Grave-robber nabbing composers' teeth?

Police are investigating the alleged theft of composers' teeth from the historic Zentralfriedhof cemetery in Vienna.

The graves of world famous maestros Johannes Brahms and Johann Strauss Junior are among those being investigated.

Alarm bells were set ringing when members of the public drew attention to a video that had been downloaded onto the internet, in which a man brags about his looting of the composers' graves.

The video shows the man opening the tomb of one of the composers, before apparently removing teeth with a pair of pliers.

However, it turns out that the man's escapades were first brought to the attention of police in 2008, but no charges were brought.

Now, amid claims that the suspect has looted scores of other graves, the case my finally come to caught.

Many of Austria's most celebrated cultural luminaries were laid to rest in the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna.

Johann Strauss Junior is best known for his waltzes such as The Blue Danube.


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