Fortifications in Gdansk

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ul. 3 Maja 9a

1. Gdansk Fortress

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ul. Stara Twierdza 1
ul. 3 Maja

3. Jerusalem Bastion

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Reviews about Fortifications in Gdansk

This series of fortifications on Gradowa Gora isn't a tourist attraction. It's more of a park, but not the kind of park anyone every goes to. Behind the bus station, the fortifications are a great place to explore, hangout, have a picnic, get wasted, whatever. Bring your camera as there are absolutely great views of the Old Town and Stocznia Gdansk!

United States,
Gdansk Fortress

Visited VM Fortress Aug 20, 2006 with an organized tour for Princess Cruise Lines. Dungeon of fortress was used for an amber exhibit. Fortress is on the list for renovation, but is not yet open to the public. Picturesque site with lots of potential, but has no external signage to find it, and no internal signage to understand its significance. Buildings inside fortress dilapidated, will need a lot of work to make this a tourist attraction.

United States,
Vistula Mouth Fortress