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Marijas 13 (Bergs Bazaar)

1. D'Artanjans

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Reviews about Delicatessens in Riga

Anyone know if D'Artanjans is still open? It looks fantastic.

United Kingdom,

During my Foreign Service assignment in Riga (2000-2002), I lived in Berga Bazaars Passage where d'Artanjans is located. I befriended Cyril Prono, the owner, through my frequent visits to his delectable shop and always would pick up several cheeses and pate, then have coffee/croissant with Cyril on his charming outdoor patio. He loved my "Death by Chocolate" cookies which I would drop off occasionally as a treat. Sharon O'Neal, Asheville, NC

United States,

Superior delicatessen with excellent food and wine. If you want to impress someone take them upstairs and order a bottle of wine