I.C.E

DD from China Reply Mar 7th, 2009

I am a Chinese girl in Krakow,I like Prozak very much:-).

DD from China Reply Mar 7th, 2009

One of my favorite place in Krakow, always full of pretty polish girls and handsome English guys.LOL.

Ben from United Kingdom Reply Feb 3rd, 2009

After reading everyone else's reviews I feel I either didn't go to Prozak at the right time, or the right day! I went last week (Monday and Wednesday 26 and 28th Jan) between 8 and 10pm, and found the place was quietish, with locals in. The staff were very friendly and eager to try and work out what we were saying, which when my friend started talking about piercings, wasn't the easiest! Drinks wise, fairly priced. Feel a little let down, I expected it to be a bit livlier, like I say maybe the time and days I went wasn't the greatest to see this club at it's best, but I'd happily go again. I only stayed at the bar, didn't venture the other rooms, next time I go I want to try the water pipe with flavoured tobacco - 30zlotty for the big pipe, about 40minutes worth of smoking... 15 quidish?? Not too bad I guess...

Mako from United States Reply Dec 27th, 2008

This place is the best!! I spent 3 days in Krakow and on the last night me and my friends went here and it was the greatest. Really cool bar tender, great drinks, decent prices and sweet music(mostly techno).

Marta from Czech Republic Reply Dec 23rd, 2008

good place, despite i don't like this style of music... & i am very sad becouse of my behaviour in Prozak & now i'm looking for David from Liverpool, do u know him?

dave from United Kingdom Reply Oct 9th, 2008

was like walking in to a bar in the uk if you want somewhere like you find in blackpool this the place, was ok but better can be found

Ivona from Poland Reply Aug 15th, 2008

I miss my local club :/ I havent found yet a bar even close to Prozac since i left poland. All little corridors & rooms, always different dj's, no commercial crap! true that most crowd is foreig - which is brilliant! except for those stug parties full of bulloksed british muppetts!- please go to prague or warsaw, dont ruin our atmosphere!!! (not that im rasist, my bf is Brit ;) but just respect our city!)

fluffsta from United Kingdom Reply Jul 15th, 2008

The best club without doubt in Krakow. This rates as one of the best clubs I have ever been to and I have been to a lot! This place always has great Djs playing a loose field of Breaks, Techno and even RB and Hip Hop but its always banging! I went with a Polish friend last night and I thought it was better than Frantic (which was still good). I rate it highly because it really is a maze of a club with loads of hidden corners, rooms and corridors. I went on a Monday night and loads of sections of the club were shut yet it still felt as if it was a Saturday night and the club thought not massive still had a big feeling to it even with closed sections. Polish staff as friendly as ever as usual to a English guy like me. Highly if not massively rated. Rates in my top 5 clubs I have ever been to.

danny from United Kingdom Reply Jul 14th, 2008

excellent here, 13 os us on stag. girls in krakow are amazing no trouble anywhere and there are enough pubs and clubs for everyone. prozak was my fav i think but then that could be down to dancing on the bar with 3 polish girls.

Rav from United Kingdom Reply Jun 2nd, 2008

Awesome bar.. loads of places to drink in. look out for the shesha room with the sofas! soon as me and the girls found that we took over! Double Hen! sorry if we Stiped you boys!!

Anna from Sweden Reply May 30th, 2008

It was REALLY good : ) Big Hi to you to Morgan and all of your friends xxxxxx

Morgan from United Kingdom Reply May 27th, 2008

Amazing place. Visited every night this weekend. As is well documented on here aleady, the bouncers enforce their policy of only allowing the good looking crowd entry. We were a group of 6 lads and were initially refused entry on Saturday night due to the fact they thought we were with the other group of 20 shitfaced English idiots kicking armbands across the road. Once you're in make sure you explore every nook and cranny of this place. The people are an amazing blend of beauty from around the globe. laying a good range of music from hip-hop to funky house, Prozak will not disappoint. I'm missing it already!Big Hi to Anna, Ulrika, Irlya and Therese from Stockholm xxxxxxxx

Gareth from United Kingdom Reply May 27th, 2008

bouncers there are total dickheads.would not let us in any of the 3 nights we were there

AGNES from Poland Reply May 25th, 2008

LOO&PLACIDO already miss you!

Agnes from United States Reply May 25th, 2008

Last Saturday at PROZAK...Loo&Placido...OMG LOVE THEM SO MUCH I didnthave to drink smoke or take drugs to feel so good;)just joking LOO&PLACIDO RESPECT

Steve from United Kingdom Reply May 16th, 2008

Alex Its lucky WE don't think like that in our country. Just like the minority here, you give the majority there a bad name. Twat!

Jon from United Kingdom Reply May 8th, 2008

Really liked this place. Good atmosphere and pretty unpretentious overall - met some nice people in here, and fun to either prop-up the bar, or just watch the locals doing their thing on the dance floor.

Iva from Croatia Reply May 5th, 2008

The best party ever!!

Sebastian from Netherlands Reply Apr 11th, 2008

09/04/08. Excellent drinks for an excellent price here! The music is good as well, but if you don't feel like dancing, there are lots of places to lounge. I met some nice people there, including some super cute girls from Portugal. Though I forgot to ask for an email or something. D'oh!

Mario from Belgium Reply Mar 25th, 2008

Prozac is een mooie underground café danceclub, twee buitensmijters die echt wel hun werk doen en konstant checken op druggebruik, dus veilig is er het wel. Wat de music betreft deze was aanstekelijk in het begin, maar bleef constant op hetzelfde ritme,dus betere dj is er wel aangeraden.

Chris from United Kingdom Reply Mar 7th, 2008

didnt get in , so went to Frantic , what a ball !

Alex from Poland Reply Mar 3rd, 2008

Good that such places exist 1)the English get ripped off bigtime 2) the Polesdon't have to put up with them elsewhere

julie smith from United Kingdom Reply Feb 19th, 2008

Why all the racism towards us English? Great club, BECAUSE it is packed with English folks

Maria from United Kingdom Reply Feb 16th, 2008

I have not been to the club, but we went there for few drinks on Thursday night and we had a good time.......

Art from France Reply Jan 19th, 2008

It's so packed with stupid English tourists, that the Polish girls who go there must be seeking just that. Or they don't know any better. Perfect for you guys if you don't know the city.

chris from United Kingdom Reply Jan 8th, 2008

This Pika guy below, must have been the jealous bastard that went home wanking after me and my mate took home two local stunners

Rich from United States Reply Jan 8th, 2008

Maybe I have been here on all the wrong nights, but the only thing that impresses me about this place is the space. The inside is a cool maze of room after room, but I have never seen any cool crowd in here EVER! I wouldn´t waste my time or money, sorry to be cruel.

Yankster from United States Reply Dec 27th, 2007

Lame. Unless you're from the UK...then it's 'groovy'

Pika from Poland Reply Dec 17th, 2007

If u want to meet some middle aged village guys from UK or stupid polish girls it's place for u. Cheap drinks?? No way..

tom from United States Reply Dec 13th, 2007

fucking bad ass club u must go there!

dave robson from United Kingdom Reply Nov 27th, 2007

very good loved it, such a good place chilled out on some levels and the dance floor was packed with fit girls!

the base from Ireland Reply Nov 15th, 2007

banging club with banging music and banging birds! 8 pies out of 7 apples

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Oct 25th, 2007

Top club- very cool and trendy - well worth a visit

Rolo from Panama Reply Oct 12th, 2007

Prozak club men is the best men.....smoking some Shisha men....and drinking some nice beer awesome..and the girl there men u have to see it by yourself bro`..... viva Prazak club lo mejor de lo mejor bro`

JOHNJAY from United Kingdom Reply Jul 10th, 2007

One of the best clubs i went 2 in Krakow, met so many different nationalities, every1 is friendly, drinks are cheap. Make sure u go there!

Jack from Canada Reply Jun 18th, 2007

If you want to sit next to middle-aged English retards being extremely loud & obnoxious, go to Prozac.

Bat from France Reply Jun 13th, 2007

My best nights in poland in that Bar. Frienbs ans I met some plish and cosmo people (mexican, swedish, english and so on). Drinks so cheap ans music is cool. Go there ! !

Achille from Italy Reply May 28th, 2007

Very beautiful club, but more expensiive for the Polish standar. 30 zotly to come in.

Ania from Poland Reply May 23rd, 2007

Decent place if you're already drunk - then maybe, MAYBE you can tolerate all the wankers that can usually be found here. The music varies from room to room as does the atmosphere - usually the soul/funk room to the left is the best, though packed and hot.

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