Sad End For Scot

A Scot has met a tragic end in Vienna. John McFadzean, a UK official at the UN, fell asleep in a park after a night's revelry. Dipping temperatures proved fatal, and less than three hours later, Mr McFadzean had expired.

Police have only just released information about the incident, which happened on September 3rd.

Mr McFadzean had been enjoying drinks at a Viennese bar along with other delegates from a conference that day.

On leaving the bar at 6.30 am, Mr MacFadzean discovered that his wallet had been stolen. Unable to catch a taxi back to his hotel, he resorted to a park bench.

A Polish man has since been apprehended for the theft of the wallet. He had spent some 600 pounds on travel expenses on Mr McFadzean's cards. The Pole informed police that he had picked up the wallet in the bar. Police are not investigating any further foul play.

Colleagues have paid tribute to Mr McFadzean, who has been described as an upbeat, popular man who was driven by a desire to aid the Third World.


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