Pam Waltzes Into Vienna

Pamela Anderson was a star guest at this year's Life Ball, the glitzy Viennese shindig that raises money for victims of HIV and AIDS.

The annual ball, which was first staged in 1993, has since become one of the most flamboyant European events of the year, with guests including Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Shazza Stone.

Keeping her fans happy, Ms. Anderson chose to sport very little to this May's event, gracing the stage in a gold bikini, high heels and a gigantic hairdo like the mad duchess in Alice in Wonderland. Continuing the unstoppable vogue for eighties style, the former Baywatch babe hitched a huge old skool ghettoblaster onto her shoulder.

Also in the spotlight at this year's gig was US singer Kate Perry, who descended onto the stage in a giant scallop shell, in an echo of like Botticelli's Venus.


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