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Stepanska 35

1. French Institute

2 reviews
Male namesti 1

2. Polish Institute

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Reviews about Institutes in Prague

Czech Republic January 27th, 2011 Dear Sir/ Madam I' m just wondering how can I get the e-mail address for the French Institute in Czech Republic. Is all about- learning, socialising, reading, hearing, find-out more together with czechs. We all care, we want to improve! But how, what other links might be interesting... Randy Johnson

French Institute

Hello! Could you please send me some information about how could I learn the french languages in Prague? Is there a way to learn in the French Institute? If yes when can I start it, how often can I do this and how much is it? Would be appreciated if you could some usefull information to my email address. Thank you in advance. Gabi Nemeth

French Institute