Divine Inspiration

A monastery on the fringe of Vienna has hit the headlines after winning a major deal with Universal Records.

Monks from the medieval monastery of Heiligenenkreuz submitted a youtube clip to the US label after hearing of a prize for singers of Gregorian Chants.

According to Father Karl Wallner, a spokesman for the monks, what started out as a bit of fun soon turned serious when it was announced that the Austrian ensemble had outshone all other contenders.

Father Wallner noted that "now it has become a very serious and positive thing for us, because Gregorian Chant is the expression of our spirituality. It's how we pray."

The monks will be joining big-name stars such as Eminem and Amy Winehouse at the Universal label. That said, punters should not expect a beat-laden rap attack. The record will be a pure rendition of the ancient singing style. Profits will go back into the development of the monastery, a splendid medieval edifice in the Vienna Woods.


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