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Sibro [closed]

Gay Friendly Kazimierz

Gay and les friendly bar in Kazimierz

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Czuly Barbarzynca w Krakowie

Czuly Barbarzynca w Krakowie [closed]


Revealing the tender face of a barbarian within each of us

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B15 [closed]

Pub/Club Kazimierz

Hipster hangout tucked in a Kazimierz side street

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Fashion Forum

Fashion Forum [closed]


More than a concept store

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Design Forum

Design Forum [closed]


The spirit of creativity is in the air

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Tak Yak Tandoori

Tak Yak Tandoori [closed]

Indian City Centre South

Instatn trip to India, streetfood style

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WOK Restaurant

WOK Restaurant [closed]

Oriental Old Town

Turn up the heat

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Maska [closed]

Cafe Old Town

Actors' cafe corner

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Soplicowo [closed]

Polish Old Town

Traditional Polish food on the Rynek

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Deszczowy Las

Deszczowy Las [closed]

Bar Old Town

Courtyard terrace bar in the Old Town

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Antidotum [closed]

Pub Kazimierz

An Antidote to other Pubs

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Restaurant Eden

Restaurant Eden [closed]

Jewish Kazimierz

Kosher specialities in an historic old townhouse

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Demmers Teehaus

Demmers Teehaus [closed]

Tea Old Town

Charming tea shop in Cracow's Old Town

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Este Gallery of Curiosities

Este Gallery of Curiosities [closed]

Gallery Old Town

Charming curiosity shop on Grodzka

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Le Pianka

Le Pianka [closed]

Cafe Kazimierz

Snack Stop on Szeroka

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Officyna [closed]

International Old Town

Modern hangout in a historic palace

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Farinella [closed]

Seafood Old Town

Mediterranean magic just off the square

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Sakura Sushiya

Sakura Sushiya [closed]

Sushi Kazimierz

Cherry Blossoms in historic Kazimierz

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Ramen Girl

Ramen Girl [closed]

Asian Old Town

About a Girl and worthwhile Japanese cuisine

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Oceanarium [closed]

Oceanarium City Centre South

Wonders of the deep revealed

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Bar Vega

Bar Vega [closed]

Vegetarian City Centre West

Popular and fresh vegetarian food bar

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Raj Utracony

Raj Utracony [closed]

Polish Kazimierz

Real Polish home cooking and atmosphere

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Pensjonat w Ogrodach

Pensjonat w Ogrodach [closed]

Pensjonat Station

Cheap bed and board in a elegant old townhouse

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Steak&Curry [closed]

Indian Kazimierz

Curry comes to Kazimierz

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Koffeina [closed]

Cafe Old Town

Handy cafe with phones and internet

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Padva Restaurant

Padva Restaurant [closed]

Italian Old Town

Fine Italian vis a vis Collegium Maius

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Pod Bialym Krukiem

Pod Bialym Krukiem [closed]

International Old Town

Restaurant-cum-cafe on the Rynek

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Piwnica Pod Ogrodkiem

Piwnica Pod Ogrodkiem [closed]

Polish Old Town

Restaurant and pub in Cracow Old Town

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Cafe Africana

Cafe Africana [closed]

Cafe City Centre West

All the fun of the fair - under Wawel castle!

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Herbaty Swiata Akso

Herbaty Swiata Akso [closed]

Tea Old Town

Lovely tea shop in Cracow's Old Town

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Green Club

Green Club [closed]

Music Club Old Town

Shades of the Planet Krypton

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Restaurant Panorama Klub

Restaurant Panorama Klub [closed]

Polish City Centre West

Contemporary restaurant with a classy view

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Potocka Gallery

Potocka Gallery [closed]

Gallery City Centre West

Little treasure on Sikorski Square

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The Garden Brasserie

The Garden Brasserie [closed]

International City Centre West

Contemporary style west of the Old Town

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Plantacja [closed]

Light bites City Centre West

Fresh bar on Krupnicza

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Beauty Boutique

Beauty Boutique [closed]

Hair & Beauty Old Town

Star of Cosmetics on Jana street

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Lemonday [closed]

International Old Town

Stylish restaurant by Wawel Castle

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Club PRL

Club PRL [closed]

Club Old Town

A return to rockin' communist times

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Sports Pub

Sports Pub [closed]

Sports Bar City Centre North

Big screens for the big game!

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Buena Vista

Buena Vista [closed]

Cocktail Bar Old Town

Mojitos and more!

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Diabelska Kuchnia

Diabelska Kuchnia [closed]

Hungarian Old Town

Devilishly Good Value

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Ice Hell Club

Ice Hell Club [closed]

Nightclub Old Town

When it's cold outside, head down to hell

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Tesoro del Mar

Tesoro del Mar [closed]

Mediterranean Kazimierz

Hidden pearl in Kazimierz

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Om Om

Om Om [closed]

Fast Food Kazimierz

Not just any streetfood

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Bumbu Jawa

Bumbu Jawa [closed]


Indonesian cuisine in the heart of Krakow

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Philo [closed]

Cafe Old Town

New cafe in the Old Town

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Pod Gronami Apartment

Pod Gronami Apartment [closed]

Apartment Old Town

Pristine apartments just off the Market Square

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Piwnica Pod Kominkiem

Piwnica Pod Kominkiem [closed]

Pub Old Town

New cellar bar on Bracka

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Mama's Doubles

Mama's Doubles [closed]

Hostel Old Town

Double rooms, hostel rates

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Klub Panorama

Klub Panorama [closed]

Nightclub City Centre West

Sky high hideaway for perky partiers

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Friends Coffee

Friends Coffee [closed]

Cafe Old Town

Svelte cafe on Karmelicka

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Cafe Wazka

Cafe Wazka [closed]

Cafe City Centre West

Fly into the world of Mehoffer

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W Rytmie

W Rytmie [closed]

Cafe Kazimierz

Small cafe-bar in rhythm with the times

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HiFlyer Balloon Rides

HiFlyer Balloon Rides [closed]

Balloon Rides Old Town

A majestic view

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Cue Bar Snooker

Cue Bar Snooker [closed]

Snooker City Centre East

Right on cue

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Herbaty Swiata Akso

Herbaty Swiata Akso [closed]

Tea Further out

Teas of the world unite!

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Polakowski [closed]

Polish Old Town

Popular low-price lunch stop

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Club Clu

Club Clu [closed]

Nightclub Kazimierz

Crank it up at Clu

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Podczerwien Club

Podczerwien Club [closed]

Nightclub Kazimierz

Club for music and dance enthusiasts

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Restaurant Avanti

Restaurant Avanti [closed]

Italian City Centre West

Excellent Italian food on Karmelicka

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Gym & Beauty Fitness Club

Gym & Beauty Fitness Club [closed]

Fitness Further out

Superb fitness centre at well-known Waterpark

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Chillout in Kazimierz

Chillout in Kazimierz [closed]

Chillout Kazimierz

Shades of Boogie Nights all round

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Sklodowskiej Pension

Sklodowskiej Pension [closed]

Pensjonat City Centre East

Guest rooms just east of the Old Town centre

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Bielak Gallery

Bielak Gallery [closed]

Gallery Old Town

Photography and Jewellery duet

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Boogie Cafe Bar

Boogie Cafe Bar [closed]

Fusion Old Town

Louche lunch spot on Szpitalna

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Krakow Aquarium

Krakow Aquarium [closed]

Aquarium Old Town

Aquatic Magic

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Taj Imperial

Taj Imperial [closed]

Indian Old Town

The authentic taste of India (opening soon)

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Milano Ristorante

Milano Ristorante [closed]

Italian Old Town

It's the details that make the difference

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Cafe Wierzynek

Cafe Wierzynek [closed]

Cafe Old Town

A variety of healthy and fitness meal choices

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Zbojcy w Palacu

Zbojcy w Palacu [closed]

Polish Old Town

The best of nobleman and highlander's plate

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Zblizenia [closed]

Light bites Kazimierz

Slick spot for a snack

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bonBon [closed]

Nightclub Kazimierz

Sweet addition to Kazimierz's nightlife

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Hotel Rokk

Hotel Rokk [closed]

Mid-range Further out

Good value in modern hotel on the city outskirts

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El Paso Saloon

El Paso Saloon [closed]

Mexican Old Town

Mexican magic on a quiet corner of the Old Town

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Pod Winogronami

Pod Winogronami [closed]

Italian Old Town

A taste of class with a dash of creativity

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Mesa [closed]

Mediterranean City Centre South

Shiver Me Timbers!

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Dong Yang Sushi Bar

Dong Yang Sushi Bar [closed]

Sushi City Centre West

Japanese-Korean cuisine comes to Cracow!

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Libido [closed]

Bar Kazimierz

Lively bar in Kazimierz

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Royal Krakow Apartments

Royal Krakow Apartments [closed]

Apartment Old Town

Apartments for couples and groups

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Ratuszowa [closed]

Polish Old Town

Cafe/restaurant in the Ratusz cellar

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Carmel Coffee

Carmel Coffee [closed]

Polish Old Town

Homely, relaxed restaurant in the Old Town

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Strefa 22

Strefa 22 [closed]

Music Club Old Town

Danceclub mayhem on the Rynek

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Piwnica przy Dominikanskiej

Piwnica przy Dominikanskiej [closed]

International Old Town

Restaurant/pub near the Dominican Church

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Pizzeria Sedera

Pizzeria Sedera [closed]

Pizzeria City Centre West

Great pizza favourite for students

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Art des Crêpes

Art des Crêpes [closed]

Crepes Kazimierz

Delicious french pancakes in Kazimierz

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Under Wawel Apartments

Under Wawel Apartments [closed]

Apartment City Centre West

A choice of four apartments right next to Wawel

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Akie Guest Rooms

Akie Guest Rooms [closed]

Guest room Kazimierz

Smart and homely rooms in Kazimierz

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Malta Restaurant

Malta Restaurant [closed]

International Old Town

Elegant choice by the Planty Gardens

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Pod Aniolami Galar

Pod Aniolami Galar [closed]

International City Centre South

A romantic riverside dinner under Wawel

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Express Hostel

Express Hostel [closed]

Budget Further out

Popular hostel in a garden setting

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Mikolajczyki Amber

Mikolajczyki Amber [closed]

Amber Old Town

Amber treasure trove at the foot of the castle

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Restaurant Tetmajerowska

Restaurant Tetmajerowska [closed]

Polish Old Town

Fin-de-Siecle elegance in a historic restaurant

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Euro Fitness Club

Euro Fitness Club [closed]

Fitness City Centre North

Modern fitness club with fine swimming pool

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Bar Barcelona

Bar Barcelona [closed]

Milk Bar City Centre West

Poland's answer to the greasy spoon

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Pensjonat Leo

Pensjonat Leo [closed]

Pensjonat City Centre North

Back to the 1920's in this old-fashioned guesthouse

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Kuriozum [closed]

Pub Kazimierz

A Little Red Rooster in Kazimierz

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U Zeweckiego

U Zeweckiego [closed]

Budget City Centre East

Budget accommodation just outside the Old Town

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