Unique Unicycle to Rock in Vienna

A new electric invention, the City-wheel, alowes one to move up to a speed of 16 km/h. The sight of drivers is very unusual; from a distance it looks as if the person hovers above the goround. Much the same is also the driving experience.

"Are you still walking, or rolling yet?" reads the slogan on the home page that advertises the new means of transportation. It is not easy to actually describe what a City-wheel is. To some it might look like a Segway with only one wheel and without handlebars. The vehicle is operated with a very quiet electric motor located between the feet shelves. To simply describe the moving technique, it is enough to say that the device is always trying to stay in balance. The speed is controlled by the means of the feet position. Press toe down to move forward and faster, press heel down to slow down and go backwards. The steering is done shifting the driver's weight.

The device battery has a run time of up to four hours, or a range of 25 kilometers. This depends not only on the driving style, but also on the ground. The charging time for the complete charge is two hours. Cost: depending on the model from 1,450 euros.

The electric unicycle has, however, a distinct advantage over its classic predecessor: the rider is not sitting, but standing and can use the whole body to stay in balance. The most difficult moments for the beginners are probably the ascent and descent. Protective clothing (helmet, knee, elbow and joint saver) is recommended for beginners.

Whether it is only a means of transportation, a sport, or a toy, it is not clear, according to traffic regulations. Hence it is not quite clear where you can actually ride it: on the sidewalk, on the bike or on the road? Also the Vienna Department of Transportation one is also apparently not yet entirely sure how to understand it, hence it is accepted to use this device at one's risk in all public space.



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Lud Morris

Looking for unicycle in London Uk Or preferably in Austria Vienna. Do you transport purchase directly to Vienna? How much is the cost of transfer. Pls contact me WhatsApp. Regards Lud.

Reply Oct 22nd, 2022