Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle
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Malbork Castle
ul. Starościńska 1, Malbork

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Editor's review

The Castle Museum at Malbork represents one of the greatest historical attractions in Poland itself. Once the nexus of one of the most powerful states on the Baltic, this gargantuan edifice was founded by Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights Siegfried von Feuchtwangen in 1309. There's enough to get your teeth into here to justify a full day out. You'll have join a Polish tour or pay the big bucks for an English one, but there are pocket guides to help bring it all to life. Jump on a train from Gdansk and it's a 30-40 minute journey to the town costing a mere 8 zloty each way. The station is a ten minute walk from the castle. Get there before 2:00pm or you might not be able to see the inside!

Editor & Gdansk Local


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i loved the castle itself really

Reply Jan 21st, 2016

i would die to go there! ;3

Reply Jan 21st, 2016

The castle is very beautiful, but it's very badly organized. On the website it says that audioguides are available in many languages but when we (me and my boyfriend) got there there were none left (it wasn't even very late in the day) and our only option was to take a very expensive guide. And then we saw some people returning audioguides we asked if we could have them, even if the battery wouldn't last long, for some reason they said they couldn't give us any. And they were extremely impolite. So we just went to see the castle thinking there would at least be some signs, but there is literally NOTHING. You can just wander around and have a look, but you're not going to learn anything, and for us it just wasn't enough. Two stars for the castle itself, no idea what most of the rooms were, but it was very nice to look at.

Reply Oct 4th, 2015

As a Pole, I can assure you that being impolite seems to be Polish identity ;) When I'm abroad I am amazed people can show respect to each other.

Reply May 23rd, 2019
United Kingdom

Great day out. Lots to see in the castle great food aroind the castle and malbork itself is not a bad little place to have a wander around

Reply Sep 15th, 2013

The fastest train is TLK it takes about 50 minutes. With the regional train it's about 1:10. We bought the tickets today for the regional train and to go there and back again was 45 sloty in total. I can imagine the TLK is even more expensive. Malbork is a great site but please be honest about it.

Reply Jul 22nd, 2013
Gdansk Life

Hi David, I have checked the link to their website and it works fine for me. It is if you are having any probs - and they have a section in English too.

Reply Jun 22nd, 2011
United Kingdom

just to let you know that your link to Malbork Castle does not seem to work.

Reply Mar 22nd, 2011
United Kingdom

The castle itself is one of those most stunning I have seen anywhere & well worth a visit,( I speak as a very well-travelled person) but for those who speak no Polish, bee warned that you need to purchase a guide in your own language before entering the castle as there are no other language signs or indications available. I had taken the time from a recent business trip to travel the distance from Warsaw especially to see it, but fortunately the unhelpful & uncaring museum staff failed to completely spoil my enjoyment of such a splendid place. Speaking to other nationalities, during my visit, who also endured the same bad behaviour, I can only hope that the local tourist office can take some time to put at least some signs (words not even necessary) for foreigners & train their staff to behave with politeness towards their visitors. Possibly it's only independent visitors they resent, but sometimes it's not possible to visit in a group, for history enthusiasts such as myself!!!

Reply Jun 10th, 2010
Annamaria Jones
United States

Yes! I agree. We went on a 10 day Baltic cruise and this was the most interesting and enjoyable day we spent. It rained all day, but we did not care. Malbork Castle was FANTASTIC. The old part of Gdansk has been refurbished and the shops were not only beautiful outside but also inside. Plus the shopping was excellent. Some cruises are dropping this port and I think it's a shame. If you can get to this area, be sure to visit both places.

Reply Oct 26th, 2010
United States

I am an Indian & Its was my first visit to a castle. It was really Huge & has got an amazing history. read more here

Reply Nov 27th, 2009
Richard & Janet
United States

Don't deny that Wales has some fine castles, but surely what makes this fascinating to those of us further West, is the fact that its red brick. And of course that it was the seat of the Teutonic Knights. A real feast for the eyes.

Reply Sep 30th, 2009
United Kingdom

This castle is indeed nice but please remember it is made pout of brick. If you want to see some fine castles, I'm absolutely positive that the UK/Wales has some of the best in the world

Reply May 25th, 2009
Ray Miller
United States

Gdansk is one of the finest cities in Europe and Malbork is the frosting on the cake! If you haven't seen either site, you haven't seen Europe!

Reply May 24th, 2009
United States

Amazing. Apparently, the Hitler Youth used to make pilgrimages here from across Germany, this being the seat of the Teutonic knights. They had special ceremonies.

Reply May 20th, 2009

what information were You looking for? I had no problems :)

Reply May 15th, 2009
United Kingdom

Getting to Malbork from Gdansk is easy. Make sure you know how to ask for 2 train tickets!!! You can get off the train outside the castle, but this is the stop before the main Malbork station. The staions are badly sign posted so keep an eye out. Only 10 Zloty on the train from Gdansk. Once there it is 25zloty to get in. The signs were really poor inside. We had no idea which door to go through, however this turned into a bit of a game by the end to see who could find a door that would open!!! Once you do find an open door it is well worth it.

Reply Mar 8th, 2009
United States

poland rocks!!!!!

poland rocks!!!!

Reply May 14th, 2008
United States

I loved it. i even found a picture of the castle and put it as my backround on my computer. if your ever in Poland you have to go see this amazing casstle. bye for now and remamber GO AND SEE THIS AMAZING CASTLE.

Reply Jan 20th, 2007
United States

amazing castle, one of the best I have ever seen. I would not mind seeing it again and again.

Reply Jul 15th, 2006

If you go to Poland you have to see this caslte. Its so amazing. I loved everything about it. Its a must see for everyone.

Reply Jun 5th, 2006
Herr Wolckenhauer

I had no idea just how close Malbork was to Gdansk. If you're in Gdansk, you must see this place. Wunderbar!

Reply Sep 21st, 2005
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