A Shark's Tale

Austria sounds like an unlikely setting for a Jaws film. After all, there aren't that many tropical seas in the region. But that didn't stop a shark from turning up in Austrian waters last week, much to the alarm of locals.

Scientists were flummoxed as to how the three foot creature had made an appearance in the River Voeckla. Had global warming reared its ugly head once more?

The shark had in fact expired by the time it was discovered - there was no Moby Dick style harpooning. But locals were unnerved nonetheless. Children were strongly advised to refrain from paddling, and dogs weren't quite so keen on going for their afternoon dip.

However, Vienna Life can reveal that the cat is out the bag, or should we say the shark is out the net. The mysterious beast may have come from far afield, but it had flown most of the way. And no, that doesn't mean that there's a new species of flying shark (although remind us to sell that idea to Hollywood when Vienna Life goes horribly bankrupt). The shark had in fact been destined for the tables of a fancy restaurant. But a mischievous chef hit upon a rather different idea. He left the dead shark in prominent view on the edge of the riverbank, and before long the alarm was raised. Several gourmets were in on the ruse, and bets had been placed on how long they could keep the controversy going. Vienna Life hears that the lucky winner celebrated with a special banquet of assorted sharks and sea monsters. Guten Appetit!

Pictures of the Shark


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