Culture in Gdansk

Like many of Poland's fine cities, Gdansk boasts a rich cultural heritage. There are few places on this planet which can claim as colourful a history as this Baltic beauty. One has but to look at the last few centuries to find the proof: years under Polish rule... times with the Germans... the days of autonomy. Tack on to that a membership in the 'ol Hanseatic League and you've got yourself some colour. The city and its personality reflect this colorful past and the many cultures which have shaped its identity. Today, Gdansk is one of Poland's cultural powerhouses with a score of festivals, museums and galleries to prove it. Snoop around and culture yourself up a bit!

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Top rated culture in Gdansk

The Crane

The landmark crane on the port.

Museum     Gdansk

Great Arsenal

A Mannerist gem of Gdansk


Neptune's Fountain

That handsome devil...

Sculpture     Town Centre

Forest Opera

The Forest Opera: Simply a Special Place!

Music Venue     Sopot

Solidarity Museum

The 'Road to Freedom' starts here

Museum     Town Centre

National Museum

Stalwart of Gdansk's Cultural Scene

Museum     Gdansk

Oliwa Cathedral

Holy setting for a world famous organ

Museum     Gdansk

Malbork Castle

Showstopping relic of the Teutonic Knights

Museum     Further out

Artus Court

An echo of the spirit of chivalry

Museum     Gdansk

Baltic Opera

The art of song, dance, and elegance

Music Venue     Gdansk

Laznia Culture Centre

Exhibitions, concerts and much more besides

Institute     Gdansk

Jailing Museum

The dark side of history

Museum     Gdansk

Municipal Theatre

Vibrant Gdynia Theatre

Theatre     Gdynia

Triada Gallery

Modern Art's first home

Gallery     Sopot

Gdansk Fortress

A small piece of land, a large piece of history.

Fortification     Gdansk

Maybe Theatre Company

No subtitles needed!

Theatre     Gdansk

Maritime Museum

Polish nautical history.

Museum     Gdansk

Oliwa Park

As close to Louis XIV as you'll find in Gdansk

Park     Gdansk

Museum of Amber

Amber uncovered!

Museum     Gdansk

Monument to Fallen Shipyard Workers

The steel spike that slashed the Iron Curtain

Monument     Town Centre

Polish Post Office and Monument

Commemorating WW2's cruel, complex inception

Museum     Town Centre

Theatrum Gedanense

Shakespeare Alive and Well in Gdansk!

Institute     Gdansk


The spark that ignited WW2...

Monument     Gdansk

Vistula Mouth Fortress

Watch your Mouth!

Fortification     Gdansk

Wybrzeze Theatre

Historic theatre that's hosted a string of stars

Theatre     Gdansk

Gdansk University Library

Bookworm's banquet at the University

Institute     Gdansk

Historical Museum

History in the heart of Gdansk

Museum     Gdansk

Baltic Sea Culture Centre

Excellent cultural centre with fine setting

Institute     Gdansk

Sopot National Gallery

Paintings and sculpture in a fine venue

Gallery     Sopot

Musical Theatre

Musical Mecca in Gdynia

Theatre     Gdynia

Students' Gallery

The voice of youth

Gallery     Gdansk

Uphagen Mansion

Residence of leading Gdansk dynasty

Museum     Gdansk

Gdansk Photography Club

Take a picture, it'll last longer

Gallery     Gdansk

Polish Baltic Philharmonic

Gdansk's Leading Concert Hall

Music Venue     Gdansk

Klub Zak

Zak it to the max!

Institute     Gdansk

Miniatura Theatre

Youthful entertainment

Theatre     Gdansk

The Gdansk Musical Stage

Concerts and DJ Sessions Gdansk style

Music Venue     Gdansk

Klub Plama

Wide-ranging cultural adventurer

Institute     Gdansk

Dar Pomorza Ship

The White Frigate

Museum     Gdynia

Omega Art Gallery

Paintings galore

Gallery     Gdansk

Triada Gallery

Top-notch modern art

Gallery     Gdansk

Atelier Theatre

Legendary Theatre in Sopot

Theatre     Sopot

Gdansk Lighthouse

A true beacon in history!

Museum     Gdansk

Kosmicka Design

Delightful presents for children and grown-ups

Gallery     Sopot

Museum of Ethnography

Meet the natives

Museum     Gdansk

Museum we Wdzydzach

22 Hectares of Kashubian History!

Museum     Further afield

Mlodziezowy Dom Kultury

Culture and fun in a beautiful historical building.

Institute     Sopot

The Soldek Ship

A Historic Ship.

Museum     Gdansk

The Fisheries Museum

Nothing 'fishy' about this historic site

Museum     Further afield

Vistula River Museum

Learn more about Poland's major waterway

Museum     Further afield

Vistula Lagoon Museum

Boat building and oceanography

Museum     Further afield

Theatre Znak

Live and Feel the Fine Arts!

Theatre     Gdansk

Urregui Gallery

Contemporary and Classic Reproductions

Gallery     Sopot

The Abbot's Palace

Where the monks live in style!

Museum     Gdansk

The Watershed

Water Power 'rains' Supreme!

Museum     Gdansk

Jerusalem Bastion

Hilltop Mystery with a View!

Fortification     Gdansk

European Solidarity Centre

Inspiring democracy worldwide

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