City Library Launches Erotic Hotline

How does one go about raising money for the renovation of a hallowed national monument? Organise a sponsored marathon? Launch a plea on prime-time television? Get some musicians to rally together for a fund-raising concert? Well, they're all tried and tested methods, but Vienna City Hall has come up with a much more original way to raise cash for the capital's main public library.

Celebrated Viennese actress Anne Bennent (star of Lulu and Requiem fur eine Romantische Frau) has taken the hot-seat at a special phone-line at City Hall. Curious punters can phone in for saucy renditions of passages from the library's infamous 'Secreta Collection,' where naughty eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century tit-bits are on the menu. Calls come in at a very reasonable 39 cents per minute.

The saucy service will run throughout May, but could last longer if it arouses significant public interest.

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