Diamonds (And Lederhosen) Are Forever

Will P Diddy soon be strolling down Fifth Avenue decked out in diamond-studded lederhosen? Shrewd gamblers might not be reaching for their wallets yet for this fashion prediction, but pairs of jeweled lederhosen are on the market.

Christian Wohlmuther, an Austrian fashion designer based in Styria, has sold a pair of gem-encrusted lederhosen for some 114,000 dollars. They're quite probably the most expensive pair ever sold.

The recipient of these sparkling Alpine marvels is a German national living in Dubai. Understandably, Mr Wohlmuther is searching for more buyers.

"We generally focus on the client's budget and then show him what's possible," confides Mr Wohlmuther, who has rubies, emeralds and diamonds at his disposal.

Yet will the jazzy leather shorts catch on? Outside of German-speaking countries, lederhosen are rarely spotted beyond the confines of fancy dress parties. However, Mr Wolhmuther, who designs elegant clothing for both ladies and gents, is optimistic. When asked where he thought he might find a market, he cited Russia as the lederhosen land of promise.


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