Untying The Knot

Monty Python would have loved the idea, but Vienna's Divorce Fair is in fact no joke. Billed under the slogan 'A New Start', the fair is due to be held during the weekend of October 27th-28th.

So just what should one expect from a divorce fair? Candyfloss and Dodgems? No doubt many of those undergoing divorce proceedings would like nothing more than to drive a dodgem into their former partner. But the planned event is intended to be a more sedate experience.

Organiser Anton Barz promises everything from lawyers to psychologists and he says he's already notched up six hundred registrations. Mr. Barz has previously organised a number of successful wedding fairs, but after many revealing chats with lawyers about the complexities of divorce, he decided that there was a gap in the market.

Besides the more obvious aids such as legal advice, visitors to the fair will be able to meet luxury car dealers, travel agents and spa and yoga personnel. The 'New Start' will not be all doom and gloom.

But of course, what with Vienna being something of an overgrown village, how does one avoid an awkward clash with a sour spouse? Simple. Mr. Barz has designated Saturday for men and Sunday for women.

Five more divorce fairs are already in the pipeline for other Austrian cities - Vienna will be the 'world premiere' enthuses a confident Mr. Barz.


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