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Editor's review

One of Vilnius' liveliest clubs every night of the week, if you're looking for a night to write the lads back home about, this might be your place. With red carpets, silk walls, and candy-coated girls (customers!) melting all over the poles on the bar, Prospekto balances elegant environs and bawdy behavior. The girls here are used to being groped and ogled, so we can only surmise that's why they're here. If you don't endorse that sort of salacious behavior, you may want to stay away, but the great music and spirited staggering state of the clientele suggest it's all in good fun for everyone. Nights usually start with live music before the real dance-party dusts up. Stripteases (both male and female) shouldn't surprise, nor should the bar bursting into flames... You'll pay to enter, but an easily acquired flyer should cut the cost in half - pretty cheap as far as "Please-Touch" Museums go.

Editor & Vilnius Local


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Hey guys, what the hell are you talking about?!Im italian,Roman, andmme and my friends travel a lot around the world meeting, and going in lots of clubs. This club its always open, off course there are some girls to make you dronk and feel cool, but they are not whores or easy as many nerds think. Some italians are trash, yes. But some finnish americans french and lot of foreigns people too. It depends, how can you generalize so much?! being racist its not the good step before travelling! we met some normal girls, we had fun with them, without being drunk or without pay. It depends. Its not the best club, its not classy, but its ok during the week or for a drink. Dont expect miracles, and yes there are many guys there. but it doesnt mean its a bad club. People who cannot find a girl there talks bad about it. its not fair. You nerd!

Reply Sep 20th, 2012

Complete waste of time. I was fool enough to believe some guys who obviously enjoy some cheesy opportunist flavour in girls, watery beer and cheap trashy overall image in party place. No way in hell I go there again. Besides if that what I saw in Prospekto was a glimpse of the famous stunning Lithuanian girls.....well :D All together - complete waste of time and money.

Reply Nov 15th, 2011

the worst place. yea there is always lots of girls in prospekto but their aim is to have fun and spend men's money.they dance a bit,give kiss,drink guys' drinks then go to another men.this continues till they leave.then they say that they are lesbian and go home :D :D :D and prospekto is fulled with hundrends horny men from south countries especially greece,italy,france etc etc.

Reply Oct 12th, 2011

Best place in Vilnius. I have been attacked by so many girls :) Belive me they aren't trash at all. Everone tryed with her but she came to me. It was new year evening and I was the only one who wasn't drunk. I guess Lithuanian girls like the ones are awake :)The manager is a nice guy. I felt very safe and free there. I can recomend all, from Norway.

Reply Jul 6th, 2011
United States

Trashy fun! Full marks!

Reply May 12th, 2011
Russia far this club is the most popular and most hated on too by lithuanians i guess.

so which one would u people recommend then?

Reply Mar 6th, 2011

As a native and a girl I could say only one thing about this club: it's a club full of trashy native women that don't care about anything else than your money and foreign guys who come here thinking that they can get any girl they want because they are foreign.

For a foreigners: if you want to meet a nice girl who has some sense of style and some brains in her head I would suggest you going to other clubs. A woman who respects herself and/or isn't trashy would never go this club.

Reply Aug 18th, 2010

and could u suggest me the name of other clubs..i would like to meet 'normal' girl just to have conversation

Reply Jul 14th, 2014

I love this place... i don't understand how is possible to speak bad about it... i was there in 2007,2008 and 2009 i find always a super atmosphere a nice people a beautiful girls and a friendly staff especially Piero the boss... i was in a lot of other place in Vilnius but i can say that the only one place where i was in the good mood all night and where i dream to come back is prospekto...

Reply Nov 23rd, 2009

I liked this place a lot. Girls were gorgeous, people were nice, ambience was generally nice. I came here only twice, on sunday and monday, at the last week of July, and crowd was very nice. I ended up really drunk on both occasions, and second time was kicked out for being too drunk I guess, hehe. But still thumbs up, nice lithuanian going, still some cool foreign input also. The italian who let me in was cool, and the Dutch football fans were definitely damn cool guys also. If I come to Vilnius next time I'll definitely drop by.

Reply Oct 19th, 2009

I go to this place cuz all the other clubs are closed for most of the week. Out of going to this place about ten times only once was there a good crowd. I wish other clubs would be open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I wouldn't have to go there anymore.

Reply Jul 8th, 2009
United States

The first time i came here this place was full of annoying guys from Italy who think that the girls who come here are easy. Because a friend wanted to try this place i went for a second time and then there were some annoying black guys who tried to dance with every girl they saw, even when they were obviously not interested. So this place should have a better door policy, not letting in groups of guys.

Reply Apr 13th, 2009

Great place, cheap drink price, entrance medium expensive, It's a real Lithuanian people place . Lot of Girls. Easy to meet them.

Reply Jan 1st, 2009
United Kingdom

as you can see from the reviews of 07 compared with reviews of 08 this place have been sliding downhill very fast from fantastic reviews to "I hate this place" reviews!!! Don't go there!!! even if you are a loser.

Reply Oct 17th, 2008
United States

Please, if you're a dumbass foreigner this is the place for you because if you go there then you'll stay away from the good places and I won't have to see you. Prospekto is for loosers. Seriously. Do yourself a favor when you leave - ask yourself if you're a fool. If you think you aren't, then please, please continue to go and stay away from the good places in Vilnius.

Reply Oct 12th, 2008

I'd rather go to the Millwall club house in a Dagenham shirt than come here again.

Reply Sep 10th, 2008
AA LeCoque

Utter horribleness. The awful music is made even worse as they play it through seemingly broken loidspeakers. The DJ things he's a hell of a guy while he actually must be a 40 year old drunk who still thinks he can pull some of Lithuanian young beauties by shouting completely ununderstandable words through the microphone which must be nonsense to even the natives. By the way, if you're looking for those beauties, I suggest you don't come here. It looks like all the trash and filth of Vilnius is gathered here as if it was their club house. Which could actually be true. The temperature of the beers are rather more suited for cappuccino. The last time I ahd such a disgusting beer was when I took a nip of beer from a can which had been used as an astray. And girls, unless you like overweighted, hairy and sweaty men without any sign of an IQ above 80, this is really not the place to go. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!

Reply Sep 10th, 2008

If the reason to visit this club is "because all others do", then think twice before paying a variable fee to get in.

When you are looking for male or female sweat on the dancefloor and warm pints then this is the place for the stupid ones.

Reply Sep 10th, 2008

This place was NOT worth the entrance fee. If you want to be in a room with smelly sweaty guys, drink tepid beer and listen to terrible music this is the place to go. I'd rather not...

Reply Sep 9th, 2008
United Kingdom

small-time crook!!!!!!!!woeful service!

Reply Sep 1st, 2008
Frequent Flyer

Back to Prospekto almost two months later. The venue is the same as last time I visited, thanks Piero: it delivers where it matters. I believe it has success because it helps people come together. It is the catalyst of the right attitude and friendliness of Lithuanians and ex-pats alike. Prime role is that of mighty DJ... apparently his selection and sequence is random; but be assured, when the crowd needs help in shortening distances (or zeroing them), he will put on the right piece at the right time, and you will be grateful he did. Staff is efficient; as soon as the usual faint-stomach throws up in the restroom covering the floor in vomit and water, the restroom is cleaned and back in service again. Trouble makers are air lifted by Security and get a priority seat for the exit. Then there are the usual (grant me it) "Lithuanian" mishaps, say, running out of small change on New Year's Eve night, and unpredictable cover charge policy. And yes, beer is indeed tasteless, and served in glasses dish-washer warm.

In a perverse way, I am happy low cost flights like Ryan Air do not land in Vilnius; I am afraid they will open the doors to mass tourism, potentially sexual tourism, and scores of stag parties, that are devastating other beautiful cities already (Prague and Riga spring to my mind). To experience Vilnius night life at its best, go during low season, avoiding July and August and New Year's Eve, blend in, visit the beautiful Old Town, and it will be well worth an AirBaltic ticket.

Reply Jan 1st, 2008
Frequent Flyer

Been there one Fri, Sat and Sun in November '07. The dance floor filled in starting from approx midnight and remained packed or almost on Fri and Sat until after 5 am; on Sunday it was still quite busy. Free cloakroom on Fri and Sat (Sun no cloakroom). Guys are smart casual and ladies definitely on the sexy side. Music was solid no non-sense pop, dance, hip-hop and R&B, some house, Italian and Lithuanian dance music, very enjoyable. I would have enjoyed more hip-hop... I saw customers did appreciate it a lot, dancing it "wearing" the partner ;) Big presence of Lithuanian girls, and many Italian guys. I noticed several couples of girls who were together (I mean, actually together), and on Sat some of them improvised a show on the bar. I felt very welcome: Italian and Lithuanians blend very well in that joint... after all, we are after the same things (dancing and having a good time, of course!). Damn if I found how to obtain a flyer, always paid full price for entrance. A few motherf****rs who don't know how to have fun started a fight on the dance floor on Sat night, and got neutralized by efficient security in less than no time... why don't those people stay home and watch TV instead? The most enjoyable disco Pub I have been into, along with Metro in Bergen, Norway. I can only criticize beer: I tried two of them, and in my opinion were tasteless... watery... not that other customers looked disappointed at all.

Reply Nov 5th, 2007
United Kingdom

This place is fantastic! You can hit it any time after 21:00hrs and it will be jumping. The local ladies are stunning to say the least and all make an effort.

Prices are very reasonable in here too a large beer comes in at about 7lts.

It does play a very random selection of music, and if you tip the DJ 20lts he will play any tune you like.

The place does start to thin out at around 05:00hrs, before you get ejected at 06:00hrs, and then its a short walk up the road to a well known American fast food chain to get some breakfast at 07:00hrs (they won’t open early but will put the chairs out side so that you can wait in comfort).

Reply Jun 6th, 2007
United Kingdom

Prospekto! Sounds too good to be true!!! I'm booking my flights to Vilnius right now.

Reply May 8th, 2007
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