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1. Riga Zoo

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f u dude for rating one star you dick.

Riga Zoo


United States,
Riga Zoo


United States,
Riga Zoo

Not what we expected. The bears (brown and polar bear) lived under horrible conditions and both of them acted in a very strange manner. The area of the polar bear is way to small and generally in an disgusting condition. The brown bear ran into the wall of his small cage again and again. Really disturbing. Two hippos swam in a pool (or their own excrements) smaller than a normal swimming pool. I am a huge fan of Riga but this zoo should be closed. Just disgusting.

Riga Zoo

Loti patika.Vienīgais trūkums, kafejnīcā nebija iespējams maksāt ar karti :-)

Czech Republic,
Riga Zoo

Whilst the zoo was pleasant enogh, my partner and I both felt that the manner in which the polar bear, tiger and hippopotamus were being kept was, well, cruel. The bear and tiger seemed "stir crazy" and, dare one, say lonely. The hippo's seemed to simply be wallowing in their own excrement. This does not seem right.

United Kingdom,
Riga Zoo

the animals at this zoo live under horrible conditions. i will never go back here, and do not recomend anyone to visit this place with your children. the two rhinos had a small pool on approximately 20 squaremeters and most of the animals lives alone in really small cages. they did not have permanent access to drinking water. there where also animals who had wounds on their body who should have been taken care of. this is animal cruelty! they also promote that they have lots of animals like bears, lions, polarbear, tigers +++, and there where almost none!

Riga Zoo