Ridiculous Robberies

There have been so many strange bank robber stories floating around over the last few months that we're beginning to wonder whether it's all an extended April Fool.

First there was the fellow who tried to hold up the Town Hall in Poggersdorf under the mistaken belief that it was a bank. (He'd spotted a cash-point outside and made a crucial error of judgement). He was arrested - empty-handed - fleeing on his motor-bike.

Next came the Viennese villain who joined a bank queue dressed as an Egyptian Mummy. When his turn came round, the Mummy demanded a fortune, quietly informing the flabbergasted clerk that a grenade was hidden in his bandages, and that if cash was not forthcoming.....

Finally, last week news broke that an impoverished Viennese toy-shop owner had tried to hold up a bank with a water pistol. All was going fine until the security guard spotted a flaw. Namely, that the deadly weapon was suspiciously similar to one that he'd played with as a four-year-old nipper. The hapless thief's plan was foiled, and he was bundled to the ground.

Next week, if you see someone walking down the street dressed as Batman, remember that he may not actually be on his way to a fancy dress party - he's probably a hardened criminal.


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