Nightclubs in Vilnius

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Mesiniu 4

1. Brodvejus

8 reviews
Didzioji 28

2. Salento DiscoPub

13 reviews
Gedimino 2

3. Prospekto P.U.B.

24 reviews
Traku 3

4. Pabo Latino

13 reviews
Traku 2

5. Tarantino

2 reviews
If we told you, we'd have to...

6. Satta

2 reviews

Reviews about Nightclubs in Vilnius

Bar staffs very arrogant not professional rude ..

Pabo Latino

Awesome place. We went as a group on Saturday and arrived at about 1. The guy on the door said it usually get busy at 2 so we waited and people came and by about 2.30 or 3 it was full. People complain on here that it is full of tourists but over half we talked to were locals. Security appeared to let everyone in (no face control) except drunk people. Great music and lights, drinks normal price. All around a great night out!

Salento DiscoPub

Best Night Club in Vilnius, hands down! There are many bars in the city, some of which have small dance floors, but this is the only proper, decent-sized night club in Vilnius. Opens at 11pm but normally gets going around 1:20-2am. Thursday night and at weekends the dance floor is heaving until very late (7-8am). Music regular night club fare, new and old combined (DJs seem to honour requests, so just ask). Great light show, decent-sized dance floor and a well-stocked bar and VIP area, smoking area inside (rare in this city), this place has it all. Friendly management, security staff used to have a reputation but since the new owners took over (2019) they have calmed down a lot (if you are not let in just ask for the manager and he will make the final decision and you should be OK (if you are not drunk or dressed inappropriately that is!)). Just come for the experience or just so you can say you went there!

Salento DiscoPub

staff is harsh and rude to foreigners

Pabo Latino

I guess is closed now, right?



Salento DiscoPub

Was in vilnius for 3 nights and the last 2 ended up here to the end, the second I payed like everyone else but slipped the bouncer a few quid to keep him sweet. Even though the start of the night was karaoke, the place was rammed with some amazing people. One of the best nights ever, playing foosball with some huge lithuanian gorillas and lasses was a skream, everyone was friendly as far as I could tell and conversations in English were easy to start up. After karaoke they moved they turned the stage into a dance floor , so I got a wiggle on haha. Definately check this place out when you visit vilnius!

United Kingdom,

Hey guys, what the hell are you talking about?!Im italian,Roman, andmme and my friends travel a lot around the world meeting, and going in lots of clubs. This club its always open, off course there are some girls to make you dronk and feel cool, but they are not whores or easy as many nerds think. Some italians are trash, yes. But some finnish americans french and lot of foreigns people too. It depends, how can you generalize so much?! being racist its not the good step before travelling! we met some normal girls, we had fun with them, without being drunk or without pay. It depends. Its not the best club, its not classy, but its ok during the week or for a drink. Dont expect miracles, and yes there are many guys there. but it doesnt mean its a bad club. People who cannot find a girl there talks bad about it. its not fair. You nerd!

Prospekto P.U.B.

Hi all, I was in the bar, and while I was in the toilet somebody stolen my a jacket with a mobile phone, credit card and money. I do not advise anyone to go to this club. I asked those who had worked at the bar if they had seen my jacket, they replied that there are many people with jackets and they did not see it. Security Guard had not seen, and they denied that they had seen somebody in my jacket. Also in this club some 6 guys beat one of my friends. And no one helped, even security. Institution estimates is dangerous. Also I heard feedback from a girl who has been there & while she was in toilet her mobile phone was stolen, lost bag and phone.


Diskjokey worse can't be.staff no comment, bad service.only nice yard. Many other good places in the city

United States,
Pabo Latino