Just Remember - Don't Stab Yourself!

Imagine you're an actor who's supposed to kill himself on-stage. It doesn't seem too challenging, does it? You just use a blunt prop-knife and PRETEND to be stabbing yourself. Then, when the curtain drops down, you get up, the curtain is pulled back up, you bow a little and smile to the audience. Pretty easy. Or so it seems...

Apparently, the idea wasn't as clear to one of the German actors - Daniel Hoevels of the Thalia Theater company from Hamburg - who accidentally injured himself with a real knife during a spectacle.

The Vienna police says the prop was switched with a sharp knife before the show on Saturday night, due to negligence. Apparently no "criminal story" is to be found there. The theatre company did not specify who's responsible for the knife-switching. We're just wondering...Was it really impossible to tell the difference between the real and the blunt knife? We'll probably never know - the unlucky actor refused to share his side of the story.


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