Culture in Gdansk

Like many of Poland's fine cities, Gdansk boasts a rich cultural heritage. There are few places on this planet which can claim as colourful a history as this Baltic beauty. One has but to look at the last few centuries to find the proof: years under Polish rule... times with the Germans... the days of autonomy.

Tack on to that a membership in the 'ol Hanseatic League and you've got yourself some colour. The city and its personality reflect this colorful past and the many cultures which have shaped its identity. Today, Gdansk is one of Poland's cultural powerhouses with a score of festivals, museums and galleries to prove it. Snoop around and culture yourself up a bit!

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ul. Rybacka 64, Kąty Rybackie

49. Vistula Lagoon Museum

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Al. Grunwaldzka 82

50. Theatre Znak

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ul. Cystersów 18

51. The Abbot's Palace

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ul. Bytowska 1

52. The Watershed

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ul. 3 Maja

53. Jerusalem Bastion

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Targ Węglowy 6

54. Great Arsenal

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Plac Solidarnosci 1
ul. Haffnera 6, Sopot

56. Krzywy Domek

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Reviews about Culture in Gdansk

Great Theatre

Musical Theatre

Great Theatre

Wybrzeze Theatre

I liked it


Best museum I have ever seen. The displays are amazing-they show the personal side of the Solidarity movement very well. Don’t miss the chance to add your own comment to the “heartbeat wall.” Genius.

Solidarity Museum

I played at klub zak in 1994.. was the best time I have had since. CHEST'R blues player from the USA

United States,
Klub Zak

The gallery in Gdansk was amazing. I loved the local art by a university professor. He had one of the catherdal in Gdansk and another of the crane in Gdansk.

United States,
Triada Gallery

How much does it cost? We are planning a class trip, and we need to know prices.

National Museum

Thanks for the review. It would be helpful if you could include in your description how many shipyard workers were killed during the 1980 Solidarity movement and strike.

United States,
Monument to Fallen Shipyard Workers

I first saw this on the Amazing Race. Our family is headed to Gdansk in the spring of 2017, (assuming the world doesn't go any crazier), and this will be my first stop!

United States,
Neptune's Fountain

The statue fits beautifully into its setting in the market street. I was charmed by old Gdansk and wish I had had more time to explore it.

United States,
Neptune's Fountain