Man uncovers regal splendours in back garden

A man digging a pond in his back garden in Wiener Neustadt, south of the Austrian capital, has uncovered a hoard of medieval jewellery that may have been commissioned for a royal court.

The find has stunned the Viennese art world, with experts postulating that the treasure trove could fetch in excess of 100,000 euros at auction.

Amongst the relics uncovered are scores of gold rings, a brooch set with pearls, and a series of ornate belt buckles.

The collection is currently being looked after by the Austrian Federal Monument Agency (BDA), but was revealed to the public on 3 May at the Hofburg palace.

Historians have pointed out that the treasure was initially uncovered just a hundred metres away from an ancient trading route via Vienna that linked Poland with Italy.

As it was, the man who found the jewels initially uncovered the hoard in 2007, but he did not act on the matter until 2010, when he was on the verge of moving house.

Caked in mud, the treasures were handed over to BDA, which was thrilled by the donation:

He wishes to make this beautiful and historic treasure available to the public, placing value on the public good rather than his own financial gain, said a spokesman for the organisation.


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