Moscow Hostels

The latest studies have suggested that Moscow is the most expensive city on the planet for foreigners, eclipsing the likes of New York, London and Toyko when it comes to the cost of eating out, enjoying a cup of coffee or booking a hotel for the night. Of course that doesn't mean that the savvy traveller can't get buy with only a few roubles in his pocket. As always it's a case of knowing where to look. Moscow isn't exactly flush with budget accommodation options but in recent years more than a few very worthy hostels have sprung up to the relief of backpackers heading East, and what's more some of them prove to be just as comfortable as some of the cheaper guest rooms, and enjoy locations near the centre of the city - where the likes of Red Square and the Kremlin beckon.

When searching for hostels in Moscow, take a look at our Moscow hostels directory below and click on the place name to view photos, reviews and exact locations on a map. If you discover a hostel which for all the world appears to have a pillow with your name on it then you can always book a bed in advance with our friends at Hostelbookers.

After than all that remains is to scour Moscow Life for top tips on sightseeing, things to do, pubs and bars, clubs and nightlife and much more. If you want a handy guide to keep in your pocket then be sure to print off our downloadable PDF!