John Malkovich to Play Casanova in Vienna

Hollywood's most beloved portrayer of psychos and wild cards has now been cast as Casanova in a unique new Viennese enterprise.

The production, The Giacomo Variations, is being billed as a hybrid cross between an opera and a play, and will be staged at Vienna's Ronacher Theatre. The premiere is due for a January 5th.

Malkovich has some experience in the role of 18th century ladykiller, having played the mischievous Valmont in Stephen Frears' Dangerous Liaisons (1988). Likewise, Vienna itself is familiar territory for the American star, having taken the title role in Klimt, back in 2006.

The actor told Austrian Radio that he was drawn to the production as " it's the closest I'll ever get to realizing my boyhood dream of being in the Vienna Boys' Choir."


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