Ice Cream For Dogs

With Central Europe in the throes of a heat wave, cooling off has become big business. This week we've seen penguins at the zoo pecking at fish-flavoured ices and tigers licking gigantic lollies. Now a Viennese vendor has come up with a novel idea for parched poodles.

We say poodles, but let's not discriminate. Simona Leonardini, ice cream creator extraordinaire, has knocked off a confection that's aimed at all members of the doggie kingdom.

"Dogissimo" comes in three flavours, all of which were given the paws up by Mrs Leonardini's own Golden Retrievers. The final recipes have been okayed by Viennese vets, so owners can rest assured there won't be any nasty surprises.

Dogs can choose from 'Scared Cat', 'Postman's Leg' or old favourite 'Vintage Port with Stilton Cheese.' Delicious. OK, we made those up (the recipes are a well-guarded secret), but the ice creams are now on the market for a not insubstantial 7 Euros a pop (5 for a small).


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