Depeche Mode Baar

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Editor's review

Never underestimate the popularity of Depeche Mode in Eastern Europe. Largely ignored in the UK - where they are considered as synth-poppers who ignominiously refused to go away long after their shelf-life was up (ie. 1985) - the boys from Basildon are worshipped as rock Gods anywhere East of Berlin. That might help Westerners understand why Depeche Mode Baar exists, which seems as curious a concept to us as Club Whitesnake (don't get any ideas!). Anyway if you've always wanted to get pissed with a bunch of strangers and sing along to 'Enjoy the Silence' then this is the place for you.

Editor & Tallinn Local

A message from Depeche Mode Baar

Depeche Mode Baar was originally opened in 1999 by devoted fan. But it was in 2001 when DM really hit the big time – on the 27th of August Depeche Mode members Martin L Gore, Andy Fletcher and Christian Eigner partied the night away in DM Bar before their Tallinn concert. Of the 15th of March in 2006 the Band came back to their favourite Tallinn night spot named after them. Meanwhile DM bar was catched by photographer/designer/director Anton Corbijn and once again by Andy Fletcher along with Client.
The Depeche Mode bar is famous around the world and have had visites by celebritys who signed the wall. (who all left their signature on the famous wall of autographs) Not only -the bar has been highlighted in a number of news features including a segment for BBC TV.
Since september 2009 we m

Depeche Mode Baar

Depeche Mode Baar



not shown

Hi peter ,

I was there also and i see that he react wery good.He call security,polici and even medics and the same thime he serve a drinks.!!!

Reply Dec 26th, 2016
United Kingdom

December 2016. Ok bar spoilt by drunk Russian beating up a customer. Bar staff did nothing except shrug. Avoid.

Reply Dec 26th, 2016
United Kingdom

Been to this special bar in Tallinn down a small side street in the old town had a few beers and met some nice people worth a visit back again soon...

Reply Sep 2nd, 2015

Just brilliant !

Reply Feb 6th, 2015
United Kingdom

Visited early January 2012. Lots of memorabilia on walls for Mode fans. However, beware, the barman may charge you for drinks you have already paid for as we found. BEST AVOIDED

Reply Jan 9th, 2012
Mark K
United Kingdom

Was in Tallinn for a week last February, and was walking down this little alley when I seen the sign on the wall... took me a minute to realise that it looked like a DM album cover :)

Had to try it out, and we ended up spending EVERY night there. Fantastic!...certainly blew this DM fan away.

If you're a DM fan, you HAVE to try it.

Reply Jan 31st, 2011
Sharon Helm
United Kingdom

I went to Tallinn in 2005 with a group of friends and my husband for his 40th and we had a great time with a few craic-in stories to tell. Was pleasantly surprised to find the DM bar being the massive fan I am (along with ACDC and anything rock). Everyone from my group loved this bar even though not all were DM fans and I'm now aiming to get back to Tallinn for my next '0' bath-day in 2012 so decided to do some early homework and was ecstatic to see the DM bar still rocking and getting great reviews. Would make my day if the 'Gahan' walked in, but perhaps I'd better check out if they're playing over there first eh? Rock 'n' Roll. Shaz :)

Reply Jan 19th, 2011
LeighAnne Likens
United States

I loved this place. I'm a fan but even if I wasn't, it's very kitschy. Just the Violator carpet was worth the trip. Only had two drinks here and can't even comment on the price or the taste because we were caught up in the memorabilia.

Reply Dec 25th, 2010
United Kingdom

Brilliantly, quirky little place we found the first night in Tallinn. None of us are huge fans of the music, but its warm and sells Cider.

Even went there on the last night we were around! Warm and cosy, with pleasant bar staff.

Reply Nov 2nd, 2010
Burkina Faso

the lowest place ever

Reply Oct 20th, 2010
United States

The best bar ever! I used to live in Tallinn and it was my favo place to go. Everytime I come back to Tallinn to visit I go to DM Bar. If you like DM you will enjoy the place for sure!

Reply Jun 7th, 2010
United States

Totally cool place! I bought the t-shirt!

Reply Jul 22nd, 2009
United States

From LA and a huge DM fan and was walking down the street in Tallin and saw the DM Bar sign on the wall and thought it was funny, went in and low and behold was the only Depeche Mode bar I've ever seen. Met the owner and fell in love with the place. If i ever go to Estonia again I'm heading back to that bar! ROCK ON!

Reply Jun 8th, 2009
Al dodd
United Kingdom

Don't go to Depeche Mode if you want to live. But if you are silly enough to go, can you keep an eye out for my jacket and my mind!!!

Reply Aug 26th, 2008

Stumbled over the DM baar quite coincidentally. It's a great place every fan should definitly visit during a stay in great Tallinn...

Reply Aug 22nd, 2008
United Kingdom

Brillant Bar. The guy on the website obivously gets all his music information from TTP. Depeche Mode are hugely successful throughout Europe, America and Asia. No surprise that theses MECCA's sping up.

Reply Aug 14th, 2008
Steve Martin
United Kingdom

OMG! This place totally rocks, well I was born in 1975, don't get me wrong its a step back in time with the music and decor, but you just have to love the craziness of this place. Had a top night in Tallinn, if you go there, you have to visit this little basement bar. Love or hate DM, if your in your 30's, stuck for somewhere to go, and want to escape the tourture tourist..... a top night is to be had!

Reply Mar 25th, 2008
United Kingdom

DEPECHE ROCK and everyone knows it!

Reply Nov 28th, 2007
United Kingdom

Very quirkey little bar, good for a quick g&t pitstop on the way from the square to the fancy dress shop!

Reply Aug 15th, 2007
United Kingdom

it was a totally unexpected discovery and responsible for some very late nights! wonderful bar, wonderful country.

Reply Jan 10th, 2007
DJ Silence
United States

Whenever Depeche Mode tour Eastern Europe they always stop in here, so if you're a huge fan this is the place to stalk, erm, admire them!

Reply Nov 24th, 2006
United Kingdom

Excellent little bar with good selection of drinks and snacks. I was here with the missus in March 2006 when who should pop in late one evening for Smirnoff Ice and salted peanuts but Mr Martin L. Gore (in a strange hat). The band were in town for a gig the following night.

Reply Nov 16th, 2006

Long live David Gahan! Depeche Mode bar rules in Tallin

Reply Aug 2nd, 2006
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