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Didžioji gatvė 33

17. Mojito Naktys

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Reviews about Bars in Vilnius

Best playlist in Lithuania Cool cozy unique Great drinks and decor A MUST VISIT!

Who Hit John

Decent rock based boozer. Selection of beers on tap, friendly staff and a fun crowd, although quite young the two times we went. Music was all rock based.

United Kingdom,
Bix Baras

very nice place in vilnius , you can meet mmany artis for exchange your idees


Have really good beer, nice underground atmosphere and good food :)

Alaus Namai

Rude, ugly, stupid security staff really let this club down. Visited six times in the last year, but now had enough of the face control and lies told on the door. Once inside it is a nice venue, great people, nice times. Good place to spend money. Safe to buy and use illegal drugs here; it is considered cool. Security staff keep out the tourists.

Absento Fejos

Cheap beer and food, the food is very good. The metal heads and bikers that live there are actually friendly.


Simply : one of the best place to be in the world. Really.

Absento Fejos

Me and my friend were there and it was a very bad experience, at least i found something they had but it took them 40 minutes to bring our food. I will never come back to that place!! sorry guys but your food and service is terrifying!! Sorry we feel the same like those who were before us.


Dont forget to mention the strong smell of long spilled beer not completely mopped up.

Bix Baras

VERY good. Super mix of nice drinks and nice people !

Absento Fejos