Nordic Giants


06-12-2017 Starting at 19:00 Ending at ul. Bozego Ciala 9

December 5 - Warsaw, Clouds December 6 - Krakow, Beautiful Dog Nordic Giants is a post-rock project of two English musicians: Loki and Rik. In their account they have six albums and EPs, including their last album, "A Seance of Dark Delusions" was released in 2015 by Kscope. The short film "Amplify Human Vibrations", directed by Nordic Giants, will be accompanied by a unique soundtrack composed by Loki and Riku. The audio track will be available in CD and vinyl format - it will also be available for download from the network with free video in October. The purpose of this Nordic Giants sound and film project is to present a positive vision of the world that will be an alternative to the dark and pessimistic image of reality in the media. In the words of the musicians, "Our goal is to create a picture that will emphasize what is good in human nature and to understand what motivates people, while our concerts themselves will not be light in reception - they are meant to provoke reflection on human nature." Tickets for 30 PLN (pre-sale) and 40 PLN (on the day of the concert) available on sale from 7 September.


Nordic Giants

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