No Kissing, Please!

A private premises located near the train station has published a note reading: "Out of respect for our employees and international guests, we ask that you refrain tenderness in our local". The note has been hung next to the House Rules.

Interviewed by APA, Gernot Liska, the Vice President stressed at the Chamber of Commerce admitted that the landlord may refuse admission to its premises for no reason, hence the approach was quite lawful.

At the Chamber of Commerce two complaints had been received from sacked pairs, confirmed Peter Trost, division manager of the tourism and leisure industry Tyrol Chamber of Commerce, a report of the "Tiroler Tageszeitung". Then there was a conversation with the local owner. It had been insured against the Chamber of Commerce, said it was no problem if guests would be holding hands or giving a kiss, as consolation for the APA.


However, the host still insists on its position. "When guests exchange caresses, we point out to them that this is not desirable in our restaurant. In case they won't comply, they need to leave" said the host to the TT, who runs the local for over ten years. The restaurant owner also reported in several media reports about incidents that went far beyond the interpersonal exchange of affection.

"The problem is that other guests may terminate the hosting contract if they feel disturbed by others, for example when the phone is loud," said Liska. Thus, although they must pay for consumption, they can cancel their orders. "A guest who behaves improperly, can be asked out of the place," says Liska. However, people can not be kicked out because of their ethnic origin, because of their gender or because of their disability.



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