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Editor's review

When the decorators are called in for a revamp, it's a dicey moment. Indeed, to paraphase de Toqueville, 'there is never a more dangerous moment for a nightclub as when it decides to reform itself.' Hmm, that was a bit long-winded wasn't it? Better get on with the review fast then. In a nutshell, the good news is that The Brod has not reemerged as a sanitised, soulless incarnation of its former self. The club remains a gloriously feisty and unpretentious place to grab a beer, shake your shaky parts, and embarrass yourself trying to charm Princess Pretty.

Editor & Vilnius Local


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Gary B
United Kingdom

Was in vilnius for 3 nights and the last 2 ended up here to the end, the second I payed like everyone else but slipped the bouncer a few quid to keep him sweet. Even though the start of the night was karaoke, the place was rammed with some amazing people. One of the best nights ever, playing foosball with some huge lithuanian gorillas and lasses was a skream, everyone was friendly as far as I could tell and conversations in English were easy to start up. After karaoke they moved they turned the stage into a dance floor , so I got a wiggle on haha. Definately check this place out when you visit vilnius!

Reply Mar 15th, 2013

Hi all, I was in the bar, and while I was in the toilet somebody stolen my a jacket with a mobile phone, credit card and money. I do not advise anyone to go to this club. I asked those who had worked at the bar if they had seen my jacket, they replied that there are many people with jackets and they did not see it. Security Guard had not seen, and they denied that they had seen somebody in my jacket. Also in this club some 6 guys beat one of my friends. And no one helped, even security. Institution estimates is dangerous. Also I heard feedback from a girl who has been there & while she was in toilet her mobile phone was stolen, lost bag and phone.

Reply Aug 1st, 2012
United States

Friendly place which is good for a night out.

Reply Sep 2nd, 2011
United Kingdom

don't go there! security are animals and they could beat person without any reason! yesterday we went to ask for buying cigarettes and all what they did just dropped us out and we felt violence of them. be careful of these animals

Reply Aug 13th, 2011

brodvejus just burnt down this week. So now you have to try another club.

Reply Mar 17th, 2009

Worst music ever, seriously. It was so bad it wasn't even funny. Like if there was a winamp playlist left on random. One from 20 years ago.

Reply Jul 10th, 2008
Frequent Flyer

Brodvejus is back in business. The place is open again.

Reply Apr 27th, 2008
lots more Jesse
United States

Rumor has it, Brodvejus is where foreign guys go to pick up local girls (and vice versa). A word of warning to the foreign guys: when I tried dancing with a local girl, she took off my belt. Then she tried to take off my pants, and when I stopped her, she whipped me with my own belt. If this sounds like fun to you, Brodvejus is your bar. Beers are reasonable, the cover is cheap, and belt-whippings - if you are lucky enough to get one - are free.

Reply Feb 23rd, 2007
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