It's Raining Houses

In a scene reminiscent of The Wizard Of Oz, a house has landed on the roof of a famous Vienna landmark. However, no green-faced witch has been wiped out yet. Rather, artist Erwin Wurm engineered the stunt as a protest against over-development:

'There are hundreds of thousands of houses and they are spreading like the plague - like a cancer across our land,' Wurm proclaimed.

Two cranes were required to winch the structure onto the roof of Vienna's Museum of Modern Art, and the details of the house are perfect. So perfect in fact that the little house looks rather lovable. Indeed, one can't help feeling a bit sorry for it, stuck up there upside down. Traditionalists will be tempted to remark that the house represents the shipwreck of classic design amidst the brazen sea of modernism.

Pictures of 'House Attack'


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