Ear's How To Be A Weightlifter

We've all watched in awe as a raging Russian held aloft a weight that was equal to that of a blue whale. How do they do it? Well, Zafar Gill, a focused fellow from Pakistan has put even the Russians to shame by hoisting a 62 kilograms weight using only his right ear.

The Herculean feat was pulled off at 'Vienna - Recordbreaker', a heady annual event that draws supermen (and women) from around the world.

Last year we had Marco Hort tearing up the record books by stuffing 264 drinking straws into his mouth. This time around, Mr Zafar Gill has shown us the ropes with his amazing aural skills.

Mr Gill, wearing a professional navy tracksuit emblazoned with the Olympic logo, revealed that he practises his hoisting habit everyday. To protect his temple he wears a special head-grip, but he maintains that he has never had any problems with hearing yet.

Other world records that will be entering the famed Guinness book this year include Vienna's very own Wolfgang Staudinger, who managed 3426 press-ups in a single hour. He certainly earnt his lunch this Sunday. Well done Wolfgang!

Vienna Recordia - Official Site


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