Dentistry in Poland

Dentistry and tourism aren't two words that fit together quite like hand and glove. In fact some would say they fit more like hand and vice, but then their will always be those for whom a trip to the dentists is a traumatic experience - no matter how professional the dentist, modern the practice and winsome the dentist's assistant.

Whereas there are few of us, Teddy Sheringham aside, who will actually profess to a fondness for the dentist's chair, the majority of us would certainly enjoy the prospect of our dental enhancement a lot more if it didn't cost us the proverbial arm and a leg to get it. Which is why in fact this strange term 'Dental Tourism' has come to exist...

What many people from the UK and beyond are beginning to realise is that Poles are not only experts at serving drinks and renovating houses, they are also a dab hand at dental surgery. In fact Polish dentists are considered some of the best dental practictioners in the world, with Polish private dental clinics boasting all the modern facilities and tools that Western ones do. Suddenly it's all beginning to make sense...

With cities like Wroclaw and Krakow only a cheap flight away from many other European cities, particularly in the UK, a trip to a Polish dentist isn't half as absurd as it first seems. Particularly when you factor in the considerably cheaper prices customers pay in Poland for services like dental implants, surgery and dental prosthetics. In fact flights, accommodation and that tricky endodontic treatment can, combined, cost a lot less than equivalent treatment back home. Plus you get to visit an amazing city in Central Europe to boot!

Dental Clinics in Wroclaw Poland

So just who is offering this 'dental tourism' anyhow? Find below a list of Polish dentists and clinics that should be able to help you out.

Dental Clinic Platinum
Dental Clinic Platinum is the top choice for oral implantology and cosmetic dentistry, while also offering conservative therapy, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics, maxillary and facial surgery. Check out their website for more details!

Medical Service
Medical Service provides top quality dental treatments to make your teeth sparkle and shine.

Polish Smile
Polish Smile offers affordable dental treatments ranging from cosmetic dentistry, to regular surgery, prosthetics and implantology at their professional and fully-equipped clinic.

For the same reasons that dental tourism has taken off in Poland, many Brits, Scandinavians and other Europeans are also heading to Central Europe for cosmetic and medical procedures - find out more on our Medical Tourism in Poland page. As for the 'tourism' part of your trip there's no safer hands than those of Wroclaw Life! We've got all the information you need on hotels and apartments, restaurants, bars, museums and much more to ensure you have a great time in Wroclaw.


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Reply Jul 16th, 2024
Angus jones

I'd like 4 front crowns please price and availability

Reply Oct 9th, 2021
Louise Kinsey

Hi my mums looking at treatment we are in wroclaw 20 September to 26th I have photos she just wants a nice white smile

Reply Aug 11th, 2021

Hi i am Jannette Smith, a graphic designer with 8 Years of Experience I can re-work you logo and improve your overall brand which is essential and can take your business to new heights. Thank you

Reply Oct 29th, 2018

Hello, I have 2 crowns and 4 cavities I need filled on the week of feb. 20th. Could you do the work at this time? If so, could you give me an estimate of the price?

Reply Jan 6th, 2017
Sherry Ditcher

I need an English-speaking dentist in Wroclaw. Preferably, in the city center. Please advise. Many thanks.

Reply Jul 6th, 2016
United Kingdom

The whole experience was positive I had lost a front tooth several years ago and had a bridge put in which lasted 7 years until I fell and it was knocked out. My London dentist said the best eventual solutiuon would be an implant. Also the tooth next to that, also at the front, was not a good shape, he said I could then have a crown and bridge attached to the implant. Other teeth had really poor old fillings. I wasn't intending to have them fixed because the cost just of the implant was going to be so high here. I am extremely happy with the work done in Warsaw. Dr Karolina Trusiewicz explained and showed me just how bad the state of the teeth and fillings were and having new crowns made all the difference to the whole mouth- so it wasn't just fitting the implant and the bridge next to it, but really the whole upper jaw that was improved, transforming my mouth. Regarding prices, I cannot give a comparison between your prices and an up to date price here for an implant, but 7 years ago when I enquired the cost of the implant alone was to be about £2, 500. To have had all the treatment I've had done, if it had been in London, would have been quite impossible. The whole experience was positive. The dentist was courteous and explained things clearly, his colleagues, assistants and receptionists were all very pleasant and kind. I would certainly recommend the dentist to family and friends. The results are so much worth all the travelling and time spent. I feel confident and very pleased! Thank you for your attention .

Reply Oct 25th, 2015
United Kingdom

Why are English speaking people referring to Warsaw as Worclaw? Hmm

Reply Jan 25th, 2013
United Kingdom

Those are two different cites. Warsaw is the capital. Wroclaw (which many English speakers pronounce 'wro-claw') is in Upper Silesia.

Reply Mar 17th, 2014
United States

Clinics in Wroclaw are really well equipped. The staff - very professional, doctors experienced and qualified. Prices are still competitive comparing to European or American.

Reply Jul 19th, 2011
United Kingdom

No problem with English, helpful staff, easy to book your visit. Worth considering!

Reply Jan 5th, 2011
United States

I recommend it for implants - much much cheaper here! Very high quality, excellent doctors - everything well organised, nothing to worry about!

Reply May 7th, 2010
The Dentist Abroad
Hong Kong

Excellent article. There is no doubt that Poland is rapidly increasing its share of dental tourism. The Dentist Abroad has decided to do an in depth feature on dental tourism in Poland.

Reply Apr 3rd, 2010
John Weston
United Kingdom

Really good dental care in Poland.I was with my wife in PolishSmile Clinic - brilliant prosthetics work! I can also recommend affordable apartments for rent in Wroclaw -

Reply Mar 27th, 2010

I fully agree, all you need to do is to book a cheap flight with the hotel (or hostel as they are very good in Poland - doubles witch bathroom - 25 Euro) and you can solve all your problems. Painless and much cheaper then in Ireland or UK!

Reply Mar 1st, 2010
United Kingdom

The service in this country is really much cheaper than within the UK. I also found it very very professional. Clinics are well equipped, staff well trained, everything top quality. In Wroclaw, I was in Platinum and I can't complain at all. My friend used the Polish Smile on several occasions and he was very happy with it as well. Generally it's a great alternative to what we have in Britain.

Reply Jun 25th, 2009
Dentists in Poland, Szczecin
United Kingdom

We have also practice in Szczecin, near German border in NW part of Poland .. more details you will find on

Reply Apr 24th, 2009