Minsk Restaurants

Gone are the days when the only meal you could get in Minsk was a plate of boiled potatoes, frown gratis. Belarus' capital has evolved into a sophisticated urban centre, with restaurants to please even the most demanding of palettes.

Restauranteurs inspired by global trends have introduced everything from classic Italian to exotic sushi, not to mention the locales doing their own, modern twists on traditional Belarusian grub. For those on a budget, cafeteria-style buffet restaurants are popular across the city serving up salads, soups, sausages, and more.

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Internatsionalnaya 9

1. Tapas Bar

4 reviews
Kommunisticheskaya 7

2. Gurman

3 reviews
Karla Marxa 35

3. News Cafe

6 reviews
Lenina 2

4. Grand Cafe

1 review
pl. Svobody 4

5. Verhniy Gorod

0 reviews
Nezavisimosti 49-1

6. Lido

0 reviews
Karla Marxa 19

7. Grunwald Cafe

0 reviews
Nezavisimosti 116

8. Graf Cafe

0 reviews
Internatsionalnaya 27

9. Olivie Cafe

0 reviews
Pobediteley Avenue 11

10. Traktir Na Parkovoy

0 reviews

Reviews about Minsk Restaurants

Best Gin Tonic in Minsk. Superb service. Beautifull people in a fantastic decor. Best place in Minsk.

Grand Cafe

omg did u say indian curry.....dying to have indian food.....gonna find u GURMAN


its soo difficuit to find any restraunt .....i gess its time to learn russian :)

Tapas Bar

One of the best "tapas bar" outside Spain. Food and service, both excellent.

Tapas Bar


United Kingdom,
News Cafe

One of the more friendly places in Minsk. Not an easy city to live in - this has been one of the better spots I found, so far...

United Kingdom,
News Cafe

Friendly cafe with nice staff.

News Cafe

A good place for a quick coffee.

United Kingdom,
News Cafe

attentive service with much sympathy and nothing time-consuming (rare in Minsk).unpretentious and friendly. Good food.

United States,
Tapas Bar

very cozy with a good service. The restaurant where employees have the best and most sincere smile of Minsk. Good food,

News Cafe