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Editor's review

There are three things that men - especially men of a certain age out to help send a mate off to the joys of matrimony - traditionally enjoy.

These things are, not to put too fine a point on it, sport, alcohol and sex.

Which is where The Score comes in, as one of Tallinn's top strip venues, offering a hat-trick of those manly pleasures to visitors from just about anywhere.

There are of course plenty of big screens, and amply stocked bar, and scantily clad young ladies who aren't too fussy about holding onto the few scraps of clothing that they do have on.

If you really want to splash out, rent a limo and dancers and take a tour of the city, or relax in The Score's jacuzzi.

Editor & Tallinn Local


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Lugedes kommentaare-arvamusi, siis jäb silma, et välismaalased laidavad ja kõik mainivad, et neile oli pandud midagi kahtlast joogi sisse, pakun, et see klubi teevadki välismaalstega selliseid asju. Ma külastasin ja kui midagi pärast ei pannud tähele, et oleksin ennast imelikuna tundnud.

Reply Jan 8th, 2020

Shit hole. You pay 10 euro just to enter. Nobody dances unless you pay tips of 5 euro to every stripper. And I'm not talking about private dances, only about show in common area. So, I paid 10 euro only to be allowed to sit there and buy expensive drink. Workers of this club probably never went to any normal club and don't know how it works.

Reply May 19th, 2019

Bouncers are aggressive, dancers aren’t attractive and drinks are overpriced. Avoid.

Reply Sep 19th, 2018
Jonathan Vognaph

Fucking atrocious absolutely abismal do not go here even if it’s a last ditch option

Reply Aug 7th, 2018

I loved the place, I loved Keilli.

I hope to come back soon

Reply Jul 12th, 2017
Mike D

What a great place with great attitude. First spend couple hours on pole dancing show with drinking amazing coctails - at least price of the coctails were amazing. After that moved to Sauna and Jacuzzi - section. All High quality shampoos, hair conditoners and body moisture gels were included in reasonable price. Totally girls were beautiful and in a good shape, and trimmed for creating unforgetable customer experience. Only what i left to missing after visit, was Man and Guitar Music live show during Jacuzzi.

Reply Jan 31st, 2017

Nice place, spent a bachelor party with friends. A lot of beautiful girls but the prices are quite high. Private dance 50 Euro, beer 10 Euro. Definitely return there someday, if I have free money.

Reply Jan 14th, 2017

People, please do not go to this bullshit "strip bar" or whatever you wanna call this filthy place which operates by following the sad principles of cheating and broken promises. I went there with two friends with the intention to go to sauna and jacuzzi. They told us that it's 10€ to go to sauna and jacuzzi and we clearly went through the conditions of the deal and it was supposed to be all clear. We weren't at this point interested in the striptease stuff that was going on there as well. Once we started going to the sauna area, they told us that we weren't allowed to go there. Wtf, this is exactly what we went there in for and agreed on. We were really confused and disappointed. We went back to the woman who was selling the tickets. But now her story was all of a sudden totally different from what we had agreed on. She said that it was a ticket only to the bar and not the saunas and jacuzzis – so total abuse and cheating. We tried to clarify the situation and told that we want to go to the sauna as we had initially agreed on. She told us that it wasnt possible and in the end she called the security guy to throw us out. This place is totally ruthless and will only steal your money and throw you out. Do not go there!

Reply Dec 22nd, 2016
United Kingdom

Very expensive, one tv, rude.

Overall terrible. Don't go here.

Reply Mar 3rd, 2014

Me and my 2 friends visited there on the new years eve. First, we were charged 10 € to get in. Next, we ordered bears. They charged 20 € and they gave us "Vana Tallinna liqueur shots" on house and then we got permission to go see pole dancing. We got to watch the show for 10 min, when the dancer told us that we had to give them atleast 30 € tips. We had to leave the pole dancing area and we just quickly drank our beers and "liquor shots" and decided to leave the place. About 2 hours later, me and my friends started showing symptoms: sweating, dizziness, memory loses and shaking. Clearly we were drugged. I strongly recommend you to avoid this place. The stuff they put in our shots was probably some sort of alcohol enhancer.

Reply Jan 2nd, 2013
United Kingdom

We went to the water show(wet girls and all the stuff you know...).We drank a lot of beer and everything was OK,but after one very Pink-colored coctail everything went messed in our heads and none of us remembers,how he got to his bed.Fuck this club!They put drugs into the drinks and steal money!

Reply Dec 8th, 2012

Well, I can only try to warn everyone. I have been there with two friends yesterday and we were a little bit tipsy when ariving and ordering some pole dancing....non of us remembers the way back to the ferry after drinking one shot there (on the house)...clearly we were drugged!

Reply Mar 10th, 2012
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