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Long story short, you are invited to participate. Post anything, but remember to adhere to the house rules (in the sidebar). Have fun and connect! :)

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St.Petersburg Russia - my travel tips posted by moriegres

St.Petersburg is a fascinating city, obviously worth visiting. Hope my tips will be useful: My personal overview: premier… [Read more]

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Do you want to work with St Petersburg Life? posted by zebra-media

Self motivated people required to run travel websites in the following cities: Berlin, Gdansk, Moscow, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga… [Read more]

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Models posted by welshknight

New Russian female faces required by UK based model / advertising agency. Must be attractive 18- 23. Interviews / photo session in St Petersburg in May. pjl [Read more]

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Vodka posted by chickenboy

Hey. What's the coolest vodka bars to hang out in, around town? Cheers. [Read more]

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English speaking groups posted by Benjy21

Forum Hi. Does anyone know of any kind of social group/ gathering for English speakers in the city? It could be ex-pats or even Russians get together to… [Read more]

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getting to St. Pete posted by djsilence

Are there any cheap flights that fly from Europe straight to St. Petersburg? [Read more]

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indie club posted by djsilence

Last time I was in St. Pete, a guy I met took me to an awesome club - it was kind of by a really pretty cathedral in the centre of town, and there was a big… [Read more]

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nightlife posted by djsilence

i'm looking for an alternative to the usual overpriced techno/house clubs that seem to be the norm in moscow - is st. petersburg more laid back? are there any… [Read more]

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the young expatirate community? posted by shonagon

Where can one find young (20s through 30s) expatriates in St. Petersburg, I am one, I know there are others, but there seem to be no online forums let alone… [Read more]

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