Online Everywhere

Our need to be contactable and online "always and everywhere" is increasing really fast. And although this situation is disturbing for many people, it is an undeniable fact that you vacation without sending holiday snaps, browsing for the best restaurants or simply checking transport schedules or the weather forecast is virtually impossible. Good news is that Vienna is well-equipped with free internet access in public places, like restaurants, pubs or squares.

Public WiFi options range from various “City of Vienna” access points (a site-specific information system offering free access to city web pages with details on matters ranging from the weather to drinking fountain locations) to the "Freewave" service available in various cafes and restaurants. The service enables you to check emails, update your Facebook status or follow your Twitter timeline while enjoying a cup of coffee. Karlsplatz and Museums Quartier are particularly trendy spots at which to log in. In total, there are 579 Freewave internet hotspots in the city - so keep tweeting!

Also, Vienna's most popular app for public transport is called “qando” and it features everything that city travellers need, from schedules and route maps to real-time travel updates and event tips.

For cyclists recommended are the free "bikar" and "Citybikes" apps. These show the nearest Citybike rental points and provide information about available bikes and places to park them.

Offline maps like "ityMaps2Go" are perfect for finding your way around when you don’t have internet access. The city map costs less than two Euros and maps for different cities can be downloaded for free via the app.


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