Gustav Klimt's last studio opens to public

Located in residential Hietzing neighborhood of Vienna, one-story garden house inside a Neo-Baroque villa which his studio for the last six years of his life has recently been opened to public.
As much as possible, the studio has been made to mimic Klimt's original decor, as though the artist has just stepped out to Caf Tivoli, where he used to dine, with copies of his last two paintings standing unfinished on their easels, and a palette and brushes resting on a small table next to a drawing board to his studio.
Moreover, the museum is also equipped with replicas of original items belonging to Klimt, such as furniture and a rug. The original bathtub Klimt used was found in the garage and now stands in a corner of one room.
The former atelier is the only place still left connecting Vienna to this prominent persona of the Vienna Secession, as Klimt's original house at Josefstdter Strae was demolished even in his lifetime. Its opening is one of the crowning events of the "Year of Klimt," celebrating the 150th anniversary of the artist's birth.
The Klimt Studio will be open every Thursday to Saturday, closing for several weeks over the winter holidays and in the summer.


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Magdalena Soyfer
United Kingdom

The Klimt Villa has opened from 1. February till 14. July and from 16. August till 31. October 2013 Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am - 6am! It is such a beautiful place!! A must see to everyone who visits Vienna!!!

Reply Jan 9th, 2013