Poznan Nightlife

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There's good news for party lovers arriving in Poznan. The nightlife here is said to rival , and locals would even say better , Poland's more obvious party destinations such as Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow. In fact Poznan is considered at the very forefront of electro and dance music in Poland, and many of the nation's top DJs and producers hail from this part of the country. Great news then for dance freaks; if making shapes to the latest sub-genre of house is your bag baby, then you can't go far wrong with nights out at the likes of Cute, Kukabura and SQ Club.

For those that would rather listen to a car alarm than stomach another night of techno there's no need to fear either - Poznan has a traditional party atmosphere that few cities its size can match. The Rynek (Main Square) is the centre of the action, and during the warmer months the heart of Poznan is crowded with sippers drinking up the sun along with their beer. If it's a bit nippy out then the various interiors of many a good venue mean that revellers don't have to go far for a good time. Places like Tapas, Pod Minogi, Lizard King and Brovaria blur the lines between restaurant, bar, and club and provide for many a legendary late night out. The latter two are also good choices for live music.

Whereas the Rynek can rightfully be considered the central hub of Poznan's nightlife, there's plenty of venues scattered elsewhere in the Old Town for those prepared to delve. With Poznan's large student population you'll find a decent scattering of raw, laid-back drinking dens. Check out Kisielice, Dragon and Czytelnia (ul. Marcin 69) for some authentic artsy anarchy. Other favourites with party-goers of all kinds include Proletaryat, the obligatory Commie-themed bar, The Dubliner (ul. Marcin 80/82), the obligatory Irish bar and Tuba (ul. Male Grabary 6), the obligatory meatmarket with lasers, girls and commercial hits!

Finally for those who didn't know it, Poland has quite a strong penchant for jazz. If you're a fellow fan then Blue Note (ul. Kosciuszki 76), Sushi Jazz Sarp (Stary Rynek 56) and Czerwony Fortepian (ul. Wroniecka 18) are the places to head.

Hopefully you've got a few tips to take with you on your adventures into the Poznan nightlife, but there's much more to be discovered than can be written here, so be prepared to follow your nose. Whereas you're more likely to make life friends than to encounter any trouble in Poznan, if you do get any dirty looks from the local rude-boys simply dispel the danger with a cheap round of vodka and talk of Polish national heroes. Bigging up Jerzy Dudek, Artur Boruc (Celtic goalie) and Robert Kubica (Poland's answer to Schumacher) proves that you love Poland as much as your own mother.


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I will in Poznan on 26/May, is there any girl to roam with me around Poznan?

Reply May 15th, 2019
Keily Summers

Anyone going to Poznan I want to warn you about the strip clubs out there in particular Extragence Club but I’m told all these clubs here are the same! They stand on the street and will pretend to be your friend but DO NOT GO IN! My 18 year old son was lured into this club when offered a free drink! This drink was drugged.!!! Whilst having this drink strippers asked to see my sons photos in his phone as he was showing them he felt his body paralyse! He couldn’t move! They used his phone to rack up over £500 and emptied all the cash from his wallet! They pulled off his trousers and performed non consensual sexual acts on him! They stubbed out cigarettes on his legs & he was punched in the head by a doorman! All the time everyone was laughing at him!! When it began to wear off he began to freak out so they physically threw him out of the club on the street. He phoned me hysterical he knew something bad had happened but couldn’t remember what! Over he next few days he began to get flash backs then eventually remembered certain horrific parts that happened to him although other parts he can’t recall! I’m sickened that such a place in a tourist destination is allowed to operate in this way! Especially as I read this is not unique to my son! Similar stories have happened to others! My son was advised not to go to the police as they are just as corrupt! I’m not sure whether this is true but I didn’t want to risk my son going to them. I’m glad he’s home safe and I’m now exploring options alert authorities, raise awareness and warn others of this despicable evil place!!!!

Reply Mar 26th, 2019

The same happened to me 2 days ago and I don’t know what to do. They took all my money

Reply Jan 26th, 2020

Stupid. You should always go to the police. Even if they were all corrupt, which is very unlikely, they wouldn't do anything to you for reporting a crime. Plus if you have a police report you have some chance of getting the money back by contacting your bank and reporting it as a fraudulent transaction. Not reporting it allows it to continue.

Reply Feb 20th, 2020
Sharon Smith

Update: I did contact the police I just did not want my son to do it whilst he was there and I was right they were not interested in the slightest suggesting my son made this up??? Please don’t call me stupid? Until you are in this situation you have no idea what to do for the best or how this feels.. And my bank refunded me all my stolen money.. My bank said this was not an isolated case! My son is still traumatised from this incident.

Reply Feb 21st, 2020

Stupid to NOT report it to the police. Since you did so then that doesn't apply anymore. Glad you got the bank account money back. Sorry your son is traumatised. It's a tough life lesson to learn. People can be evil. I recommend therapy.

Reply Feb 21st, 2020

Hello !! Will be visiting Poznan from 13th Nov - 17th Nov. Happy to meet any friendly girls from Poznan to show me around the city n nightlife =) ..cheers!!

Reply Oct 21st, 2018
Tommie Roberson

I'm Tommie from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I've had two J 1 student living with me for the summer the last three months. T,hey are from Poland, Michael and Naga they live in Warszawa. Michael left last night. Naga flight leaves tonight at 10:59 PM. My home is located on the beach. Walk out my door 30 yards you are in the water. , Surfing or swimming or body boarding, or laying in the sun tanning, In July you could say cooking not tanning. We've had 3 weeks of 98 to 104 degrees. The memories we've made, the great times, the parties on the beach till the sun comes up in the morning. We will cherish and share theses memories for ever. ((Summer of 2018)) With this book I've wrote, Michael brother is getting married. May 15 2019. I'm flying out May 8th 2019.. If there's and ladies that would like to host me while I'm in Warszawa, Poland. You are even welcome to join me at the wedding. I just need to let Michael family know. , , I love the night life, clubbing, dancing, music all kinds but I don't care for country music. anything from rap to techno. Great dinning, better yet you be the host. I'm open to any suggestion. If you have any interest, we will travel for a couple of week. If I like Poland, or a place I will visit I could be there a month or year. If you are one of the host and you can say you had a perfect time, and that you would like , to visit the United States, Virginia Beach, VA. I will pay your round trip ticket. if you have the time we will jump in a new red Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and drive across country, or fly. I would let the host of Poland make that choice. This is my first time of doing anything like this!!!!! Trust me I have a lot of fear,, E mail me I will send you my phone number or anything you would like to know about me , or reference of the people who stayed the summer with me from Poland. SACRED BUT ALSO EXCITED.

Reply Sep 5th, 2018
Tommie Roberson

Hi. I'm Tommie. From Virginia Beach, Virginia. I've had two J 1 student living with me for 3 months. Both of them are from Poland

Reply Sep 5th, 2018

Hey I will be in Poznan for 4th of August 2018. I am student in Germany pursuing my masters here and basically from India. If any Poznan girl would like to host city visit and party. I will be happy to pay for drinks.

Reply Jul 10th, 2018
Xujun Qiu

Hey!what a coincidence that i will pursue my masters here ,too. But i will come to there in september.

Reply Jul 27th, 2018
Jack Edge
United Kingdom

Hi , Im looking forward to visit poznan in 24.06.2018 for two days. I hear that poznan is amazing city and frindly people. I want to meet some beautiful girls who they are only from poznan so they can show us around the poznan, dinner and nightlife. it would be great to meet. my email is, JackEdge@hotmail.com. if any girl is interested . contact me!

Reply Jun 21st, 2018

Hello, I just arrived to Poznan and I will be here untill sunday. Any girl to show me the city? Thanks ale.montero.final@gmail.com

Reply Feb 22nd, 2017

Im john i live in luxembourg i will like to come to pozan for a week. I will like to met some girls can any girl email me @ inetianborjohn@yahoo.com or send me rquest of fb john inetianbor isimhenmhen. Thank you

Reply Feb 11th, 2017

Yes I want

Reply Mar 20th, 2020

Hey! Coming to Poznan nearly every month for business....looking for a sweet local girl to show the city nd go out for dinner nd party! C ya soon

Reply Feb 4th, 2017

Who is the Queen in blue? Is there a link to her facebook page, twitter, or instagram?

Reply Jan 21st, 2017

We are 3 guys who want going out on tuesday (05/12). What bar can we go?

Reply Dec 6th, 2016

Hi , we are two guys live in Norway. we looking forward to visit poznan in 17.12.2016 for two days. I hear that poznan is amazing city and frindly people. We want to meet some beautiful girls who they are only from poznan so they can show us around the poznan, dinner and nightlife. it would be great to meet. my email is, jimmyadam001@gmx.com. if any girl is interested . contact me!

Reply Nov 26th, 2016

l am from cameroon living in Ireland for the past 11 years. l would visit poznan next for 3days.l hope l will meet lovely and friendly girls to spent with and visit themail city.you can contact me on tianialoys@yahoo.fr

Reply Sep 28th, 2016

Hi. I came in Poznan and found its beautiful city and local people are very polite. I would like to come here again.

Reply Sep 7th, 2016

hey, a friend and me will be coming Poznan (12.02 to 14.02.16) we hope to meet lovely girl (German or English). ange20017@caramail.com

Reply Jan 26th, 2016

Hello, Will be in Poznan the first week of February. Would be happy to have a guided tour with a local and some typical dinner in good company. Possibility to speak French, Spanish or English. You can contact me at fille1972@gmail.com.

Reply Jan 23rd, 2016

Hello i am from Turkey ,and İ will be coming poznan (12.01.2016 till 18.01.2016) .hope to meet a lovely girl to be my guide there :) my skype : gokhanayt

Reply Dec 15th, 2015

Any nice restaurant in the old town to suggest for pierogi?

Reply Aug 11th, 2015

hello i will be in Poznan in the coming weekend and would love to have a lady to show me the city!

Reply Jun 17th, 2015
United States

Hi, I will be in Poznan from April 26 to May 2 2015 and would love a lady to show me the nightlife.

Reply Mar 27th, 2015

I'm in Poznan for a few days and looking for a female to have diner with me tomorrow night. Are there any girls who would like to join me?

Reply Feb 16th, 2015

Hi, coming to poznan in june for exhibition.l Any lovely english speaking female for showing me around as guide and hostess on my stall

Reply Feb 11th, 2015

Hi, do any guys want taking out whilst they stay in the Poznan ??

Reply Jan 6th, 2015
United Kingdom

Hey Janet! Yea would love to be shown around! we are going this weekend, any chance you will be around? Cheers Sterling (jonnie_sterling@outlook.com)

Reply Jan 12th, 2015

hey janet, ready for a cocktail tonight?

Reply Feb 4th, 2015

Would love a guide in Poznań especially for some nightlife. Heading there around 10 Feb. Let's meet up!

Reply Feb 6th, 2015
United Kingdom

I am visiting next week and would love a tour.

Reply Feb 24th, 2015

Hi Janet I am in town next weekend if you are available

Reply Nov 7th, 2015

Hey janet know the post is old but are you still available in poznan ? I plan to be there on first may

Reply Apr 29th, 2016
United Kingdom

I am coming to Poznan soon, any girl want to show me around?

Reply Jan 6th, 2015

Really looking forward to visiting Poznan. Next week after reading this. Any girl up for showing me around? Ultraltd@btinternet.com

Reply Oct 5th, 2014
tim murphy

Had a fantastic night in Poznan, I went to the Dubliner pub to watch English premiership football, I had fantastic food, very pleasing and chatty staff, good value beer. A fantastic venue with amazing Irish cuisine. There are 3 Irish pubs in Poznan, but this is by far the number 1.

Reply Aug 27th, 2014

you are from Ireland and went to Poznan to have irish food in an irish pub. poor guy!

Reply May 23rd, 2015

Hallo, I am in Poznan from 13nd June to 15th June for my business trip, looking to meet a lovely girl to be my guide there :)

Reply Jun 12th, 2014
United States

Does this actually work? I would love to find a nice female "guide" too ... I like to take guidance. My tongue will be your servant. I am here this week only.

Reply May 7th, 2014
United Arab Emirates

Hi m in Poznan is there any female who can spend some time with me

Reply May 6th, 2014

Hey I am in Poznan from 2nd June to 6th June for my business exhibition, looking for nice accompany that can show me the city. and she can be my hostess during my exhibition... I will pay for hostess ....

Reply Apr 26th, 2014
United Kingdom

In pozan for weekend 2 may I'm 38 and looking for someone to show me around email me geem276@aol.com

Reply Apr 19th, 2014

Hey! I'm in Poznan now, 3rd-9th december. Any relaxed female who likes guitar music places and would like to hang out a bit? Hugs... Andreas STExupery@gmx.de

Reply Dec 5th, 2013

I will be in Poznan middle of Dec for 4 days.Is there any Polish girl or woman from Poznan which could help me as a tour guide ?Male 37 years old It will be my pleasure not to be alone in Poznan......kamran_roshan2002@yahoo.com

Reply Nov 14th, 2013

Hi, I'll be in Poznan on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November'13. I'll be glad to contact a hang-around mate whom we can enjoy the city together ;) Just e-mail me! ziyagenc82@gmail.com

Reply Nov 12th, 2013
United Kingdom

Where to go for Andrzejki in Poznan, looking for Underground Techno/House Music Club (Friday & Saturday)?

Reply Nov 8th, 2013

Whats going on in Poznaan on a Tuesday night?

Reply Oct 8th, 2013

Hello :) i am from Oman ,and will be coming poznan in 2 weeks times .hope to meet a lovely girl to be my guide there :)

Reply Sep 28th, 2013

hi i am in September in Poznan,'d emich a nice lady looking to accompany that can show me the city.

Reply Sep 9th, 2013
sjoerd vanden berg

look for woman in poznan 39 49j

Reply Aug 24th, 2013
United States

Poznan has alot to offer by just walking around and mingling ...just walk...and dont forget to explore just off the side streets a little. Avoid Club 22 -- pretentious and "overrated" ...There are much better places to hang out in Poznan. Club 22 is like all the attitude of an opening night club in Vegas but with nothing to offer. Its in my top 10 all time worst and Ive been to over 20 countries and live in Vegas . It starts with the stuck up girls out front serving free drinks to women and goes down hill from there fast.

Reply Jun 1st, 2013
United States

Hi Will be next week in poznan and would appreciate a nice girl to show me the way. Leave a note on lirch5@gmail.com

Reply May 27th, 2013

Solid place to party. Great people.

Reply Apr 20th, 2013

I was here during the Euros, it's probably not the best time to judge a city but I found the people are very nice, met some polish lads who spent their life in the gym but there was no problems. Women are stunners and the beer is nice and not expensive. I would gladly go back to Poznan at some stage but since I was there for 2 weeks it might not be for a while!

Reply Apr 10th, 2013

I would also need a nice guide: mailmeme@wp.pl

Reply Mar 9th, 2013

I just want to ask

Reply Mar 9th, 2013

I am looking for new people in poznan. Today is my first day in Poznan is therefore a city guide would also be interesting. And if a nice lady out there interested in a salsa course or going out for coffee, feel free to connect me: nadoskar@gmail.com !Poznan is great!

Reply Mar 2nd, 2013

Hello, I'm salmene and I'm now in poznan . I am wondering if a girl can guide me in the city if you are availible please mail me: abba970@yahoo.com or call me on 729607062 even to pay here fee for guiding me and i need her to teach me polish

Reply Feb 23rd, 2013

Hello, I'm from the qater and I'm now in poznan and I was wondering if a girl can guide me in the city if you are availible please mail me: abba970@yahoo.com

Reply Feb 22nd, 2013

Well. when i was living in Poznan i used to go to Brovaria and some others, i really loved the night life, not too noisy, not too crazy, beautful girls all around and very talkatives and open to get new friends. Cuba libre also its good, maybe because im latin and i loved to go there and dance salsa with beautiful polish women :)

Reply Feb 7th, 2013
United States

Thank you Anna for wonderful evening - possibility to meet and talk with you was the best thing in Poznan! :))

Reply Jan 10th, 2013

Hi Anna, c4szk@yahoo.com

Reply Jan 9th, 2013

A an Vision_1 - write your emails please

Reply Jan 8th, 2013

Hi,How are you Anna,I will be in Poznan from 11/12 to 14/12,m 37 years old,do you know any girl could help me to see the city?

Reply Nov 14th, 2013

Anything to do tonight, Anna? Please, mail me

Reply Jul 9th, 2015

Looking to go out Sunday, wysc, pogadac, zobaczyc Poznan wieczorkiem... 32 m Need a guide for a good electro night

Reply Jan 5th, 2013

hi Anna, a special guide in Poznan could be very nice to have :)

Reply Dec 29th, 2012

Hello, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm now in poznan and I was wondering if somebody can guide me in the city if you are availible please mail me: sulo_g@hotmail.com

Reply Dec 27th, 2012
United States

Do you want to know real Polish girl and spend good time in Poznan? Write to me polishbest@wp.pl

Reply Dec 19th, 2012

I am Polish blond woman and I would like to be your special guide in Poznan... Please, leave massage here if you are interested in that

Reply Dec 19th, 2012

i will be in poznan, from 20 till 24 th of may. when you like you can help me on the fair in Poznan. later we can go out and have some drink.

Reply May 16th, 2013

Anna, Me and 6 friends are in Poznan 21-24th June and would like guide round city if possible

Reply Jun 3rd, 2013

Hi, I will be in poznan in june for fair. Will need help in the fair and a guide . Will it be possible

Reply Feb 12th, 2015

Hi Anna Are you still available as a guide.

Reply Oct 29th, 2015
Alex Walsh

4Continent, Seriously you were either on lsd or some other mentally altering drugs that completely messed up your mind. Poznan old square as well as the rest of the city is beautiful, enjoyable, friendly and up there with most other major European cities. I have been there at least twice a year for the past 6 years and as of yet have not seen anything that closely resembles the city you describe. The city is well policed, clean and safe. You could not be more wrong with your review. Maybe you a sociopath and are afraid of life.

Reply Dec 10th, 2012

I read the comments from 4continental and get scared. I have just booked a trip to Poznan staying close to Stare Rynek. So what is true? Please give me some advice. Shall I stay at home or shall I visit Poznan? What about Stare Rynek in daytime? Tell me 4contintal. George

Reply Nov 17th, 2012

4continents, make yourself a favour and kill yourself! Both Czech Republic and Poland are wonderful countries! God damn idiot

Reply Oct 6th, 2012

Do not go around Stary Rynek at night thinking it is a safe place or for that matter that it is even enjoyable. Almost every place that serves alcohol is open past 5AM (probably illegally) and from midnight until about 6AM (that is not a typo) the great majority of people around Stary Rynek are mostly male, completely drunk, swearing, shouting, breaking bottles in the street, and getting into fights. Again this is not an exaggeration. I have lived here for over a year and near the Rynek. I don't think a week has gone by where I didn't see an actual fist fight in the street, and not a day goes by where I don't see an Alaskan husky style "stare you down" contest. It would be a much better place if they enforced the liquor laws, banned bars from opening past 2:30, and permitted the nicer clubs to operate with late night licenses. The truth of the matter is that any person living in Poznan should be embarrassed of this Old Town square and the literal insanity of the people there. I wish other people on this forum would be more honest (you can sort of tell they aren't being so) but do not believe any of the nice photos you see of the city, with sophisticated or interesting looking people having good natured fun or socializing politely in the Square. The violence around this old town square is inexcusable, especially given what the brochures show and if I worked for an international company, I would be ashamed to send my employees here. (Just as an historical matter I understand it used to be much worse, the fist fights only occur on the side streets now, they moved them out of the middle of the square). Poland has a long way to go before it catches up to someplace like Czech Republic, and even Prague has a long way to go before it starts to be able to say it is an advanced European city. As an insight, I can tell you that the Poznan people are terribly opinionated, obsessed with money, go around imagining that their zloty will be at parity with the euro soon, that their universities will be equal to German ones, and all their 60 zloty dinners will soon be 60 euro dinners and as a result, they will be some of the wealthiest people in Europe. Welcome to the real Poznan.

Reply Sep 22nd, 2012

Poznan is beautifully city but too cold. Poland people is very nice.

Reply Aug 30th, 2012
king a the craic

im going to poznan soon with a few mates because everyone i met that was there for the european championships said its a great city and friendly people, i cant wait to visit the famous "kebab shop" in market square after a session..see you soon poznan whoo hoo...stand up for the boys in green ;)

Reply Aug 4th, 2012
United States

Sweden and England are more boring and dull. I was in Poland twice it is safe and friendly country .Go tomorrow

Reply Jun 10th, 2012

Baltic states Poland is nice but if you are a vistor be prepared to have a hard time from local guys looking for trouble..Go to Sweden instead for friendly people..Poland does not deserve euro 2012??

Reply Apr 29th, 2012


Reply Mar 18th, 2012

I'm right now in Poznan... So far the city is beautiful. It's winter... So not much about the girls ^^'

Reply Feb 20th, 2012
Sean Headd
United Kingdom

Hello does anyone know where i can pitch my tent in Poznan, I will be travelling on my motorcycle from UK, I will also need tickets for Ireland games. Thanks Sean

Reply Dec 30th, 2011

can anyone get me tickets for Ireland matches for euro 2012 in poznan ,pleasw

Reply Dec 23rd, 2011
United Kingdom

Hi, I am 28 years polite, honest and fun loving old UK boy,my ticket is booked for 15-18 of dec 2011. I am travelling alone and I would love to have any girl from krakow or any other city to be accompanied by. please let me know if any one is interested.

Reply Oct 9th, 2011
Swedish viking

I've been to poland and love Poznan. Very nice city and I'm going there again in October on a weekend with my family again. Greetings a Swedish Viking

Reply Sep 30th, 2011
Saudi Arabia

I am from Saudi Arabia. I visited Poznan Really a city. Beautiful. and safe. More than. Five. Times. Through. Six. Years.

Reply Aug 11th, 2011
United Kingdom

I am an indian guy and would like to visit poland. And let me clarify my intentions are clear that i only want to enjoy the place and do some sightseeing. although once in a while i do chat up beautiful women but never 'target' sleeping with them (am only saying this since most people herein are talking about women there being ugly or beautiful). I only want to know how indian men are treated there in Poznan and in Poland in general? is there any thing I need to be worried of?

Reply May 4th, 2011

I saw some comments here, and I was worried. There are a lot of racism with foreigners? btw, some of you mentioned a few clubs, cafes, museums, etc.. I wonder what the best coffees, best restaurants and the best disco / night club in terms of music, the environment of people, and women. it's true that there are many beautiful women as they say? from what I saw in pictures, women do not seem to Poznan this city or this country, because they aren't blonde but are brunettes right? I hope to answer;) Have fun

Reply May 2nd, 2011

hey hey, I will visit poznan thursday and friday this week. Is there a party this weekend? cheers Momo. from Amsterdam

Reply Feb 14th, 2011
South Korea

hi i'm a 26yo korean guy. i'm going to poland to work this weekend. and i will live in poznan forever... i'd like to meet ppl and learn polish language. Thanks

Reply Dec 9th, 2010

Hi i´m Mickey...i´ve been this weekend to poznan and it was great...!...people in general are very nice...i will be visting poznan this week from 20 to 26 of september...i would love to meet friends from here to know the best places in poznan and have fun...and to make a return soon...

Reply Sep 19th, 2010
United States

Dudes, COME ON! This is not a date service page nor an escort service! Shame on you! Go look for your "Sugar Girls (!)" somewhere else and STOP insulting the Polish girls by "call me" type of things.!

Reply Sep 15th, 2010
Berkay Polat

I stayed just 6 months in Poznan and I came back to Turkey and I felt terrible :) I love you Poznan more than any city or country ! :) Everything is great in Poznan you can not bored in there ... So go and live your best times :)

Reply Sep 13th, 2010
United States

Hey Jack D. Peehaps girls in Poznan are less pretty than in Warsaw but I have to tell you there are no uglier women than in your country. That's why U ended in East Europe - looser.

Reply Aug 13th, 2010

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