Museums in Gdansk

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ul. Szeroka 67/68

1. The Crane

4 reviews
ul. Doki 1

2. Solidarity Museum

7 reviews
ul. Toruńska 1

3. National Museum

4 reviews
ul. Cystersów 10

4. Oliwa Cathedral

5 reviews
ul. Starościńska 1, Malbork

5. Malbork Castle

22 reviews
ul. Długi Targ 43/44

6. Artus Court

3 reviews
Targ Weglowy-Katownia

7. Jailing Museum

1 review
ul. Ołowianka 9-13

8. Maritime Museum

1 review
ul. Targ Węglowy 26

9. Museum of Amber

1 review
ul. Plac Obrońców Poczty Polskiej 1-2
ul. Długa 46/47

11. Historical Museum

0 reviews
ul. Długa 12

12. Uphagen Mansion

0 reviews
Al Jana Pawła II, Gdynia

13. Dar Pomorza Ship

0 reviews
ul. Przemysłowa 6a

14. Gdansk Lighthouse

0 reviews
ul. Cystersów 19

15. Museum of Ethnography

0 reviews
ul. T. i I. Gulgowskich 68, Wdzydze

16. Museum we Wdzydzach

0 reviews

Reviews about Museums in Gdansk

Best museum I have ever seen. The displays are amazing-they show the personal side of the Solidarity movement very well. Don’t miss the chance to add your own comment to the “heartbeat wall.” Genius.

Solidarity Museum

How much does it cost? We are planning a class trip, and we need to know prices.

National Museum

Dziekuje Panu, panie Prezydencie Lechu, ze dzieki Panu cokolwiek by inni mowili moglem sie stac europejczykiem. Polak mieszkajacy w Szwecji od 35 lat

Solidarity Museum

i loved the castle itself really

Malbork Castle

i would die to go there! ;3

Malbork Castle

Nice museum.

Solidarity Museum

The castle is very beautiful, but it's very badly organized. On the website it says that audioguides are available in many languages but when we (me and my boyfriend) got there there were none left (it wasn't even very late in the day) and our only option was to take a very expensive guide. And then we saw some people returning audioguides we asked if we could have them, even if the battery wouldn't last long, for some reason they said they couldn't give us any. And they were extremely impolite. So we just went to see the castle thinking there would at least be some signs, but there is literally NOTHING. You can just wander around and have a look, but you're not going to learn anything, and for us it just wasn't enough. Two stars for the castle itself, no idea what most of the rooms were, but it was very nice to look at.

Malbork Castle

A very beautiful museum and a good impression of Solidarity and Polish politic in the 80s ! About Poland and later the rest of the world!

Solidarity Museum

Fascinating. Highlights a very important event in recent European history.

United States,
Solidarity Museum

This is an excellent museum. A must-see in Gdansk.

Solidarity Museum