Ballerina Who Bares All Gets Severe Dressing Down

A ballerina at Vienna's State Opera was sacked and then reinstated after appearing nude in the Austrian edition of Penthouse magazine.

Russian-born star Karina Sarkissova took part in a photoshoot sporting only her ballet shoes, a move that delighted some fans but disgusted others.

Opera director Manuel Legris gave the 27-year-old her marching orders, claiming that the dancer had lowered the tone of the famed institution.

"I felt discriminated against, both as a woman and as a prima ballerina with over 10 years of professional experience, just because I dared to display my femininity with pride," she lamented.

However, the determined Russian struck back by pointing out that Herr Legris had himself taken part in a nude photoshoot during the 1980s. The young dancer said that she was only following his example. Nudity is indeed common currency in modern dance.

As it goes, Sarkissova will not be kissing goodbye to her career just yet. Amidst growing public furore, the Russian was reinstated in her job, and she hopes to be back on stage for a production of La Bella Figura, which opens in January.


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