Private dicks to patrol Viennese taxis

Viennese authorities are hiring private detectives to dob in devious or incompetent taxi-drivers, after two reports revealed that standards left a lot to be desired.

An annual survey by ADAC, Europe's largest automobile club, put Vienna second to last in a ranking of twenty-two major European cities.

The 'Taxi Test 2011' was followed by a locally organised check-up, which showed that a quarter of all rides provided grounds for complaint.

However, the good news for tourists and locals alike is that standards look set to rise.

Curiously expensive detours, poor local knowledge and impolite drivers may well become a thing of the past, as private dicks hit the road on their quest to sort the wheat from the chaff.

As it was, only Ljubljana ranked worse than Vienna in ADAC's 2011 survey. Top of the list was Barcelona, which can pride itself its on its top notch taxi service.


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