The Gay Side of Prague

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Prague and the Czech Republic have earned a (generally accurate) reputation of being more liberal than its neighbours to the east like Poland or the Baltic States, and Czechs' attitudes towards issues like gay rights or drugs are far more tolerant. The biggest example of the Czech Republic's progressive policies towards the homosexual community would be its passing of historic legislation legalizing registered partnerships for same-sex couples in July 2006.

This means that Prague has far more gay and gay-friendly clubs than most Eastern European cities, and is quickly becoming a popular travel destination for gay tourists. By some estimates, nearly 600,000 visitors to Prague per year have used services aimed at the homosexual community - though those numbers might be overblown, as most gay clubs don't deny entrance to heterosexual guests. Either way, gay tourism has definitely been on the rise since the 1990s, and with gay clubs and hotels opening up on a regular basis, we at Prague Life have developed our own guide, so you can get the most out of the gay side of Prague.


Above: It's legal, but it's not always easy...

Prague's gay and gay-friendly venues:

Bars and Clubs

Club Termix:
Trebizskeho 4a
An intimate club full of locals and a dance floor that's the centre of the action.

The Saints:
Polska 32
This British-owned gay bar is located right in the middle of Prague's gay quarter in Vinohrady, next to several other clubs and gay hotels.

Escape to Paradise:
V Jame 8
Sexy cabaret shows every night, and a variety of escorts for your pleasure.

Vinohradska 40
The biggest gay club in Prague, Valentino draws plenty of patrons every day of the week.

Vinohradska 40
Part of Valentino, Geyzee...r is open only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and their dance floor and dark room always draws in plenty of ex-pats as well as locals.

Friends Prague Bar & Club:
Bartolomejska 11
Friends is a relaxed venue where you can sit comfortably and have a drink, or reserve a private lounge for a party. They have a state of the art sound and lighting system and a large dance floor as well.

Zborovska 50
A free buffet on Sunday nights and an extensive drink menu keep this club packed on the weekends.

Piano Bar:
Milesovska 10
Piano Bar is a relaxed place featuring frequent art and photography exhibitions, billiards, and a general classy and laid-back atmosphere.

Accommodation and Tours

Villa Mansland:
Stepnicna 9
+420 286884405
This villa-turned-hotel features a variety of rooms and its own restaurant and bar.

Arco Guest House:
+36 (309)323334
Arco is a gay owned and operated guesthouse in a quiet neighbourhood in the district of Vinohrady. Close to the hotel are several gay clubs and bars.

Nouvum Garden:
Zernovska 1195/2
+420 274773464
This gay owned and operated guest house is only for gay male guests, and offers 11 elegantly furnished rooms, a sauna, and massage services.

Old Town Apartments:
+36 (309) 323334
Old Town Apartments offer a choice of several apartments in different parts of the city, and the company is gay owned and operated.

Czech GLBT Organizations and Websites:

Below, we have compiled a list of websites of GLBT organizations and different portals where Prague's homosexual community communicates on the web, and are good starting points for meeting people before coming to Prague. The main gay rights movement in the Czech Republic for 17 years was Gay Initiative (GI), but they dissolved at the end of 2006 after the legalization of same-sex unions. However, there are many active online communities for meeting people and learning even more about gay life in Prague. So if you're a gay visitor to the Czech Republic, we welcome you, and hope you'll only experience the positive side of life in Prague.

Gay Initiative in Czech Republic (GI):
Gay and Lesbian League (GLL):
European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA):
Czech Republic's gay portal:
Czech lesbian portal:
Gay sport portal:
Gay forum and news:
Honilek, a Czech and English gay portal:
Czech gay portal:
Czech Gay Guide:
A gay guide for Prague:
GayGuide Prague: - A guide specially catering to the gay or lesbian traveller. Also available for Warsaw, Cracow, Sofia, and Budapest.

If you know of other particularly gay-friendly places in Prague, please let us know; and feel free to post your comments about gay Prague on this page below. We encourage different viewpoints and want to hear your thoughts about the gay cause in Prague (though we won't tolerate abusive or hateful comments). We've included a few Prague-specific GLBT websites above, though many are only in Czech. We hope they'll be a helpful resource; if you know of any other helpful websites, let us know as well!

ANGEL Club - temporarily closed!!! A new party venue located in Andel. Address: Kmochova 8, Prague 5 Getting there: Metro B to Anděl or trams 4, 7, 9 or 10 to Bertramka Hours: Wed-Sat 16.00 - ?? Website: Pinocchio Gay Center A large Prague gay center - bar, disco, games, a small pension. Live shows. Address: Seifertova 3, Prague 3 Getting there: Metro C to Hlavn? n?dra?? Hours: 15.00 - 6.00 Website: Stella's A comfortable, friendly gay and lesbian bar and caf?. Address: Lu?ick? 10, Prague 2 Getting there: Tram 4, 22, or 23 to Jana Masaryka Hours: 20.00 - 5.00 Tingl Tangl Cabaret and transvestite shows. Music club, cocktail bar. Restaurant with garden. Address: Karol?ny Světl? 12, Prague 1 Getting there: Metro B to N?rodn? tř?da or tram 9, 18, 22, 23, or 26 to N?rodn? divadlo Hours: Cabaret: Wed, Fri, Sat 21.00 - 5.00; Restaurant: Mon-Sat 11.00 - 22.00, Sun 12.00 - 22.00 Website:


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Reply Jun 7th, 2019
Czech Republic

looking for some goof TINA OR GINA, you can text +1 (937) 530-0325 so that i hook you up with some good pills

Reply Dec 24th, 2018

We are in Prague for 4 to 8 January.. if u wanna have fun?

Reply Dec 19th, 2018
Mohsen parsa

Hi I’m a gay . I’m 2day in pruage .I am 37 years old if anyone is meeting. I'm in the hotel SIS address Rostislavova 14000 prague

Reply Jun 7th, 2018

do wanta visit Prague in sept. llkin for accom for 2 guys

Reply Feb 15th, 2018
Czech Republic

“The Bourgeois Pig in Prague is a great gay cocktail bar for a classy James Bond's Martini or five. :-) Let's start with the obvious, the little bar is very sexy, very Parisian with a chic decor. I think this bar is somehow different and tends to draw a somewhat eclectic crowd of LGBT folks and open-minded visitors, mostly sexy young hipsters. Smoking is not allowed inside, so if you are a smoker, this may be the only negative, but you can smoke outside your weed. :-) All in all, The Bourgeois Pig is a great hang out bar to finish off a night of exploring Prague, or the perfect bar to begin a night of bar hopping. Thanks for a great night

Reply Feb 2nd, 2018
Hong Kong

The gay night life in Prague is amazing. I didn't want to visit Czech Rep. during my Europe trip at all at the beginning but then changed my mind based on recommendations from other travelers I met. It turned to be such a fun. I took Prague gay pub crawl tour and had a blast. Czech guys are really cute. I even met a local boy who showed me the city the next day. Can't recommend enough!

Reply Nov 25th, 2017
Czech Republic

Great site with reliable information! I have just moved to Prague and I am 33 and curious... If you are visiting let me know

Reply Feb 11th, 2017
Czech Republic

I'm new to Prague and looking to spread my wings, and cheeks for good time on the town. Write me -

Reply Oct 30th, 2016

I thought Amsterdam is pretty cool place to go for a gay night out but Prague is maybe even better. The gay scene is not so open as in Western Europe yet very diverse and definitely more nasty :) We took Prague Gay Pub Crawl guide and found really cool places.

Reply May 3rd, 2016
United Kingdom

Great place to visit, loads to do and very gay friendly. Will hopefully be returning in the near future.

Reply Jul 28th, 2015
Czech Republic My dear can you spend couple of minutes to fill my questionaire? If you live in CR or not - does'n matter. Thanx!!!!!:-)))

Reply Mar 12th, 2015
United Kingdom

This is a great page. However I'm never quite sure if 'gay' pages cover gay women's things as well - does this??

Reply Dec 7th, 2012

I visited escape to paradise, which is a hustle bar. The boys are just interesed in money and ripping customers off.

Reply Aug 23rd, 2012
Ben Chase
United States

I found the Prague gay scene to be fun and quite diverse for a relatively small capital like Prague. Saints was really friendly and a great place to start the night. We met a couple of people in there who then took us to Termix, a small but really lively club around the corner. A bit of a line but worth the wait. We also liked Latimerie and Erra in the old town. All in all a fab old gay weekend

Reply Dec 26th, 2011

I just came back from Prague, On club its the best space but boring music,Friends its dirty but has a nice Drag Queen DJ,Termix has nice guys but is too small and u cant get a drink fast.

Reply Dec 7th, 2011
United States

i had perfect food in gay friendy restaurant Alex Bistro, near Charles square

Reply Jul 20th, 2011

was in Prague in Oct 2010 for 6 days and that was definitely not enough! Apart from the amazing architecture, history and cultural sights within the city of Praha itself, there are some wonderful day trips to other towns, e.g Cesky Krumlov and Karlovy Vary. At night, go to the Saints Bar and say hello to anyone and everyone who's in there. The staff was very friendly. Also, Termix on Wednesday night is definitely not one to be missed. Great music and a great crowd! Bajecne Praha, Miluji te!

Reply Nov 24th, 2010
Jon n' Ed
United Kingdom

Sorry to be so negative re Prague! If you look at various Web Sites to see how many Gay Bars/Clubs have closed in Prague recently you will gather things 'Gay' in Prague are far from attractive. Bars are far apart and my lounge is bigger than 'Saints' bar which is cold and unfriendly - customers pay the wages its just so important that you treat the customer well !!! Friends Bar is just dirty not what we expect from a decent bar!!! We have been in many Gay bars/clubs all over the world - come on Prague wake up the Pink Pound is strong but we will not spend it on second rate service !!!

Reply Oct 16th, 2010
gerard ODonnell

hi i am coming to prague for 3 days at the start of january, i really want to experience the city and what it has to offer. where would be a good area to stay?

Reply Sep 25th, 2010
Bama Cub
United States

I am moving to Prague in the fall of next year... any suggestions about where to find reasonable living as well as what would i need to do to get ready for the move. I do not know Czech yet and was wondering if I could get by on English

Reply Sep 15th, 2010
Queer Prague

Hi Everyone! First of all, thumbs up for the page and the initiative. VERY GOOD JOB! And also, wanted to share this page that might be of interest for foreigners living or going through Prague:

Reply Jun 3rd, 2010
United States

I will be in Prague for 4 days and am in need of a good massage. Any recommendations?

Reply May 27th, 2010

Never eat at celebrity bar. The food is simply not for humans. Had a steak which fell apart horizontally when I put my fork in.. And no response from the kitchen. Hopeless!

Reply Apr 13th, 2010

I will be in Prague on April 2 to 4. Im excited to experience the nightlife there. I need recommendations please.

Reply Feb 15th, 2010
United States

If you like great architecture, Prague has some of the best in the world. And don't forget to visit the Castle and Charles Bridge. You can cover the city in 3-4 days. No need to stay longer or you'll run out of things to do. BTW, Eastern Europeans are attractive and make for great eye candy.

Reply Jan 21st, 2010

PRAGUE is my dream place to go!!. I've never been there, but this is the place i want to go before i die.. i wish i could visit Prague someday

Reply Mar 6th, 2009
Steve & Tony
United Kingdom

Just got back from Prague.... Lovely city but after you have done all the sights not much else to do . Unfortunately it is a place where you feel someone (locals) are always trying to rip you off . esp taxi, bars, clubs etc. Make sure you dont have a drinks tab or you will get ripped off. Ask you hotel to book you a taxi and ask the price before you get in.

Reply Feb 12th, 2009
United States

Prague is pretty liberal and like this fact about this city a lot. There even special hotels Prague where nobody cares the way you are!

Reply Aug 21st, 2008
United Kingdom

You also need to add Club Temple ....

Reply Aug 17th, 2008
United States

A Czech friend asked me where he could find a gay newspaper, magazine, or online forum for gay Czechs where he could publish a gay poem in Czech and in English. If there is no gay publication in Czech, would you know of a literary publication where he could submit this piece? Thanks.

Reply Aug 9th, 2008
Steve Maguire
United Kingdom

Just found this fabulous little boutique that i have to let you know about. Its on Vlkova 11 in Prague 3 and an online store at very nice people working there too!

Reply Nov 3rd, 2007
DJ frush
United States

Some more clubs you should add: Club Valentino, A-Club, Bar 21, Celebrity Cafe, Galerie Cafe, Chameleon Club, and Piano Bar. Thx for the info!!

Reply Aug 28th, 2007
United Kingdom

Thank you for this page - can u add some more clubs tho? It's really helpful to know that gay visitors can feel welcome in beautiful Prague!

Reply Aug 3rd, 2007