Hitchcock Hits Town

An early Christmas present is on the cards for all film aficionados. The Austria Filmmuseum is preparing the country's greatest ever retrospective of Sir Alfred Hitchcock, beginning on December 1st and running all the way to February 4th.

Vienna's Hitchcock extravaganza will be held in two parts. The first runs from December 1st to January 4th, showcasing the director's gems from the years 1925-1947. Part II kicks off on January 5th, covering his films from the years 1948-1976.

Psycho regularly slips into our TVs these days, but Vienna's event allows viewers to savour some of Hitchcock's lesser known works as well. Blackmail (1929) was Britain's first ever 'talkie', and if you thought pre-war cinema was all sweet romances or Frankenstein-styled horrors, prepare for a surprise. Hitchcock is at his mischievous best in this biting black comedy. Similarly, a chance to watch The 39 Steps (1935) on the big screen is an offer that can't be refused. This exquisite thriller counts amongst Britain's finest films from the 1930s, building a tantalising web of suspense until its dramatic denouement. Rebecca, a classic from 1940, is also well worth catching, with Lawrence Olivier and Joan Fontaine in the lead roles.

Part II of the festival will cover many of Hitchcock's best known works, beginning with his first colour movie, Rope (1948). Other classics lined up for the second section include Strangers on a Train (1951), Rear Window (1954), Vertigo (1958), and North By Northwest (1959). In short more goodies than you could possibly hope for. Enjoy the show!

The Austria Film Museum
Augustinergasse 1


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